Parkour guide for Valhalla By: chri1stian


This is from a comment I left on a post about the floating pages, but I thought it could warrant it’s own post. I’m no authority when it comes to parkour in ac but I noticed some things and I’d love to hear from some more experienced players about this.

the controls are spotty at best but I have found a few things that help.

1 – it’s all about where the camera is facing

Make sure you’re centered on where you want to go. It seems designed to be steered by the camera rather than the left analog stick. Even if you push the left stick slightly one direction, the game would rather make you go directly straight or directly left or right so the camera is how you tell Eivor to go to a precise diagonal.

2 – the a/x/space button is touchy

They are essentially trying to use this one input for all the parkour controls, which means it will do different things based on context. I don’t think I could type it all out here based on memory, but try experimenting with it in different applications. I tend to find when I’m on a rope/beam I want to stay on I make sure not to press it at all. When I want to “chain parkour” to another beam/surface I hold the button before getting to the jump off point (and make sure the camera is facing the right way.)

3 – sprinting just makes things harder and doesn’t make a difference

Sprinting just makes you move faster and makes all of these touchy input/camera directions harder to pull off at the right time. For the page collecting, it is not at all necessarily to catch it at the end. That little grace period where the page stays in the same spot gives you plenty of time to just follow the path without sprinting.

Hopefully this helps! I know this parkour system needs a lot of work, but I do appreciate Ubi making an effort to make more dedicated parkour pathing in the game design this time around. I think the more we show interest in the systems the more likely we are to see them implement a better version of what they’re doing. Personally I would love to see a simplified and complex parkour toggle in the settings for those of us who like to get into it.

One last tip, using no parkour button input and holding forward will trigger the “controlled descent” style movement where Eivor Will autopath a short jump or drop down to the next thing in front of them. Most times this is not when we want when we are on a parkour path. In these scenarios make sure to be holding the parkour button before you get to that point and have the camera pointed towards where you want Eivor to jump.