Asda 2 Soulmate System Guide


Asda 2 Soulmate System Guide?by 00Angel00


Hi there, how are you? I?m back with another guide for you. This time I?m going to tell you about the Soulmate system in Asda 2. I tried to cover everything about the soulmate system so be prepared for a big wall of text up ahead.
Ok so first I?m going to tell you what soulmate is. Soulmate system allows you to find another player that you partner up with and work your way thru the game. That other player is your soulmate. By playing together you get a lot of bonuses, like more exp and special skills that only soulmates can use. Choosing your soulmate is another big step in the game. You will play together with this person for a long time so you should choose carefully. You want your soulmate to be someone you get along with. Also pay attention to their time zone, after all soulmates truly benefit only when they play together. You can only have one Soulmate per account, so you don?t want to choose some who will quit fast and then all your hard work goes to waste.

Becoming Soulmates

Before you start you should write a little something about you so that others can see it when looking for soulmate. To do this just go to your character status and press ?my introduction?, now just write what you want.

Ok now it?s time to find a person you want to be SM with (SM is short for soulmate, you will run into this a lot in the game). There are a few ways you can do that. You can go over to forum, they have a special section just for people like you who are looking for SM. You can make your own post or find someone that posted before you.


There are even more ways to look for SM in game. The easiest way is to open your SM window (U) and press ?find a new soulmate?.


You will see a list of people that don?t have SM yet. You can pick one of them but before sending them request to be your SM try to talk to them first. You might be wondering what matching is. Matching tells you how much you are compatible with that person using your astral sign. If you wish you can even be soulmate with a person of same gender.


The person receiving a soulmate request should have this pop up on their screen. If they accept you two will become soulmate.


There is one more way to find SM, and it?s very simple. If you found someone you like to party with you can just ask them to be your SM. Just right click on them and choose ?request soulmate?.


Once the other person accepts your request you will become SM and a circle will be formed around you two. Only players that have SM have this circle around them.


Soulmate Window

Now that you have found your SM open your soulmate window. You can open it by pressing ?U? on your keyboard.


You can see all sort of information here. First thing you will notice is your SM information. You can see their name, level, class, location, exp and if they?re online or not. Under that section you can see information about your soulmate level. You see what level you are now and how much more exp till the next one. You can also see a heart shaped icon. That?s your friendship points. You increase your friendship point just by being near your SM. These range from 0 to 100. Every minute you spend with your SM, it goes up by 1. Every 10 minutes you are apart from your SM, it goes down by 1. This does go down when you?re offline. The higher the value, the more chances you have of finding rare items, digging items, dealing more damage and other things.


After that you have a small box that?s checked. When this box is checked you can see your SM UI under your map like this. You can see his/her level, MP, HP, and also your soulmate level and soulmate exp.


And last section of your soulmate window is skills. These are skills that can only be used by either you or your SM. You can?t use the skills if your SM isn?t near you or if he/she is offline. Also each skill requires you be a certain soulmate level before you can use it. In the top right corner of your SM window you can see ?send a msg? button. You can use this to send messages to your SM when he/she is offline.


Soulmate Perks

One of the best things about having soulmate is skills. You get new skills beside the ones you already have. I tend to relay a lot on SM skills, heal comes in handy a lot and summoning your SM or teleporting to his/her location are just some of the skills you can get. Another thing is the extra experience you gain when you fight with your SM. You don?t have to be in party, you just need to be close to each other. I?ll give you an example so you can understand better. You?re sitting while your SM is killing monsters, for each monster he kills he gains 64exp (it?s a random number, it depends on monster how much exp you gain), he will then get those 64exp while you will get 32exp for not doing anything, just sitting near him/her. The same applies for you too, if you kill monster your SM will gain extra exp.


Now there is something called golden apple that also allows you to gain more exp. When you two are fighting close to each other an apple will appear. Part of the monsters exp will be stored in the apple, and the apple will continue to grow until you kill 100 monsters. It will turn into a golden apple which can be eaten for an exp bonus but only one player can eat it and gain exp bonus. The higher level of monsters killed when ?growing? the apple, the more bonus exp you will receive when you eat it. Other then exp you can also get HP and MP refill from the golden apple or even an item. You can only get one of these three.


