Asda 2 Item Strengthening Guide


Asda 2 Item Strengthening Guide by razo923

In this guide, I will teach you how to upgrade Weapons/Armor
and all about the sowel system.

To upgrade Weapons/Armor, you will need upgrade stones.
There are 2 type of upgrade stones:
Weapon upgrade stone and Armor upgrade stone.

Each stones have rankings, each rank represent a certain
level possible of upgrading for example

D-Rank Upgrade Stone 1-18
C-Rank Upgrade Stone 20-38
B-Rank Upgrade Stone 40-Unknown

How to obtain the upgrade stones:

You can obtain the stones by farming monsters or doing
bulletin board quests or purchasing the stones from
the Upgrade Shop.

How to Upgrade Weapons/Armor:

Bring your equipment and stones to your towns
blacksmith. Talk to the blacksmith and select item upgrade.

Double click the item you want to upgrade.

Double click the upgrade stone.

Then click start upgrading at the bottom.

Hints: You can purchase cashshop items to help increase
chances and protect your item from failure.

There is a showhelp tooltip box colored red that tells you
what will happen to your item when upgrading.

For example: Failure will decrease level of enchantment or
reset to 0 or break.

Another Hint: common and uncommon items can be upgraded to
+5 without breaking. Rare weapons can go beyond +6. But all items
can decrease the level of upgrade when fail.

Now lets talk about sowels.

There are 6 type of sowels.

Strength: Increases Physical Attacks
Stamina: Increases HP and HP Regeneration
Intelligence: Increases Magic Attacks
Spirit: Increases MP and MP Regeneration
Dexternity: Increases Dodge and Attack rate for archer classes
Luck: Increases chances of critting

How to Obtain Sowels:

You can obtain sowels by farming monsters or purchasing them
in the Sowel Shop.

There are 3 types of Sowels. Common, Uncommon, and rare.
Rare sowels can only be put on certain parts of Weapon and
equipments. You can find out which parts by looking at the rare

How to put sowels on Weapon/Armor:

Talk to Sowel Shop.

Click Insert Sowel.
Double click the item you want to put sowels on.
Drag the sowel into the box next to the item.

Then click Equip Sowel.

Now you have sucessfully attached a Sowel!

Hint: Sowels can fail

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