Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | Settlement Guide (Tips and Tricks)


So one of the most important features in assassin’s creed valhalla, is the settlement system and since i’ve basically completed everything there is to complete with the settlement, i thought i’d make a video going through what every upgrade is the leveling system which, to be honest, confused me A little to start as well as well as what i would recommend upgrading first, as well as what each upgrade actually is, and i’ve scoured everywhere to make sure this is everything about the settlement and i think it is.

But before i do getting all that, i thought i’d just go through how to get resources. You need to upgrade the settlement if you’re watching this, you probably already know that the main way of getting both raw materials and supplies – the two resources you use for upgrades – are collected by doing raids on various monasteries marked around the map. However, that’s not the only way of collecting these resources before pledging yourself to a territory. What you can do is just hover over one and you’ll, be told of a reward you’ll get for pledging yourself to that territory or completing that arc, and sometimes the reward can be supplies and raw materials. So if you guys don’t know where to pledge yourself to or given some choices that might help you make that decision, especially if your priority is the sell. Also, you can just find supplies out and around the world in the form of wealth which, to be honest, is quite rare and hasn’t happened to me very much.

What you can do to speed that up is purchase a range of maps from a cartographer that reveal the locations of various supplies out and around england, or at least that’s what i thought my guess was that the maps would reveal supplies exclusively that weren’t in monasteries, But they don’t and more often than not, they are just the supplies you would find in monasteries, so purchasing supply maps. Basically just tells you to go to monasteries already marked on your map. So all i’d recommend using that for is to see how many supplies are in a certain territory, because it will tell you so that you can go on like a series of rides in that territory, but don’t fall into the same trap as i did because, more Often than not, it will usually just mark supplies from monasteries. You’Re, probably gon na ride anyway, also just a bit of advice for rides as well.

As i didn’t know this. Until i was a fair bit through the game, you don’t need to actually pilot your long ship to every monastery you find because you can just run there on foot and call a ride by holding down the arrow and opening that little menu before we get exactly Into what each upgrade does i thought i’d talk about the leveling system because going into the settlement, i sort of assume you’d simply be able to purchase any building you like just from the get-go, but you can’t do that and with each level comes a new set Of upgrades, the story can’t move along unless you build a blacksmith, so you have that from the start, basically, and also at level one. You can build the hidden ones, bureau, stables, trading, post and barracks and, if you’re confused about what you can and can’t buy at a particular level, if you use soon in you’ll, be shown a bunch of things you can build and if the icons are flash blue, It means that’s something you can build and to start, you aren’t given too many choices and are sort of pushed in the direction of buying those for your upgrades i just mentioned, but those are the big ones.

So it’s not too bad. Really, the big one you’re probably wondering about is the sears hut, but that’s only usable at a certain point in the story where you’ll be prompted to buy it, but don’t really have to now the way that you level up your settlement is by simply buying upgrades. However, what you can do to speed up the process is complete various arcs which, when you hover over them, will show this symbol and i’m actually pretty sure you can’t get past certain levels without actually doing some of these and, as i said before, completing certain arcs Will give you resources to help upgrade the settlement so a lot of the work’s done for you just by completing the story. Also, i thought i’d mention if you ever see a store, unoccupied, there’s probably a narrative reason for it, like i had to speak to the tattooist to get her to work again, because her character was having like personal issues and if you ever can’t find somebody just Check the quest log or look around the camp and you should be able to get them back to work, and the last thing i should mention before actually getting into every upgrade is the facebook, which is something you should make the most of early on. I feel if you go up to the entrance of the long house, you’ll see this bell and if you press the prompt next to it, you’ll be able to start a feast to the left.

You’Ll see all the stats upgrades, it will give you for the next three hours, which is basically the length of an r. So if you’re worried you’re a little under leveled for a certain arc, definitely go and do that and it will help you out and it only really costs a little bit of money. There’S a variety of upgrades that will improve the feast buff. In fact, most of them do, i think, and you can get an idea of which do by just sending out sooning and hovering over an upgrade and if you’d like to know exactly what that upgrade adds. What you can do is go up to it and you can see the buff on the sign so anyway, on to the upgrades themselves, the hinons bureau is exactly what it sounds like and purchasing. It allows you to freely hunt members of the order of ancients from a fairly early point and having that menu, and some of those targets unlocks is really cool, and it would be great, if not for the fact that the silhouetting makes it clear who the grandmaster Is at the start of the game or close to the start of the game?

