Hi everyone in this video we are going to go over the yuletide festival, armor the modern hit armor uh, we’re gon na go into detail and look at all of the items and see what they do, but before i get into it, i just wanted to let You guys know to subscribe to the video to or to the channel rather to like the video to share the video and to comment in the comment section below in terms of what you’d like to see next for ac valhalla, i am also streaming ac valhalla on My channel so be sure to check out my streams for assassin’s creed, valhalla uh. That being said, let’s get into it. So first uh, it’s the cape. It looks like it is the wolf that this armor is aligned to and for those of you that are not familiar with the wolf um.

Basically, the wolf line of skills that you can unlock are the blue ones, and they generally help you get more in terms of uh damage for ranged attacks. So it’s kind of like the bow um bow build or like a hunter build. If you will so that’s what um, the blue or the wolf line gets you, as you can see, for myself, i’ve mainly been focusing on stealth and the raven side, along with a lot of the power or the bear side which gives you a lot more damage For mali combat and a lot more resistances, so let’s get back to the armor. What this set gives you in terms of set bonuses, is an increased attack after a stun, finisher kill an additional increase to stun.

So basically, this armor is good for stunning enemies and if you do heavy attacks, you will generally stun enemies more and with this each time you get a stun finisher kill. Your attack will increase, resulting in you being able to kill your enemies faster, going forward um. So, as you can see, there are five pieces to this set. Just like normal you’ve got the ceremony ceremonial cape you’ve got the ceremonial robe for the cape. You get armor of 25 light resistance of 23 heavy resistance of 23 evasion of 15 and weight of 12 um, which is relatively okay, it’s kind of like between the heavy armors and the light armors uh. It will give you a lot more um stamina than say a bear style armor, which is kind of like the carolingian.

As you can see, the weight of the carolingian is 16 versus that of the more modern hit. And then, if you look at a raven style, armor like the flawless cloak or the mentor’s cloak you’ll notice, the weight is a lot lower. Basically, the raven style gear lets you dodge and, and things like that, a lot better um the wolf gear lets you dodge. Okay and the bear armor just gives you a lot more armor and your dodging and your speed is reduced. So with the ceremonial ceremonial robe, you get 31 armor evasion’s 15 resistance light resistance is 26, heavy resistance is 20 and weight is 12 again for the hood. Armor is 30 light resistance, 21 weight, 12 evasion, 15 and heavier resistance 25 for the racers. It’S 28 armor 20 light resistance, 15 evasion, 26 heavy resistance and 12 weight and for the trousers it’s 26 armor equation: 15 light resistance; 25 heavy resistance, 21 and weight 12

So, who would want an armor like this? Who would want to equip this ideally for the uh yule festival? You definitely want to equip this. I think it helps you out a lot in the brawl, especially on the higher difficulties, because it lets you, stun enemies and each stun finisher kill, gives you additional attack and an increase to stun.

So, basically you can stun enemies more with your fists. You don’t really need weapons and uh, you can actually kill people faster in the brawl, will not kill, but knock them out faster, so for the yule festival definitely use this. I personally don’t use this at all. I personally use the mentor armor because it suits my playstyle very well, and what that allows me to do is just go around and kill people really fast. Where are we mentor mentor mentor, my mentor robes there? They are so, as you can see, i’ve maxed out the level for those but um yeah it’s a decent set. I wouldn’t really use it. There’S better sets in the game. I mean it’s all right and you get it for free. You just have to play the yuletide festival stuff and it’s not that hard to beat everyone in the yuletide.

Basically, the best thing that you can do in the yuletide festival is to do the um rotating arrows or the rotating archery, because that gives you 40 yuletide tokens every time versus the other events for the brawl. It only gives you 40 tokens, or i think it’s 70 tokens. Actually, if you win uh and then for the main quest, they give you 140 tokens each so definitely complete the main quests and then just continue to do the archery and you’ll get 40 tokens each time and it takes two minutes. So you can rack up those tokens pretty fast. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, as always don’t forget to like share and subscribe, and i will see you all next time.

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