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Asda 2 Trading Guide


Asda 2 Trading Guide by jennyboo7

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Trading Guide.

Today I will be teaching you how to trade items, Buy/Sell, And how to use the mail system.

To trade items with other players. All you have to do is click on the person and right click and then select ethier normal item trade or external item trade.

You have two bags in your inventory, General/Sowels and Gear Premium.

The General/Sowels bag can hold items such as Potions, Sowels, Crafting Materials, and much more.

The Gear Premium bag can hold items such as Weapons, Equipments and CC items. (CC items are CashShop items that you can purchase with real life money)

To trade General/Sowels items to other players simply right click them and click normal item trade. Then double click what you would like to trade. If you are satisfied, Click OK to lock in the trade. Then you will be able to the items that are being traded. Now click OK again to recieve the item!

To trade Gear Premium items you do the same thing. But only difference is you have to click external item trading.

Now I will teach you how to Sell and Buy items from other players.

To make a stall and sell items all you have to do is Press E and Select the Open Shop icon. On the right side, Double click the items you would like to sell. Now click on selling price and type in the price you would like to sell the item for. Once satisfied Click Confirm. Now you have setted up a shop! ^^

To buy items from other players, Click on the name on top of their heads. To purchase, Double click the item you want and put in the amount you want. Once done click purchase.

I will now teach you how to use the mail system! The Mail system is cool because you can send and recieve items from other players. But there is a 1k fee each time you send an item.

This is how you send an item using the mail system. Talk to the Mail Manager and click use mailbox. Now click on send mail. Type in the persons name in Reciever and then double click an item you would like to send to that person. Now click send and that person will recieve your mail!

Hope you find this guide useful! ^^


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