How to Play Orlog – Guide – Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla


Hey there guys hope you all are enjoying your time with valhalla, i sure am and when i want to relax and clean the blood from my raiding clothes, there’s nothing better than a round of oralog. If you haven’t tried it yet it’s a game where two players duel by rolling dice and invoking god favors the first player to reduce the health of the opponent to zero wins. As always, if you enjoyed don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like and let’s dive right in so let’s first handle all the game setup. Each player has 15 health points, six dice and one up to three god favors. You can collect more god, favors by playing and winning or log matches throughout the world.

First things. First, the game starts with a simple coin: toss where you choose either heads or tails and whoever wins gets to go. First. There are three phases in a game of warlock the roll phase, the god favor phase and the resolution phase, and in this one it’s important to know who goes first and of course, knowing the rules also includes knowing your dice faces here they are, the axe represents One point of damage: the helmet represents one point of defense against axes. The arrow also represents one point of damage. The shield represents one point of defense against arrows a hand, allows you to steal one god favored token from your opponent and when a dice has a gold border, you get one god favor token. So how does it all come together? It’S easy. Allow me to explain. [ Music ] each player has three rolls of the dice alternating between each other.

Until everyone has rolled three times, starting with the player that won the coin toss on each roll, you can choose, however, many dice you want to use for your play. For example, i roll all my six dices in the first round. I choose two so in my next round i can only roll four dice since two have already been chosen on the third round. You can’t pick as whichever dice is rolled gets picked automatically for your play. After every single role has been made, the god favor phase enters into action in this phase. Each opponent can choose if they want to use any god, favors, think of them as powers or if they want to keep the tokens for later [ Music ]. This is the important phase and it requires your attention. This is where every single effect resolves. First, each player counts each golden border dice and gets one token for each one, and then the player who went first starts resolving their dice first, for example, take a look at this game in this game.

We’Ve entered the resolution phase and, as you can see, the first thing that happens is counting each dice that has a golden border and gaining one token, for each one. After that, each effect of the dice gets resolved from left to right, starting with a player that won the coin toss normally, when the resolution phase ends, if one player chose to use a god favor that power is resolved, if the player has enough tokens for it, If somehow, the player lost tokens and can’t pay the price for the power it’s cancelled, and the next turn begins. Beware, though, because some god favors actually resolve before the resolution of the dice effects and can catch you off guard, for example, v. Dars might now that you know the basics of the game. I’M gon na give you guys some tips and tricks that i learned, while playing all of the people in the game. Don’T underestimate god favors some powers are extremely strong, so a good tactic is to try and always be ahead on tokens.

If you let your opponent farm tokens or even take yours, it’s almost said that you will lose my favorite tactic. If i’m lucky is stealing as many tokens from the opponent as possible so that i can use my strongest powers against them, it’s also important to note that all your opponents have different god favors at their disposal, so you must adjust strategies according to what they have For example, if your opponent has an healing strat, like edun’s, rejuvenation and heimdall’s watch, it’s important that you devise a strategy that prevents them from healing the only way you can do. That is either by bursting with thor strike or multiplying your attacks with, let’s say, brune. Hill’S fury or my favorite just steal their tokens and they can’t use anything. Another important tip is knowing how to play when you’re going first versus when you’re going second think.

Similarly to chess the player that goes first can set the pace of the game in orlog. You can also pressure your opponent if you go first, if you go second, it’s totally fine and some people even prefer it, because you can react and plan accordingly to what dices they are picking. My suggestion, though, is if you go first, don’t put all your chips into attack dices your opponent might get the defense for all those attacks and even get all your god tokens. Remember that you’re at the mercy of your luck, so you can’t really plan ahead. If you want to be aggressive, make sure you have golden boarded attacks and you are rolling first, this way you don’t file behind on tokens and your damage resolves first, which is important if your opponent is at low hp, aver’s a viking right.

So why not rate your opponent’s? God favorite tokens, it’s my favorite strategy, but you need some luck in orlog you have to play how the dice command you to play, and sometimes you’re just not fated, to win. However, stealing your opponent’s tokens might be the best way to victory. There are powers that can literally win you the game from 1 hp, but to use those powers, you need tokens and nothing better than to steal them from your opponent and also prevent them from using their powers.

Hashtag, like a viking, am i right so now you’re ready to catch them, all god favors. That is it’s not going to be easy and you’re going to need some luck, but i feel like you can make it. I hope you enjoyed this video and you have a great tactic that you want to share. Please do so in the comment section down below as always subscribe. If you want to see more assassin’s creed content and leave a like, as it helps me out, a bunch see you guys soon: bye.

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