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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Beginner Guide | What Is Series


Hello guys and welcome so in thisvideo, I’m going to be answering thequestion. What is Assassin’s CreedValhalla? This video is aimed atpeople who know nothing. Aboutassassin’S, Creed, Valhalla I’vealways been curious, hopefully it’llserve as good starter guide for youso. I’M gon na be going through thepress kit. That was kindly sentover by Ubisoft we’re gon na seeeverything that they’ve revealedabout the game and I’m gon na link asmany useful links in the descriptiondown below. But before we get starteda quick message from past Mithrie. The video so far remember to give athumbs up subscribe and ring the bellto help with the YouTube algorithmnow back to the video okay, so theystarted, the promotion of Assassin’sCreed Valhalla by live-streaming thiskey are being created by the artistknown as boss logic.

It was streamedon mixer on Twitch on YouTube and theythen released a time-lapse version of itand. It took the artists about six sevenhours and during the stream they playedbeautiful Assassin’s Creed, music fora. While I can bring a lot of nostalgiato fans of the series, such as myself, sothe artist is called Cody Abdo, I’m alsoknown as much logic is an Australiancontemporary digital artist who emergedon social media with his powerful andcreative works and all coming friendsof. The on the internet, notably whenit, comes to his favorite subject: theentertainment industry he is not simplynotably known its collaboration withMarvel for a limited edition, Avengersendgame poster as well as DC Comics onthe upcoming Black Adam movie starringDwayne Johnson, as a self-taught artistCody first started drawing when he wassix Years old, using mainly digital toolsand graphics, to create his art, reflectshis passion for entertainment, includingcomics movies of video games and hisinterest for all the current trends. Onthe internet for the past, eight yearshe has been working in digital mediumswhile building his brand and his studiolineage Studios based in New York. Usawith. More than 1.8 million followerson Instagram Cody Abdo is one of themost accomplished: digital artists todayso.

I am gon na link to his Instagram inthe description box below so like Isaid. It was really wonderful. Watchingthis like come to play like just beingcreated on the stream. I thought isreally really fun to watch okay, so hereis a collection of artwork that has beenreleased by Ubisoft. In the press, kit, sothey’re just pieces of artwork, you knowwho knows if what’s gon na look likeactually in game this, our beautifulconcept arts, which I really do likelooking at I’m, not going to try andspeculate on what the actual game planin-game are gon na, actually look likebut the Concept is there the world isrealized? It’S now just a case of thembeating it all together and beingable to make this into a beautifulgame simple as that. So let’s now geton with the detail of the game itself. Okay, so assassin quit Valhalla is anupcoming video game developed by UbisoftMontreal and published by Ubisoft itis, the 12th major installment and thetwenty second release in the Assassin’sCreed series and a successor to 2018 sAssassin’s Creed Odyssey, send the knifecentury the game recounts an alternativehistory to the Viking invasion. Ofbritain the player controls eithera Viking Raider, who becomes embroiled inthe conflict between the brotherhood, ofassassins and the Templar, the game isscheduled for release in late 2020 forWindows via epic Age thorn. You play Xboxone PlayStation 4 and Google stadia andis to be abyss. Hast launch title forthe next generation of consoles, theXbox series X and Playstation 5, so inValhalla the player takes on the role ofeither, a Viking Raider, the player willhave, the choice of playing Ivers Iversor female and a are further able, toselect their hair war paint clothing. Andarmor combat has been changed to allowdual wielding of almost any weapon.

Theeagle-Eyed mechanics are also expectedto return in the form of a raven thatwill be AI. Was animal companion, inthe game. The player can use the Ravento scout the nearby areas, as previousaviation offenders have done in originsand. Odyssey the game will rely lesson traditional, a traditional levelingsystem as that focused more on aselection of skills through skill treesselected by the player as Iver advancesthrough. The game enemies will be ratedbased on the collection of skillsplayer choices through conversationor gameplay options will have impactson the characters and their politicalalliances with other non playercharacters. A central feature of the gameis. The settlement that the player aseither will help build and lead duringthe game Game Director. Ashraf Ismaildescribed its importance as a law ofwhat you’re doing in the game world isat the end of the day going to feed intothe settlement, so it can grow and itcan flourish. The player will be able todirect construction of certain types ofbuildings, which in turn provide benefitsfor gameplay. The build these structuresthe player will need to lead Vikings, onraids and to collect resources. Navalcombat will return through more as afaster medium for travel when performingraids and for escaping after land combatrather than engagement with other navalvessels.

