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Assassins Creed Valhalla Titanium Farm Guide By: Howdy15


I just wanted to make a quick guide for anyone that is like me and needs titanium to upgrade all of the new DLC armor/weapons. This won’t be for everyone, but if you need titanium for anything this should help. Each titanium deposit you find is x4 titanium (the amount you get may be level dependent? For me at max level I get 4)

  1. Go to Glowestrescire, the Glowecestre fast point

  2. Go to St. Kenhelm Falls to the North West. There is titanium in the water under the falls. There are also 6 iron rocks in the cave in the falls

  3. Climb above the waterfall (9 iron rocks if you climb up the left side) (another 2 iron rocks above the waterfall), and follow the stream north until you find a spot with 2 gold raspberry bushes, and there will be another titanium

  4. There will be a marker on your map for a camp(or an x if you have cleared it) to the northwest of your current location, head there. Here there are 4 titanium spots

  • By the totem with the animal skull and fire jar

  • In the small circular stone ruin at the top of the camp by the raspberry bushes

  • Behind the wall by the tower with grass on top

  • Across the bridge by a fallen tree, across from a stump with arrows on it and mushrooms

  1. Next head north to the lake, and on the north shore of the lake is a small hut. There is a titanium deposit in the cauldron over the fire outside, and another on a shelf in the house by the window.

  2. Next you head southwest to the clearing between Aelfwood and the Temple of Ceres Bureau. There should be a large stone statue with no arms. Directly north of this, there is a ditch with 3 titanium clumps in it.

There you have it, you should finish with 11 deposits worth 44 titanium and some iron if you took it. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to run the route. You might have to kill enemies on your first run through but not after.

The titanium resets when you fast travel, so just fast travel back to the travel point to run it again.

Hope this helps


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