XP GLITCH – AC Valhalla – UNLIMITED XP EXPLOIT – Fastest Way to Level – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla



Hi everyone uh now by now you would have seen my uh god mode, video uh. Now what i’m going to show you in this video how to get unlimited xp. So what you want to do, if you haven’t already explored the area and as you can see, it’s such a suggested power 340 is – and i came from here, so i had to travel all the way down to from mercia to the uh. What’S this area called hampton shire and then you want to come down to this island and come to this mythical animal um. This mythical animal is the only one that this will work with.

Basically, what you want to do here you want to kill these adults, adult cats and because you’re in god mode you can stealth attack. You only want to kill the adults and there you go two skill points. So now what you’re gon na do is you’re gon na come back here and you’re gon na, let it reset, and now that we’ve exited should be back there. She is the adult and we can go in, and stealth attack her again there she’s dead. Again, that’s another two skill points. Now we’re gon na go exit out there. She is she’s dead, she’s level 340, but i can kill her in an instant because of the fact that i am a god and uh yeah. So you can farm xp like this. You can get your power level up pretty quickly. The only thing i would say to this is, i don’t recommend doing this uh as part of your game, because mainly because uh you’re gon na ruin your game for yourself um.

So i would recommend only doing this on a manual save that you can go and test out things on, but that’s about it and another thing to keep in mind is that chances are ubisoft will patch this. So maybe you’ll lose all the progress, so i wouldn’t recommend doing this on a serious file. Um or you could do it on this year as well. I guess but uh just be cautious and that’s the unlimited xp glitch so for the unlimited xp glitch. I would highly recommend getting the viewpoint in winchester if you’ve never been in this area before, because you may want to do this over multiple play sessions so uh. What that will, let you do is basically get god mode on which the video for that linked above use that to get over here really quickly and kill her over and over again, i’ve been doing this for maybe about well we’ll find out how many i’ve done. Let’S see 32, so i’ve done this 16 times and i’ve got 32 skill points and it literally took me about 10 minutes, which is very fast for xp in this game, because you have to complete a lot of quests in order to get the xp. So this is like i said i would highly recommend not doing this on a regular save.

I would do it on a manual save and i have made a manual save and that’s the save that i’ll be testing stuff on. While i play the actual game on the on my real safe, so this is just a way to get all the skill points to see what skill build you want to go and stuff like that. I wouldn’t uh do this on my main, safe, because if ubisoft patches it and you lose everything, there’s no point in you doing that right so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Don’T forget to like subscribe, share and i’ll see you guys next time.

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