Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Bullhead Fishing Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and hello to this video, I’m going to show you how to get Bullheads in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to like it and subscribe and ring the bell To help with youtube algorithm. It’S now back to video! So when I open the hunting hut in You simply have to bring in enough supplies and raw materials. In order to do this, You will get this building. When you have fishing heart, you will have fishing line now. Bull Heads are the kind of fish you need for this show here you need to get 10, so I will Knock down the hunting hut and then you want to come here to do the hunt. So, let’s travel quickly, Then there’s a small boat nearby.

We’ll see if we can have the ten bulls heads all at once. We do that then we’ll show them this place, because I think it’s a good idea To accomplish this kind of thing, because the way I deal with Assassin – Creed Valhalla, It is trying 100 per area before I go ahead and uh by doing it. This way I can stay on top Umm the curve in terms of difficulty having the resources I need, etc. all you have to do Hold down the d-pad um. Then there the lower right option is the fishing line. Sorry, sorry: Okay, ok we’re back! So I manage to convince the sheriff to go away. Well, I’ve been fishing for a while trying to figure this out now. Ah, when it comes to discovery, The fish you will see scattered over the surface. If you reach A point where there is no fish left, then you can meditate on your boat, so you have to do it at Your wand down the left. One says meditation, so, let’s meditate and then hopefully the fish will The repost. So it shouldn’t be just a case of randomly throwing the streak. You have to see them. So let’s go. Let’S get the fishing line here. We are. We saw the slick So press a little there.

You go there. Fish just slide your thing: a little using The left, stick spins in a circle, and I can find one thing also: no matter which direction the fish is going When you puree the x just hold the stick in the direction. So now I’m holding it to Right and pulled really fast. I got a seat at the time, but need five more bullheads And then we’ll be ready to make the offer and as soon as we get the five that I need we’ll continue. Well, I managed to get the ten bulls heads and got a batch of push Fish also. I have now come to this tomb shrine, it’s just southwest of Raven Fort In the giver zipper. But if you are wondering what are the bulls heads, They are not ball. Heads, but rather a type of fish to make and make 10 tiny ball heads Zoom. Please work on the catch in the game, as they say, Beautiful presentation completed So I’ll end up getting a skill point for that too, as I say, I have an insane amount. It’S fun to play this game. You still need to have another artifact and another puzzle in this one Uh first region but from England, but I was having a lot of fun and anything Which includes any kind of realism like research or trying to figure out how it works and then I’ll get Involved In a video I think most things can be solved quite easily, but that’s it. Let me know in the video what you think about hunting in this game. I was saying before Finding the hunt in this game is much easier than it was in Final. Fantasy. 15

So uh yeah Anyway guys that’s all in this video. If you like it, make sure you like it, You can watch the video there. You can watch your last download there Or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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