Asura Force Online Hunter PvP Build Guide


Asura Force Online Hunter PvP Build Guide?by RBGC84


My nick is Archaron the game, I?m playing on the side of the Chaos Tribe. I decided to make a guide about Hunter? This build will focus fully for pvp, any questions you can e-mail me in game.

Let?s get started?

Shadow Chase: 5/5

Cold Ice: 0/5

Shroud of Stealth: 0/5

Moonlight: 5/5

Lost-soul Chase: 5/5

Beast Powe: 5/5

Power of Hatred: 5/5

Soaring Sorrow ? Endless: 5/5

Blood Shooting: 1/1

Ruthless Killing: 3/3

Slow Down Resistence: 0/5

Soaring Sorrow ? Tai Ji: 5/5

No-soul Shooting: 1/1

Fugitive: 0/5

Universal Power: 5/5

Toughness: 0/5

Universe: 5/5

Keep Unmoved: 0/5

Inactivity Resistence: 0/5

Blessing Shooting: 1/1

As you can see this is a build focused on DPS and not survival, it is also very useful in pve!

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