The viola is a single play. Gamebut will include online components. Forthe purpose of encouraging players toshare the progress and creativity soan out the premise of the game in 873ad: either leads the fellow Vikings fromNorway to settle in medieval England, aspart of the Viking expansion acrossEurope. Now the Vikings did actuallydo that at the time so we’ll linkI said information about that. Ifyou’Re interested in the history inthe description box below this bringsthem into conflict with the anglo-saxonkingdoms that by Alfred the Great theking of Wessex, the game, featuresthe kingdoms of Wessex of UmbriaEast Anglia and Murcia. The game willalso continue the modern-day storylinefollowing former Abstergo industriesresearcher Laila Hassan, who was featuredof both assassin weed origins, andOdyssey and the conflict betweenTemplars and assassins that has tied theseries together. So some key things tomention one. The reason why a raven isimportant for vikings is because it’sa representation of odin and odin isone of the most well pretty much themost important God in Norse mythologyso. I will link information about Odinand then also as well. If you’re just inthe mean time between now, then you havea interest to see more about Vikings, butcompletely in an entertainment settingthen. Please check out the Vikings TVshow and Amazon Prime I watched allof. The seasons is very, very fun to watchand one of the key characters in the TVshow was Ragnar lothbrok Ragnar lothbrokis, a real man. He really existed so Iwill link also details about Ragnarlothbrok, so it might give you a goodinsight into the history of the Vikingsof Norway.

If you’ve ever heard of theterm Vikings and you see featured inso many games throughout history, andif you’re interested check it out youknow. It’S like it’s nice to learn, aboutthe history of these things. Even if thisgame is a hundred percent fiction and soon it is fiction based on reality, ratherthan the other way around so and yeahso. I am very excited for this. Gamei really am. I am really much lookingforward to it. I’Ve been an assassin’sCreed fan from the very beginning. Sincethe first game and why I absolutelyjust, I loved the premise of the gamethe idea of it so, and I know that overtime that some of the Assassin’s Creedgames you know it has not been perfectlet’s say like that. Not this there isn’tany such thing as a perfect game by somepeople complained about too many tradingmissions. Some people complained abouttoo many quests or too many side questsand so on. But for me what I take awayfrom Assassin’s Creed is the importanceof the Brotherhood and also as well thefact that they are fighting the Templarorder to stop the Templars from tryingto. Take over the world and subjugate theworld do its command so, like even ifthey, are just assassins and it lookslike they’re, just mass murderers. They isdoing this sort of wrong thing for theright reason, rather than doing the rightthing for the wrong reason. If you know Imean so yeah and it has been one of themost – successful franchises for Ubisofttoday, so they’re gon na obviously keepthis going as long as they can and I’mjust curious to see how it develops. Likein the series itself – Assassin’s Creedsyndicate, has been my favorite todayso.

I’M curious to see how this gamecompares to Assassin’s Creed syndicateso. Tell me in those comments down beloware you a fan of the Assassin’s Creedgames. If you are, which is your favoritein, the series? Are you looking forwardto this game? Are you interested in theViking invasion of medieval England? Andso on, I tell me your force, guys and alsoas. Well, if you do pick up the game, viaepic game saw please use support, createyour code, myth, free and I’ll, learn, asmall, commission, so yeah. So I couldtalk about this game and Assassin’sCreed all day. I’Ve got a huge amountof information available to me, but Iwill link all of the resources into thedescription box below so that you canreally really take in this game. So yeahand, it’s something that we’re definitelylooking forward to or the nextgeneration will it be a system sellerprobably not not. Unless you’re a majorfan of Assassin’s Creed – but I am – I guesssaid very much looking forward to this so anyway, guys that’s it for thisvideo. If you liked it be sure to giveit a thumbs up, you can watch aroundthe video with a quite latest uploaddown there or you can click down hereto subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,

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