Asda 2 Two-Hand Sword Warrior Passive Guide


Asda 2 Two-Hand Sword Warrior Passive Guide by Rawrain

Following these skills will help ensure your awesomeness.. this is only good for people who enjoy passive and buffs over fancy skills ._. this method is as it stand rather efficient.

Job 1:
Splinter 7/7 ? causes your normal attacks to hit nearby monsters, very good for fighting agros.
Rapid 5/5 ? the most absolutely important skill ever causes you to hit twice per normal hit.
Sharp weapon 5/5 ? causes your normal attacks to cause bleeding?. helpful!
Increase Strength 7/7 ? duh
Increase Dexterity 7/7 ? so you get hit less, and it adds to defense somewhat.
Total 31/31

Job 2:
Two handed sword training 5/5 ? makes sense?
Art of Strength 5/5 ? more strength>more damage.
Poison Splinter 2/2- oh heck yes extra damage!
Life Rest 5/5 ? this skill will save your life.
Increase stamina 6/7 ? because it?s good for you.
Increase luck 7/7 ? more crits make you more awesome.
Total 30/30 (notice a point left off stamina, this is because you will have enough stam anyways)

Job 3: -I haven?t made it to this rank in either asda?s, but I will put what I am going to choose.
Roar of Vitality 3/5- more stam = good
Blood Sucking 5/5 ? awesome stuff?
Porcupine Posture 1/1 ? lol just get it ..
Last Survivor 1/1 ? sound very useful if you?re fighting a boss?
Sword Master 5/5 ? not 100% on what this skill does, but I assume more status effects =good
Prayer of Fortune 5/5 ? more luck = yes
Increase Evasion 5/5 ? getting hit less is good
Increase Critical Rate 5/5 ? yay more crit?
Total 30/30 (once again cut down on just a lil bit of stam)

Job 4- Not there yet ..

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