How To Get Unlimited Skill Points In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla Fast XP)


Hi everyone uh in this video, i’m gon na, show you how to get the unlimited uh skill points or unlimited xp in assassin’s creed, valhalla uh. There has been some confusion on my previous videos, uh, one that i made for god, mode glitch and one for uh made for the xp glitch, which is essentially this where you can get unlimited um skill points in this video. I’M just gon na go over both of them uh in conjunction and i’m gon na tell you how to remove the god glitch, so you can get back to the normal game after you’ve acquired all your skill points, so, let’s get into it first, what you want To do is you want to find any game of orlog in the world and you want to play as soon as the coin toss is done.

You want to hit your map and you want to fast travel to any location that you can as once. The coin is flipped in orlon. When you do this, when you get to that location, you will essentially be a god, or in god mode or test mode for the devs most likely where none of the npcs will react to you either then take damage from you and die from you. They may talk to you, but they won’t really attack you ever so that lets you do this xp glitch or unlimited skill. Point glitch then, after that, after you’ve done this, what you want to do is you want to travel to ham hamptonshire, where you find the legendary links and, as you can see it’s down here on this little island, and you just want to kill the elder links Over and over again, so what that means? Is you kill it once you walk out of the pit, it’ll respawn, you kill it again and each time you do this you’ll get two skill points. So that’s why it’s! The unlimited xp quote unquote slash unlimited skill. Point glitch because in this game xp relates to skill points and that’s how you get your power level.

So that’s how you get the skill point or xp coach. So when you do this, you’ll be able to get unlimited xp and how you can get rid of god mode after this. So what you want to do is you want to create a manual save, because i would highly recommend doing this in a manual save versus doing a save on your regular game file and then, once you do that you can exit out of the game completely re-log Back in and load that manual save when you load that manual save you’ll have all the skill points still, but you won’t have god mode. What this will allow you to do is just use those skill points, get the higher power level and play the game, as you would normally uh, but with the xp glitch done or the unlimited skill point glitch done. I hope this was helpful. I hope it clarifies a lot of things that a lot of you have questions about, and i hope this helps you get all the levels you want enjoy.

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