Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dice Game Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and hello to this video I want to explain Dice game in Assassin’s Creed valhalla also known as orlog Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to give it a like, subscribe and ring the bell For help using youtube algorithm now go back to the video so you will see this game dotted In various cities, you’ll see people with dye symbols over their heads, so when you start or score For the first time it will show you what the rules of the game are but I know a lot of people have them Get close to this game and don’t know what the hell is going on so let me read this for you as he says A playbook or record is a game in which two players compete by rolling the dice and summoning the bounty of God The first player to reduce the opponent’s health to zero wins each round with three stages Players in the dice roll stage play with different effects such as attacking defense or Winning tokens used to summon Fadlallah, players in the stage can make an offer Invoke the bounty of God favored by God, bestow powerful blessings that can greatly affect the outcome From a round or even a game and the precision stage, the faces of the dice are both rolled Players are resolved against each other, damage is dealt, or forbidden tokens are won or stolen The rounds are played until one player reduces the other’s health to zero.

Now the good thing is With all this game you will always be able to see your opponent’s hand you will be able to see All of their dice have what they roll etc.and can react accordingly, so I’ll now get into Well, when you start the game, you get this instant rout or coin tails, it will determine the coin flip Whoever plays it first remembers that it is a game that is not realistic because it is real Life is just doing it heads up all the time and you’ll likely win but it can be random in a game So we’ll see who goes first Well now it says the rolling stage at the start of every round for you and your opponent Rolling the dice, you can roll up to three times between each roll Choose which dice you want to keep and which stone you want to roll back, let’s do it Now, let’s roll the dice and I got heads so I was able to roll the dice first That’s what snorkel faces mean after you’ve rolled so the ax means you’ve dealt Single Engagement Damage An arrow means that you have dealt one damage by the range of the helmet You have prevented 1 damage from melee, the shield means you have blocked 1 range of damage and you can steal One service of discount or what is a code and you can get one code also with this code So the icons are used as offerings to summon the grace of God, so that means I got to see 3 melee attacks, uh, one long-range attack, and I got a favor.

I have two favorites and a mother I took one hit in range, select the dice to keep then confirm so let’s not know let’s keep this And let’s keep this one, so I’m going to kind of hit maximum, let me see if I can Return these confirmed items so they are the ones I want to keep Well, it gets the same thing, so basically choose which dice you want to keep At first I’ll roll over again Well it got another attack and another long range attack so I’ll keep this one And hmmm, this will be let me try again with this, so I pressed the box to confirm Well let’s bring this up, and I hope we get something good because it’s my last lap That’s why it pops up automatically because regardless of that it lays just fine The decision stage, so in this stage the effects of the dice are solved by the order of any dice containing this Kind of dashed around, earns you token, pickaxe and arrow dissolve on the block Damage applied to the player who rolled this round first, attacks first for every heist that takes one Token from opponent Okay, so let’s see if we can understand how well it is positioned You see it shows us the animation what is happening small um rocks Next to you represent your health, which is why they are removing rocks, so now it makes sense It’s his turn, and now he’s going to roll and decide which dice he sees I’ll keep that, let me move Oh my God, well, let’s put that down to put that down Let’s put that and these two that I want because I have two blocks Actually let me actually stop it but I will actually try to see If I can also have the codes because I have two more turns, let’s confirm These are cool laps I got so let me run Okay so I’ll basically keep this on even if it gets another breach that I can block Blocked this ax and blocked this arrow, so let’s confirm we still have another roll Well whatever last lap is all I get, I have to put it down no matter how kind so look at it So I won a lot of tokens, so this is a grace phase from God.

At this point, you can choose a service from God to God’s pleasure is invoked in order of priority when God’s favor is invoked and his offer is made And the effect granted to most of God’s blessing is invoked after both players choose uh before the decision The phase, but some who, uh, specifically mention it in describing their influence, are called after Solve stage advice if player does not have tokens or offer when God prefers it Choose recalled, effect is not granted, you can see that so you can use this to your advantage Against your opponent because you can basically see if they don’t have enough tokens to summon God blessed well, so select a service from God to use or skip Hassan, so select an additional service from God well So we have four hits that say deal damage to the opponent after the sixth priority decision phrase Or is it a two-damage deal because we have eight tokens and we can deal five damage Here’s what he’s saying, let’s take a look at what he’s got and because I take a look at Mine, so let me see so I’ll block two of his quarrels and stop one of his arrows and a mother I don’t have a version so it won’t do any harm and I’ll steal a couple of its icons So actually because he’s going to do me the least amount of damage, he should theoretically take off two Only from my immunity and I’ll steal a lot of his tokens after that or I’ll steal a couple of Its icons then I get a bunch of extra icons, I’ll really wait for if I wait for it The last time God’s service may perform to the maximum of eight, I will skip the resolution stage Well, that is blocked Well, I lost two horses, I damaged one, and stole two of their tokens then Go back to the rolling stage, so let’s see 11 health, he has 11 health, so let’s roll the dice It’s a very intuitive game, it’s actually very smart, so let’s take that again And blocking one of every type of attack, I think I’m really lucky with the amount of steel Getting it means that Fadlallah will be hit hard, so let’s roll the dice Now this is the second stage so I can choose to block uh you know what I’m going to do why not So even if he decides to attack Well, he had to attack a lot to try to do any harm to me, so thanks God I really can Deal eight damage, I’ll deal one damage but I’ll deal three damage I’ll wait I’ll wait because maybe in the end I’ll be able to do a bunch of damage So let’s actually take a look.

You know, I’ll tell you what allows me to use God’s service So let me use let me just try to make it in the back so that eve is like a stage rolling The next round might be enough to finish it let’s use it Well it took three of my health away I have eight and eight left And I stole one of what he had, he has eight symbols, how about this beautiful So I just need to inflict extra damage on the horse so let’s roll the dice but try to keep the Calculate how much good he has, it’s funny so if there’s a mistake he rolls over again So I actually let me steal as many of it as possible so as not to do the grace of God to destroy me Three of these and he doesn’t have any blocks yet, so let’s do one attack OK, let’s confirm that Well, so he holds back my attack And he gave his arrow one of his arrows, oh let’s roll the dice Well I want to lock, I’ll tell you what I’m going to block Melee attack also I want to make sure that it does not eliminate me for the good of God This is a question.

It’s a question. This is the strategy, so you have to think about what you want Do I want to risk it, tell you what I’m not going to risk, I’ll just see What else am I getting, let’s hope I get something good in there so we got some attacks Now, God willing, I can do five damage, I only need two for it to be enough to kill him, so let’s I see, therefore, he will do me one damage two three four and leave four horses Will it do to him or it seems to damage one and three of his tokens but I need Do keep in mind how many tokens he has because he has eight so he can damage me with five So, uh, over the four he does so that he can finish my job if I don’t finish He’s turned it off now so I’m gonna do a favor from God like now so I just need this Well, that was done Well then I will steal three of his special coins and then I ask for God’s grace That’s it and I won Ah, you got lucky on another round Well that’s all for the time being so it actually is It’s quite an intuitive game, it’s very fun, I really like it and you’ll find this type of game Scattered throughout the game so I hope this video helped you understand The game is better as if you have to think about the next moves that you need to think about The roles you will do when you summon God’s favors if you are lucky Rolling the dice to steal tokens from him How much God would charge you to do Fadlallah has been summoned, so in these comments below, let me know what to do Think about this game, do you like it, I hope the video is very useful to you as well Anyway guys that’s all in this video if you like it make sure to give him a thumbs up To top it off, you can watch the video there and see your last upload there Or you can click here to subscribe, Thank you guys

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