Like imagine imagine if you kill tamir in ic1, then the game accidentally tells you how mullin was pulling the strings with no context or payoff it’d, be like really really [ __ ]. Annoying so just be careful on the menu it’s pretty unusable without spoilers after the oxfordshire arc. I know i mentioned this before, but like just be careful for me yeah, but yeah. The practical use of the bureau throughout the game is that you can return hyphen. These medallions you get from killing ancients and zealots and he’ll give you abilities in return. The sea is where you can visit vulka and experience hallucinations that take you to new realms and those are quite narrative, heavy, so i’ll leave those to you guys to experience for yourself and the blacksmith is exactly what you’d expect for the most part. At least it’s where you improve the quality of your gear in exchange for resources and by improving the quality you unlock more upgrade and rune slots for that respective piece of gear, and that’s obviously super useful. If you do just want to stick with the same gear as i did, you can do that anyway, but if you really want to have the strongest gear, you can pretty much do that with any outfit and that’s the way to go about it.

And the thing is, you can’t actually buy gear there? You do that at the general store, the general store again is what you’d expect you can buy weapons, clothing, runes and also sell things. You might have noticed that you pick up a bunch of seemingly worthless items, and this is where you sell those as well as runes and weirdly, where you buy tattoo and hair smacks like anything. You need to buy you buy here, and then you like use that in the tattooist or blacksmith. And if you were wondering why the tattooist was a bit sparse of stuck that’s because all of their stock is here and the tattooist is where you customize and that’s basically, all the tattooists does allows you to change your haircut and tattoos, and some of these tattoos Might not be visible with the army, you guys like so what you can do if you have a piece of army alike, but a tattoo you want to show is just hover over that piece of armor and press down on the right, thumbstick or whatever the pc Equivalent is of lash and it will turn invisible. The barracks is where you can create your own yams, viking, and also there’s usually a player created one nearby, and on top of that, what you can do with the barracks is customize your crew over the course of the game.

You’Ll get new allies to join your ranks and if you want them to ride with you or just be on your long ship to tell unique stories you can swap them in here at the northernmost point of the camp, you can build the museum that houses all Of the roman artifacts that you find or octavian takes them and gives you decorative statues, you can place around the settlement and you can place those at these spots. The shipyard is everything, you’d expect it to be it’s where you customize your long ship and that’s effectively. Its only use the fishing hut is where you get these assignments to find various fish and bring them back to camp for a rune. Each assignment has its own sort of story you can see, and if you’re curious about where to find these fish, you can just hover over them and you get sort of a vague idea of where to look. The stables is where you can buy new mounts and also give lessons to your current moan, such as boosting their health and allowing them to swim. And lastly, you have the cartographer who can unveil where certain bits of wealth are located and as useless as that is for supplies.

You can locate various bits of gear and abilities and also ingots that are used for gear upgrades and the gear gets better. As you go to regions with higher power levels, so say you need some gold buy an ingot map for a place with a higher power level like yorkshire, and if you needed some copper, you could do the same with somewhere like leicestershire or cambridge. Personally. I’D recommend buying the stables first because to me that has the most long-term practical use without the horse swimming ability getting about. England is gon na. Take you so much longer than it needs to, because you’ll be doing a whole lot of swimming. So i’d go for that personally, also the henwan’s bureau to open up some of those assassinations because they’re cool, although not really, of a ton of practical use to begin with, i think that’s pretty much it guys, i’m sorry! This ended up being so long. I wanted this to be much more concise, but i didn’t really want to skip over anything. I hope you guys enjoyed if you did maybe leave a like and if you didn’t, maybe let me know why. Thank you guys for watching and i’ll see you all next time in another assassin’s creed video.

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