You can easily find you SM location by just looking on the map. The pink dot is him/her.


Having a SM lets you perform more emotions. Players that don?t have SM can?t do these emotions.


Soulmate Skills

These are all the soulmates skills.

Power Up

Skill Type: Mutual
Level: soulmate 2 level
Application: Yourself, soulmate
Use Distance: With your soulmate 50 m outside
Description: Your damage increases as your soulmate comes closer to you

Summon Soulmate

Skill type: Mutual
Level: soulmate 3 level
Mp usage: 100
Reuse wait time: 1200 Seconds
Choose compensation: Soulmate
Use distance: Can use always
Attack Type: Normal Attack
Description: Summon your soulmate to your current location

Heal Soul

Skill type: Mutual
Level: Soulmate 5 level
Mp Usage: 15
Reuse wait time: 60 sec
Choose compensation: Soulmate
Use distance: with your soulmate 20m outside
Attack type: normal attack
Description: Regenerate your soulmate?s HP

Combine Souls

Skill type: Mutual
Level: Soulmate 7 level
MP usage: 30
Reuse wait time: 60 sec
Choose Compensation: Self
Application compensation: Self
Use Distance With your soulmate 20m outside
Attack type: Normal attack
Description: Borrow your soulmate?s damage to use it as your own

Preserve Soul

Skill type: Mutual
Level: Soulmate 10 level
MP Usage: 50
Reuse wait time: 1200 seconds
Choose compensation: Soulmate
Application compensation: Soulmate
Use distance: with your soulmate 50m outside
Attack Type: Normal Attack
Description: Preserve the soul of your soulmate to be resurrected without losing experience points when you die

Whisper of Resurrection

Skill type: Mutual
Level: Soulmate 18 level
MP usage: 30
Reuse wait time: 600sec
Choose compensation: soulmate
Application compensation: soulmate
Use distance: With your soulmate 20m outside
Attack type: Normal attack
Description: Resurrect your soulmate when he/she dies

Move to Soulmate

Skill type: Mutual
Level: soulmate 20 level.
MP usage: 100
Reuse wait time: 1200 sec
Choose compensation: Self
Application compensation: Self
Use distance: Can use always
Attack type: Normal attack
Description: Move to your soulmate?s current location.

Soulmate?s Song

Skill type: Mutual
Level: Soulmate 30 level
MP usage: 50
Reuse Wait time: 43200 Seconds
Choose compensation: Self
Application Compensation: Self
Use distance: With your soulmate 50m outside
Attack type: Normal attack
Description: Increase your stat points for a certain period of time.

Breaking Up

There is always a chance that it won?t work out with your SM. When you finally decide you want to leave him/her visit the soulmate NPC in Alpen and cancel the soulmate bond.


The faster way is simply opening your soulmate window and clicking on ?disband?.


Now it is over between you two. There is no penalty for canceling soulmate, but even thou you don?t have a SM right now you can still see your previous soulmates info. Open your soulmate window and press on ?previous soulmate?s info?.


This will bring up a window that will show you your last 3 SM, and if you had more than 3 soulmates, old records will be deleted in order. Skills and soulmate level will be lost, but if you ask your previous soulmate to bond again you will return to the way it was (but only as long as you didn?t have more than 2 SM after him/her)

Short Version

What you can?t read all that. You think your eyes will hurt if you do so? Fine then just look here, but I must warn you its really short so you might miss a lot of things by not reading the whole guide.
1) First you find a soulmate, either on forum or in game.
2) Being soulmates you get a lot of special perks like more expand new skills.
3) When you fight together you will gain golden apple that you can eat for exp bonus.
4) Friendship points can help you with digging. You gain them just by being close to your SM.
5) There is no penalty for breaking up with your SM, and you can also see your previous soulmates info.
6) Once you break up with your SM the soulmate level and skills will be gone. And you have to start from level 1 with your new soulmate.


And that would be all. If you read my guide from the beginning to end you now know all there is to soulmate system. Any comments are appreciated, bad ones as well as good ones. Also if you think I missed something that should be added or if some information is incorrect please say so. And thank you for reading my guide.
If you need any extra help feel free to contact me on forums or in game.


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