What is YULE SEASON – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla Yule Festival)


Hi everyone welcome to another video on assassin’s creed valhalla in this video we’re going to take a look at the valhalla yule festival or the yule season. But before i get into that, i just wanted to go over a few things to start off uh to all our recent subscribers welcome and thank you for subscribing. We grew quite a bit in 2020 at this time. Last year the channel was approximately at 940 subs. So to those that stuck with me and everyone else from then until now, once again, a heartfelt thank you for subscribing you’ve honestly made this journey, thus far an amazing one. My goal for 2020 was to hit 3 000, but i’m very thankful for the progress we made and, and once again thank you all for subscribing it’s uh. It’S really appreciated.

Secondly, uh we were sitting at a subscriber view rate of approximately 0.05 percent earlier this year. This has now gone up to 5.9 percent in the last few months, and this is all thanks to you guys. So thank you and for those of you that are watching that are not subscribed currently, 94.1 of all those watching. My videos are not subscribed, so please do subscribe and help me get the statistic down a bit more before the end of the year and further as the year progresses or as we get into 2021. And if you like. What you see don’t forget to like and comment comment regardless. Actually, as i try to respond to every comment, as long as i’m able, i will be streaming the yuletide festival tonight and going forward on my channel so be sure to subscribe, be sure to follow and be sure to join me for those live streams. Oh and before i forget, thank you very much to zach and robert for chilling with me on every live stream.

I really appreciate you guys and thank you for doing so now on to the video, so the assassins, creed, valhalla, yule season is live. It went live today, december, 17, 2020 and in it there’s a lot of things to do so. First, the settlement, expansion and the reveler’s hut, so more room means more buildings, the settlement expanded and as soon as you log in and as soon as you travel to ravenstorm, you will see that it has expanded and there’s snow on the ground and uh. The revelers have arrived to host numerous festivals throughout the year and to kick off the month, they’ll be throwing a yule festival, what’s a yule festival. Well, if you want to look at the actual definition, uh scholars have connected the month event and yule period to the wild hunt, a ghostly procession in the winter sky, the god odin, who is attested in germanic areas as leading the wild hunt and bears the name Bjolmir and increased supernatural activity, such as the wild hunt and the increased activities of draugr undead beings who walk the earth.

So that’s what the yule time oriole festival is all about, and as just mentioned this, the revelers they’ve come and they’re going to stay. It looks like they’re going to be part of raven’s store going forward even after the yule season ends, because they’re going to be here for numerous festivals throughout the year, so they’re going to set up different things. I guess, as summer comes, some are solstices and things like that we’ll find out. According to the valhalla page on the yule festival uh, they they start off by saying odin is with us. We’Re excited to proclaim the commencement of the time limited yule festival active from december 17th to january 7th. So it looks like it’s going to be around for about uh. What is it? 17Th. 31St. That’S. 15.

No that’s 12. 13., so 20 days exactly 20 days with many festivities to enjoy and rewards to garner the weather forecast for raventhorpe is going to be snowing, so better bring your galaglaq cape to keep warm we’ll hope. We hope that you’ll love the festivities as much as we did. Developing them go enjoy them now. So what can you do in the yule festival? You can dance, you can drink and you can be married well, you can also fight, but we’ll get into that later. During the yuletide celebration, you can expect to get tang entangled with various festivities ranging from drunk brawls.

Yes, you read that right, so you fight well drunk that sounds fun, archery challenges and more sweet mother of loot. What you get with the yule tokens in the yuletide festival, for those of you not familiar as soon as you get to ravenstorm you’ll, find out what your tokens are. You’Ll get a few right away. Basically, what they are are things that you get for: completing activities for the yuletide festival and with those you can purchase some items, the main one being the modern hint set. It includes the outfit the tattoo set, the six, which is a weapon, a shield, uh a garland, and you also get some stuff for your settlement like the sacrificial altar, the ritual tree, the cozy fire pit and the yule beach tree uh.

The event is only accessible after having completed one story arc either granite, bridgeshire or lida chestershire, and you will not be able to uh attend the yuletide festival unless you have completed either one of those. So if you’re, just starting out, make sure you complete either the granted bridge dryer or the lead that need to test your shire before uh going into the festival, because you won’t be able to actually go in there without having completed those another big thing that they Added uh, with this uh yuletide festival, is the holiday community contest. This contest also starts on december 17th, which is today and goes until january, 1st, for this festival, what you would need to do is either capture your favorite photo or video of the yuletide festivities and post it to twitter.

I’M assuming it’s a ubisoft twitter account uh. You post it to them for a chance to win art of dss, uh uh, to win the art of assassin’s creed, valhalla and 50 euros worth of helix credits, not dollars, not rupees, not any other currency, but euros 50 euros worth of helix credits. So it’s uh. It’S actually more than 50 worth for those of you that don’t know so definitely get your photos or your videos in i know i’ll be submitting one. Hopefully it’s good enough to to get near the top. I don’t think i’ll win. There’S a lot of artistic people in the community that are much more artistic than i am so uh.

Good luck to all of you make sure you enter that contest, and then they also provided a sneak peek at the river raid update um aside from new skills and abilities that will be unlocked in february 2021, a new game called game mode called the river raid. Will keep you busy with not one not two but three new and replayable maps that will be brimming with new gear, silver, runes, books of knowledge and much more and you’ll want to build the new yomsviking hall in your expanded settlements so that you can recruit more Young vikings, to take you with these, take with you to these river raids, so uh they’re going to be adding more details on this new game mode as it becomes available in early 2021. So that’s essentially all the updates that we have for the yuletide festival um. I am going to be live streaming. It uh. I should probably put this at the front of the video, but oh well, i’ll, probably add it down. Uh you’ll probably hear it at the beginning of the video, so uh yeah uh.

I will be live streaming. It um pretty much tonight and going forward as well. So if you’re watching this video today be sure to check out the live stream, where i’m going to be doing the yuletide festivities, but i still need to build two uh, the hut. I need to build the the beer hall and i need to build the uh whatever the other one is the the hay hut or whatever i don’t know, but i still have to build two buildings before i can do them so i’ll be building. Those so be sure to check that out, uh other than that, as i mentioned at the beginning of this video, if you were listening, hopefully you were pleased to subscribe. Please do like please do comment and enjoy the yuletide festivities. More videos will be coming shortly. Thanks for watching!

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