Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gear | Weapons, Armor & Upgrade | Axes, Swords, Shields, Bows & More


Ahhh the Assassins Creed Valhalla Gear, Which includes both the Assassins, Creed, Valhalla weapons and the AC Valhalla armor. Now this is a topic worth discussing friends and we are going to do this below, because I have a lot of info to share with you, As I promised in my previous breakdown about the Assassins, Creed, Valhalla, Loot Boxes. Next, we will focus on the gear in Assassins, Creed Valhalla. Before we start there are several things I want to point out and the first one is about your support on my YouTube Channel. So let me begin by thanking all of you guys for subscribing and for showing your support through comments and likes On all the videos. I have uploaded up to this point as well as the one above Good then So lets begin with our Assassins, Creed, Valhalla, gameplay, trailer breakdown, in which we will identify all the Assassins, Creed, Valhalla weapons well get to use in the game.

However, in order to better understand the Assassins, Creed, Valhalla gear and what we can expect to see in the upcoming game, we will start with the latest information. Weve got from developers And this information can be found in Darby McDevitts interview for the Official PlayStation Magazine. As you can see in the said, interview, Darby McDevitt outlines that every piece of gear is unique in the game and can be upgraded extensively, so we can use it for a long time.

From this statement, we can understand two things: First, that all weapons and gear pieces are unique and if let say we find an epic or legendary weapon early in the game, we can upgrade it so it can match our characters level. Furthermore, we can finish the game with the same weapon we have used when we started our journey as Eivor. If we wish to do that. The second important fact that we can understand is that generic weapons will not be available, and by that I mean the weapons dropped by our enemies, Simply because the weapons are unique and it would be impossible. However, keep in mind that we are talking about weapons dropped by enemies while fighting not weapons, you can loot after killing an enemy Regarding the level of our gear and how we will upgrade the weapons. I am not going into detail here because we are going to cover this topic another time So right now we are going to focus on the weapons we can expect to see in the game.

And the first type of weapon is the spear Why the spear? Because it was the cheapest weapon used by Vikings. The price of a weapon is very important for the Viking Age and we need to understand that the iron or other metals were not only rare but also very expensive, Simply put the less metal a weapon had the cheaper it was, And since a spear had only The tip made of metal it was a very cheap and common weapon. The Viking spear was used by the common class and it was also used both as a throwing weapon and as a thrusting weapon. Multiple variations existed, but again we will not go into details In the Assassins, Creed, Valhalla, trailers revealed by Ubisoft. We can see the spears appearing multiple times and it is also used as a throwing weapon. Another type of weapon that appears in the trailers and was inexpensive for Vikings is the bow

Used both for hunting and during their raids, the bow is the ranged weapon. We will rely on the most in the upcoming Assassins, Creed Valhalla video game. At the beginning of the first trailer we can spot Eivors quiver, and this weapon is also confirmed by the Assassins. Creed Valhalla hunting activity. We have discussed in one of my videos. If you missed it, you can watch it here. The bows were made of yew ash or elm, while the arrowheads were made of iron. Although history tells us that Vikings also used bones or antlers for arrowheads, simply because, as I said, iron was rare and very expensive. Moving on, we have the axe, which was the most common hand, weapon among Vikings, A little more expensive than the spear. The Viking axe had three variations, all of them being featured in Ubisofts trailers. First, we have the bearded axe, which is both a tool and a weapon. It is the one that Eivor uses as his main weapon.

Next, we have the Dane axe, also known as the English long axe. We can spot on Eivors companion. It is notably larger, as you can see. Finally, we have the throwing axe, which is the smallest variation Again. It appears several times in both trailers. Vikings used axes a lot during the Viking age because, unlike swords, they required fewer metals to be produced since axes had the handles made of wood. This doesnt mean, however, that swords will not be available in Assassins Creed Valhalla. They will, but we need to understand that the swords which required a lot of iron and other metals were very costly to make and a sign of high status Owning a sword was a matter of high honor. Furthermore, the Viking Age swords were for single-handed use to be combined with a shield, although I am pretty sure we will see double-handed swords as well. The last two Assassins – Creed, Valhalla weapons that have been confirmed by Ubisoft, appear in this screenshot and, as you can see, both of them are blunt weapons, a flail and a hammer.

And no, that is not Thors hammer, as many people falsely claim Now, along with the weapons weve talked about so far, we can also expect to see knives. These can be throwing knives the single edge knives known as knifr and the machete-like knife known as seax. Finally, slings may be included as silent ranged weapons as they were heavily used by Vikings, the Viking polearm known as atgeir, which was similar to a glaive and obviously the hidden blade that we will discuss in another breakdown Before moving forward to the shields. Its worth. Mentioning that, although its not confirmed yet the rope dart may return, and if you want to know how this is possible, you will find the answer in this video. I have uploaded on Youtube.

Last but not least, dual wielding will be available, as confirmed by Ubisoft, which means we will be able to use most of the weapons we saw in various combinations, such as axe plus, sword, double swords and even double shields, Which brings us the next topic. When talking about the shields in Assassins, Creed, Valhalla things are a bit easier because we can expect only two types. First, we have the common round shields. We can spot everywhere in the trailers. These were made of wood because obviously they were inexpensive. Then we have the kite shield, which appears in the picture above. One thing we need to keep in mind is that Ubisoft tells us that we will be able to equip Eivor with two shields. I believe, because of their size, only common round shields can be equipped because the kite shields were not only bigger but also heavier How we will be able to fight using two rounded shields. Well, this is a question I dont have an answer for right now. Maybe you do and I cant wait to read your opinions in the comments section Moving to the final topic or the Assassins, Creed, Valhalla armor. So far, we know that all gear is unique in Assassins. Creed Valhalla and this gear is upgradable at the blacksmith in the settlement.

Upgrading the gear will also give new visuals. We can choose to interchange the visuals of all armors and weapons that we have obtained. This bit of info comes from Ubisoft, but if we take a closer look at the picture above, we can see that there are different sets of gear. Eivor is wearing The first one on the left shows that Eivor is wearing light leather armor, while in the middle we can see our Viking wearing a medium armor with pieces of metal on the chest plate

Finally, we have a heavy armor set with a metal helmet, which looks quite awesome if you ask me, But if we connect this picture with the info we have from history, it is also the most expensive one. So lets see what we can expect from AC Valhalla. Well, I believe the gear will remain as it is in Odyssey, meaning that we will be able to equip Eivor with a hood or headgear. If you want, then we will be able to use various gauntlets garments, belts and boots. These will be fully upgradable according to Darby McDevitt, and once we upgrade a piece of gear, it will not only become more efficient, but the visuals will also change. Hence I believe that the set we see in the picture above is the same one, but after several development phases. Ok, so I think this is the majority of weapons we will be able to use in Assassins Creed Valhalla and how the gear will actually look like

Keep in mind, though, that I will have new videos ready for you this week, in which we will analyze how upgrading weapons and gear work, and also a lot of cool info about our settlements, Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel. If you want to stay updated on the latest Assassins, Creed, Valhalla news and trailer breakdowns and obviously let me know your thoughts in the comments section, below..

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