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Hi everyone, I’m Gabe, a developer in the Ubisoft PC community Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the PC settings of Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor. So you can have a more comprehensive understanding, in order to achieve the best gaming experience What configuration do you need. Okay, let’s not talk nonsense, let’s get started! But before we start, let’s briefly introduce accessibility features. For the whole team, It’s very important to have the required configuration, which can ensure you have a comfortable gaming experience, You will also find many auxiliary settings in various menus, So let’s take a look at the screen settings first? You can see “Image Calibration” at the top of the general settings. After clicking in, you can see various options that can be adjusted, such as: brightness, Contrast, if you have compatible hardware devices, there are related HDR settings here. In addition, You can also enable color blindness mode in the preview, and the image will be displayed on the right. Go back to the menu, re-enter the screen settings, there is a field of view slider, You can adjust it to your liking, and you can also set a limit on the number of frames per second.

In the display settings, There are a series of standard options, such as choosing which monitor to use to open the game, Select the aspect ratio, resolution and refresh rate of the window mode. You can also open Either turn off the vertical sync, or set it to auto-adapt, this will automatically turn on the high refresh rate At the same time, turn off the low refresh rate to reduce lag. Finally, we have the resolution ratio, you can Turn it up a bit so that the image is better, and turn it down a bit better. Next, let’s talk about the 20 00:01:29,200 –> 00:01:33,520 graphics settings that you can adjust.

First of all, if you choose among our preset various graphics quality, 21 00:01:33,520 –> 00:01:37,840 you can see the preview on the right side of the screen, which is very convenient. Of course, you can also use it 22 00:01:37,840 –> 00:01:42,160 to check your adjustments and find the settings you want. Moreover, 23 00:01:42,160 –> 00:01:45,920 has a video memory logo at the bottom, so you can know how much video memory is used. In addition, we also have adaptive quality, which can automatically keep the frame rate stable 25 00:01:50,960 –> 00:01:56,080 In the case of more content, adjust the resolution of the game, you can also set 26 00:01:56,080 –> 00:02:00,240 Anti-aliasing, which makes objects in the environment produce jagged edges and makes them look smoother. Then, 27 00:02:00,240 –> 00:02:05,600 Let’s talk about the background option.

You can adjust the background details of different levels of complexity in “Background Details”, You can also change the quality level, the distance of debris and interference in “Miscellaneous”, 29 00:02:10,240 –> 00:02:16,000 such as grass, rocks, etc. In addition, we have environmental settings. You can change the shadow Quality level and shadow distance, adjust the quality of the cumulus effect. “Watermark” can adjust the quality of the watermark, as well as the underwater effect, You can also turn off or turn on the screen space reflection on the water surface.

In “Material”, you can adjust the environment material, change The resolution of the environment, and then in the “role”, you can adjust The resolution of the character texture. In “post-processing”, you can choose the depth of field according to your preferences It can also be closed all. After opening, distant objects will It becomes blurry, and a lower depth of field setting can improve performance at high resolutions. Finally, we also have motion blur, which can be turned on or off at the same time. Now, let’s take a look at the available control options.

At the top, you can see the input mode, and you can switch between various input modes. If you choose the mixed mode, you can use multiple devices to input at the same time. You can also set in the menu, such as the locking action of “Menu Control Options”, Then make adjustments during switching and locking, such as crouching, aiming, and fast prop wheel. you still can Adjust the vertical control method of the raven. Next we look at the keyboard And the mouse part, you will see a control preview on the right The purpose of each key is displayed here.

In the keyboard and mouse section, you can In “Custom Buttons”, set a large number of button functions according to your own preferences. Then, you can also adjust various settings, such as walking speed, mouse sensitivity Aiming sensitivity and mouse speed. You can change the X and Y axis of the mouse, Turn on or off the left-hand mouse mode, and move the cursor when the game is in borderless or windowed mode Lock in the screen frame. The last part is handle customization, Similar to the keyboard and mouse, you can customize various key functions and adjust your own settings here. Then, here are the X and Y axes. If you want, you can turn them around. You can adjust the vibration intensity of the handle, if you want, in different situations, Swap the function of the joystick on the handle. Well, let’s take a look at the game options. First of all, you can turn on or off the camera mode, we highly recommend you Keep it open so that you can share Meimei’s screenshots with us! In “Quick Event Input Type” You can change the required input type, complete the quick event setting, there are duplicates, Locked, one-time selection.

The screen jitter can also be turned off or on. In the sensitivity section, you can base your performance Turn on or off many options. If you want to ensure that all enemies are successfully assassinated, You can also adjust various aiming assist settings. Okay, let’s take a look at all the options available on the interface. First, you can go to “Image Area Calibration”, Adjust the area displayed on the screen. After that, you can make various settings, such as interface language, The size of the text, the size of the icons in the game, if you don’t use the keyboard and mouse, You can set the menu navigation on the cursor or focus.

You can also turn on or off the HUD background. In the world and mission settings, you can turn on or off mission log minimization, Compass, celebration and trophy icon functions. In the hero options, you can open or Turn off your health bar, endurance bar, and oxygen tank, And your experience points and skill points. In the enemies and battle options, you can see a whole bunch of Options that can be turned on and off such as skills and adrenaline, damage value, Enemy information, targeting and other content. Finally, in other settings, You can turn on or off “Prompts and Information”, “Context Actions” and “Control Prompts”.

Now, let’s take a look at the sound options you can adjust. Just start with the sound language of the game, you can change all the voices. Here, you can make many settings, such as changing the master volume all at once Or individually adjust options such as music and sound effects. You can increase the volume of the dialogue in “Dialogue Enhancement”, you can also adjust Audio dynamic range, so loudness can be improved, and at night, loudness will be reduced.

You can use “Music Frequency” to change the cooling time before the exploration music is triggered, Low means that the frequency of music playing decreases, and high means the frequency increases. You can also turn it on or off Collision sound effects, so that when your character cannot move forward, an additional sound effect will be played to remind you. You can adjust the display of subtitles according to your preferences in the “Subtitles and closed description” settings, For example, if you want to close the description, of course this description is actually very useful. For example, when you perform various operations in the game, It can give you extra hints, you can also adjust the language of the subtitles, the size of the subtitles when they appear, if you want Increase the background sound effects of the subtitles, change the transparency of the subtitles background, no problem, and whether to add Contains the name of the speaker.

Finally, under the menu narration, you can choose to turn it on or off, You can also change the gender of the narration, the speed of the narration and the voice. Finally, let’s take a look at third-party settings. If you have installed compatible hardware or software, you can choose to turn on or off 92 00:07:32,880 –> 00:07:36,720 MSI mysterious light effect at the top, and there is a large series of Tobii eyes below Tracking settings, if you have a device, you can also adjust it to your liking. As always, before entering the world of Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor, we have a few important things I want to talk to you, especially the performance part. Be sure to pay attention to programs running in the background They may eat up memory, remember to update the relevant drivers, make sure Your Windows has been updated to the latest version. Thanks for watching! Hope this video will let you Have a clear understanding of the various settings that appear in “Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor”.

As usual, we will attach the link to each channel in the detailed description below so that You can keep up to date with the latest news. Okay, let’s do this first, see you next time! Bye bye!.

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