EINHERJAR ARMOR SET – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Store Item November 24, 2020 (AC Einherjar Pack)



Hi everyone welcome to another video on assassin’s creed valhalla in this video we’re going to go over the new items that are in the store uh, but before i get into that, i just wanted to let you guys know that i am streaming on youtube. Almost on a daily basis, at night, uh, assassin’s, assassinate valhalla in 4k, so feel free to drop by after you subscribe and chill with me. Hang out talk, assassin’s creed, valhalla, discuss anything that you may have on your mind and without further ado. Let’S get into it. So uh, what did we get uh in the store we got the aniaria set, which includes the helmet, the anger art helm, which is an iconic norse, helmet uh that allows the hiding of one’s expression perfect to remain stoic in the face of adversity and the perks Of the set i’ll just go into those first uh, if you equip all five pieces of the set and the helm, looks pretty nice honestly, it’s it’s not a bad, looking helm, it increases the attack after each kill up to three times, and it also gives you A small amount of life after three kills, so it’s a good one for fighting non-stop, the hood uh, the embroideries are, and the vibrant red fabric used for this hood indicated its royal origins.

It’S a pretty nice looking hood covered in blood uh. If that’s your type of thing, you know if you’re into that and then there’s the tunic or the armor, it’s a magnificent tunic, made by a skilled weaver. It’S a shame that it is now covered by blood and you’ve got the bracers which are kind of clipping. A bit oh, no, it’s ripped. Actually, it’s actually ripped interesting uh. The weight added up to these braces increases one strength when charging a heavy hit and, finally, the pants these elegant boots confer class to their owner when stomping on enemies, heads or dead bodies. So that’s the armor set, which is the inia set. This magnificent yaro’s armor distinguishes itself for the quality of materials used and the sturdiness of its chain mail. The set contains a hood, a helmet, a chest piece, bracer and pants. Then you’ve got the inert.

Tattoo set. Looks pretty nice? I haven’t really delved too much into the tattoos honestly, because i mean right now: we don’t have transmog in the game, so you can’t really equip different pieces or different sets and get a different look on your on your character or on a board, because it’s not Really any other character um, so in that sense it’s pretty annoying but uh. Once we do get transmog, it would be pretty good to have for the companions that they added. They ended uh s svadelfari, and this is a fine mount. One said that this stallion was bred by freya herself. The veracity of the statement is questionable, but the marks presented on its flanks prove his robustness and, as you can see, he’s got arrows still stuck inside him and some handprints of bloody people trying to grab him looks like and then arrows in his gut too. It’S pretty crazy and he’s still going so he’s very resilient for sure uh. Then we’ve got the blood eagle raven. This eagle survives by eating the remains of warriors: falling in battle, looks pretty scary and deadly, and it’s got the newnan uh look up top kind of e marks, and then finally, the boat or the weapon that you get with this this set is the dwarven axe.

This axe was commonly used to slay, dark elves, and that should be slay. Not slain. Slashing saxons should be not a problem should not be a problem and it’s a two-handed weapon. So keep that in mind. It increases the speed after each kill up to three times. So just like the armor and then for the range, i don’t think it gives you a bow. It gives you a shield, it gives you a healthy shield and it’s a pretty dangerous. Looking shield i mean covered in blood cracking in places. The sherbet shield bears the marks of a terrible fight. Hopefully you will have a better destiny than his previous owner perks, increased heavy damage with walking. So all in all the sets are pretty nice uh. The set is pretty nice, sorry uh, but i i’m not gon na get it personally uh, because i don’t really care for the blood. I, like my set, that i have from twitch drops and i’ll link it up here. The video for that. So you guys can check that out um and then this is the boat um i’ll, probably link it earlier. Actually, because chances are you’re, probably not watching anymore and 99.3 of the people that watch my videos aren’t subscribed. So please do subscribe uh.

So this is the boat looks interesting, looks good. I don’t really care for it. I mean the long ship is nice, but i wouldn’t put this as a figurehead uh. Personally, so that’s uh and then this is the inert. Bloody tree looks like a fall tree. Basically, i would personally put yeager in uh in my settlement. I don’t have it yet, but when i do get it i will put it in there. So that’s the end of the video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Um, like i said, i’m streaming on youtube. Almost every day so definitely check that out subscribe to the channel for more valhalla content, i will be focusing on valhalla going forward um. I missed out on a lot of assassin’s creed playing and uh the community, because i wasn’t focused on the game, but i am getting back into it because valhalla is amazing and if you haven’t already gotten it get it it’s fun.

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