Assassins Creed Valhalla Early Game Secrets, Puzzles, Books of Knowledge & Weapon


Hey guys welcome back to the channel in this video, i’m going to show you where to find a few items around the ryger flyk area in the very early game. The list includes weapons, books of knowledge, xp boosts crafting and weapon upgrade materials, world bosses and some story. Stuff. Don’T worry, i won’t ruin the story, outcomes i’ll just point out where to go. Please forgive my terrible pronunciations of the places or items in the game. If i mess it up, this is worse than trying to say japanese words from neo2, so noting the locations on the map for these items isn’t difficult, but some of the puzzles or exact locations can be tricky to nail down. So i thought i’d put a few together in hope that it might help you out or save you some time. I recommend that you get all the items in the video here. Some will be incredibly useful for your combat abilities and others will grant you some big chunks of xp or crafting items which will help you progress more easily through the main story. You can get all these items really early into the game as soon as you finish. The opening mission and you’re out into the open world, if you find a video useful, please take a moment to leave me a like or comment to. Let me know: okay, let’s get going first on the list is a book of knowledge for the throwing axe fury.

This skill is super useful in early parts of the game. You want to go to not fall, which is here on the map. [, Music ]. You will come across a small settlement which will need to fight your way through once you have cleared the area you are looking for this entrance in the cave wall, the door saluted bar, but if you look up there is an open area in the wall. Above you can crawl through awesome security measures. There just jump through and the book is yours. Then you can smash the lock on the other side and be on your way. Next is the yingling sea axe, which is an awesome weapon? It’S a dagger which can be found very early in your playthrough. The moveset lets you dart in and out of combat really quickly. If you hold the light attack button for it. Personally, i found this to be one of the best early weapon options. For me, at least so, to get this you need to go to a settlement called ike understand which is here on the map. Again, you will need to clear the settlement. You will also need to face a mini boss towards the back of the settlement. He’S not too challenging overall, due to his pretty slow attacks and mediocre damage, even at really low power levels.

Once you’ve beaten him, you can loot the chest and you’ll find the dagger. Next is the book of knowledge for the thorn of slumber, which is a bow skill that allows you to put enemies to sleep from afar for this one, you want to go to a settlement called gritter sand shown on the map here now there are two things You want to get from this area. The first is the book itself, which you’ll need to climb up the tower shown here. If you descend back down on the inside or climb through the window mid way up, which is what i should have done – you’ll see a trapdoor. If you stand on this an attack, you can break it, so you’ll be able to drop down and get the book. The second item is just outside: you will see, there is a drop where you can go underground level. You will need to take one of the clay bottles littered around the area with you, [, Music ]. If you place this at the wall shown here, then you can step back and shoot the bottle which will break the wall. You’Ll find a load of leather and ore for your crafting later in the game: [, Music, ] next – is a hutch you’ll find up in the mountains. This one confused me for a few minutes.

There is a hidden wall which you can’t climb over and the back door blocked by movable shells which you can’t move at first. I found a note, though, which left a hint about having to walk through fire to find the treasure you’ll notice. There is a small fire by the wall. Don’T do what i did and attempt to set yourself on fire and burn the wall down that way, trust me, it doesn’t work. All you need to do is fire an arrow at the little fire on the floor and then pick it back up again and now. You’Ll have a loaded fire arrow then run round the outside of the hut and shoot at this [ Music ] at first. It doesn’t look like anything has happened, but if you look closely, the area has just caught fire just wait a moment and the back of the hut will catch fire at this point. All you need to do is move the shelves out of the way and you can claim your treasure, which is a carbon ingot used for upgrading your weapons. Next is a mini story quest you can do it’s not essential, but it’s super quick will get you a good chunk of xp and leads you off to a small story snippet which might make you laugh or blush. It’S pretty cool. I won’t spoil that part for you i’ll, just show you what you need to do so for this one. You just need to find this lady right here, she’s looking for an item, all you need to do is go swimming dive down and pick it up. Then return it to her i’ll, let you find out what happens next?

If you do this quest, leave me your thoughts in the comments. I’D be interested to see what you thought happened. The next one is pretty close to the last one. It’S tricky to get to you need to climb the mountain across from the lady. You just spoke to [ Music ] when you find the right spot, you’ll be able to see the fire from her little [ Music ] camp you’ll come to an area you’re unable to climb up the rocks are too slippy and the walls are coated in ice. You need to climb up in the corner just near the overhanging ice and jump to this branch here, [ Music ] from there you can jump into where the loot is again. This is tricky to actually do because of the camera angles, but once you make it inside you’ll find an opal, some silver and a weapon rune. You can fit to your weapons once they’re upgraded, [, Music ]. The next one is the world boss, which will give you a big chunk of xp, a good fight and a nice trophy for your wall. You want to climb up the mountain to a spot, called elk force shown on the map. Here you will find the elk of bloody peaks, who is clearly not happy having his piece disturbed just next to the waterfall, it’s a good fight and totally achievable at very low level. If you keep your distance dodge and time your attacks well, for this you’ll get a good boost of xp and a trophy to put in your settlement later on in the game. I personally found the dagger and the axe throw skill i mentioned earlier in the video really helpful for this fight. Next up, you can find another boss fight with one of ragnar ludbrook’s bannerman. Now this fight is difficult. At least i thought so. I’D recommend getting a few power levels and gear upgrades before you even attempt this one, but even if you don’t want to fight him straight away, you can visit him for a good story about ragnar and loot.

A few extra items in this cave. The fight is optional. You want to go to a cave, called hilde vinnie’s crag shown here on the map. Just follow the cave through to find your man and speak with him i’ll leave you to find out about the story, but don’t forget to loot the cave before you leave. There are other things to find around the general area, but i feel that they are more self-explanatory, so i’ll leave those to you leave me a like and comment. If you don’t mind, some of you knew i’ll wrap it up there. Thank you for watching. Take care. Stay safe, bye, bye, now, [, Music ].

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