Update 1.0.4 – AC Valhalla Patch Notes (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Update)



Hi everyone welcome to another video on assassin’s creed valhalla. This one is for the 1.04 title update which comes out on november 26th for me, but it might be different for you, but before we get into it, i just wanted to let you guys know that um 99.3 of the people that watch my videos or you Guys that might be watching right now are not subscribed and don’t hit that like button, so please do either hit that like button or subscribe or share the video or do something to help me out. So i can keep creating this awesome. Well, i hope it’s awesome. Content for you guys and without further ado, let’s get into the update, so it looks like it’s going to be a 4.3 gigabyte patch for pc and uh. It’S going to be deploying at uh, 1 p.m. Center, central eastern time, 7 a.m. Eastern time, 4 a.m. Pacific time and 11 p.m australian eastern standard time, and they do say that these timings are subject to change but uh, i’m pretty sure it’ll, probably pop up around that time. Anyways uh for the miscellaneous fixes that they’re doing um they’ve added a new background image to the title screen, so that should be interesting.

It’S not just gon na be the ac logo anymore. It might be something else. Well, we’ll we’ll have to see, wait and see what it is. They’Ve added various vfx to enhance visuals so excited to see what that will do. They’Ve, also added an option that will automatically assign all nodes on the path when acquiring a central skill. So when you select that central skill it’ll assign all the other ones as well, so i don’t know how that will work. If that will require additional skill points or not, i don’t know it may be. That it’ll tell you that you need this. Many skill points to even get this skill. Maybe at that point i don’t know how they’ll do that, but we’ll see how that works. They’Ll they’ve also added roon categories to the rune menu. All runes are now categorized in weapon and armor rooms. Interesting, so you won’t just be able to willy-nilly place them anywhere. They’Ll have they’ll, also add a warning when switching from a language that supports tts to one that doesn’t and they have added mouse functionality in the menu. So now you can use sliders with the left and right arrows as well as mouse and keyboard controls, which is hopefully, i think that means mouse compatibility is so annoying to hit e and q or whatever to to get through the menus. They’Ve increased the fabric limit to 82.

I’M not too familiar with fabric in the game yet so i don’t know what that means. For those of you that do use fabric, maybe that’ll, let you know what that means: they’ve also added fabric to traders once the settlement has reached level six. Once again, i have not reached level six on my settlements, so i don’t know uh added offering alter requirements to the world maps for balance, they’ve, updated gear, quality and gear to their correct values. Apparently they were incorrect before interesting, added assassination damage, stats on the character, stats page nice remove duplicate gear from inventory. Oh, so that’s fixing that little glitch that people have been doing to get all the runes and duplicate runes uh heavy and light attack stats will now adjust correctly based on acquired skill nodes. Nice, that’s very helpful.

Heavy attack modifiers will no longer be applied to range attacks. I didn’t know they were being applied to range attacks. That’S uh, that’s kind of scary for game improvement and stability. Uh they’ve, improved civilian performance, we’ll see what that actually works out to i’ll. Do a benchmark and see if it’s better or worse, when i load it up after the patch they’ve, also addressed vram and ram leakage issue when all tabbing to desktop. I’M glad that’s done! That should help me out. Um save games, so they’ve renamed cloud saves to make them more distinguished, so now you’ll actually be able to see that it’s a manual cloud save versus just a little cloud icon and they also they’re going to remove them from the same menu. This will ensure that it cannot be overwritten unintentionally for graphics and audio and animation. Um they’ve addressed various issues with avors cloak visual issues. They’Ve also addressed a lot of clipping issues nice and address various graphical issues across the board lighting issues. Shadow resolution on high will now use correct values, uh lighting issues i already discussed actually and various instances of player or npc animation issues for the world. They’Ve uh fixed some texture or object placement issues um. There have also fixed some places where you could get stuck before fish in norway now spawn under bad weather as well, and crows will no longer randomly fall from the sky in asgard um. That’S interesting. I haven’t been to escort, so i don’t know.

I didn’t even know that was happening honestly. Um combat ai gameplay, so they’ve improved mpc and boss behavior across the board. Now npcs are going to react to you stealing, so don’t steal you, you might get chased out and attacked um, no more levitating dogs zealots. Will that were hit with a sleep? Dart will now uh be up, they’ll get a stun um and you can attack them with stun um guards who clearly saw avoir, shooting their ally will now turn hostile and they’ll be able to hear dead bodies. Dropping so be careful who you kill around whom and improve the disguise behavior in district zones or distrust zones. So that’s helpful. It should be more more realistic, i’m assuming the crowd will now cheer during drinking games versus not cheering and just going players will now be able to air assassinate sleeping npcs. That is pretty savage. Yes, i’m glad that’s going to happen. Quests world events and side activities they’ll have addressed issues where the assassination sequence wouldn’t play for some targets addressed various texture issues during cutscenes uh, various issues with quests or world events that prevented players from completing them.

Players can no longer use the fishing tool or the horn during the drunk walk with okay, i didn’t know. I don’t know that quest. Walk with tudor uh subquest will now display the correct part of parent quest. The memory stream can now be chosen when starting a new game. If old, alternative option is set to on increased frequency of experienced travelers, um user interface and hud addressed various issues. With that, let’s see what else, what else? What else um, oh secrets, will now be discovered when synchronizing a viewpoint which is awesome that didn’t used to happen. I noticed that actually initially, which is uh, which wasn’t somewhat annoying um, it won’t happen under pathfinder difficulty. Obviously, for obvious reasons, because i mean you’re saying that you don’t want that to happen um, so, let’s see what else uh improved radius in which sunin reveals keys, uh, reduce student’s view, distance of materials sell. All trinkets will now be grayed out. After all, trinkets have been sold yeah, i think that’s pretty much them the gist of the update, abilities and skills. Let’S see what they did with that um addressed an issue where players couldn’t use any abilities anymore when the dive of valkyrie’s ability was interrupted. All npcs or horses can no longer trigger body traps. Uh address the display issue when the poison powder trap would become invisible when using sunin uh chain assassination behavior had been fixed, players will no longer be able to assassinate a target who was tackled to the ground, the secondary hand. Slot will no longer be available when a two-handed weapon is equipped and that’s pretty the heavy-duty dual wheeled skill.

Obviously uh. When you have that skill, you can still leave one of your um secondary hand slot you can leave it open. Uh flaming powder traps will now explode when walking over the arrow uh raids force open will now be displayed correctly, even if nearby allies are in combat uh they’ve also addressed an issue where allies would not help a4 open the doors during raids. Allies will now return to longship once a raid is complete and they’ve also added a timer, so it’ll tell you how long you have to wait until a raid can be restarted, effects, values and can now be adjusted using the wasd keys. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that i hated scrolling through that stuff to be able to get the freaking effects properly um. It was so annoying uh no filler filter option will now work correctly. The territory panel is no longer displayed in photo mode. Changing filters will now work as intended.

Uh on services, contemporary uh nofx will now center on the camera. Instead of the player nice, that’s perfect, okay, great and that’s. Essentially, it they’ve updated some configs for nvidia geforce for systems, uh, correct pc specifications, issues with black screen controllers, vibrating constantly fix that and checkpoints and some bossfights. I don’t see any specific mention of fixing the unlimited, xp or unlimited skill point glitch, but my guess is: they are going to address that in this update as well. So if you haven’t already done that do that now before this update comes out because you might not be able to do it after, i hope you guys enjoyed this video and, as always, don’t forget to like subscribe share and play some valhalla thanks for watching.

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