Atlantica Online Heart of Troy Guide


Atlantica Online Heart of Troy Guide by nevergreen

i tried last night twice and failed twice,
first time at the mini boss, second time at the boss with only 4% health left, was very frustrating.

till now that map seems to be full of traps, more traps than i encountered till now in any other missions. at our first try we fallen because of traps right before the mini boss when a lot of mobs rushing to you at same time.

with our second try we expected this and set our trap before that mini and actually we won like almost 10 min extra, but again failed a little bit later at final boss who is stronger than ever. We destroyed both summon gates and mystic stones from far.

Before I start my mini guide for this mission I want to mention our team:
Player1 (P1): AxeM(126) +oracle+prophet
Player2(P2): BowM(115)+oracle+vampire
Player3(P3): SawM(120)+oracle+janissary (as sawM I can easely solo tbs 101, but I know there are only few mobs compared to TBS106 where is 78 mobs on the map)

At starting point P2 goes to take care the mobs from the right side while P1 and P3 take cares of the mobs from front and guiding the support ?NPC? forward. Our first mistake was that we tried to heal and keep alive this support ?NPC? thinking that he need to survive the whole map, but 2 hints for this part:

1) First support ?NPC? need to survive only till the mini boss, there will disappear anyway, so don?t focus too much upon him
2) The second supportive ?NPC? need to survive only at the end of second wall, where he will shout ?look: there is the boss, go kill him?
Because it was our first try on this map, we doesn?t know where are the enemy traps set, so, if u get caught, just skip turns as fast u can to save up time.
Your first goal is to destroy the first summon gate, this will spawn group of 4 mobs very often (2 spear, 2 ranger), not very hard ones, but very annoing.
The 2 cannon if don?t agro from the small courtyard, leave them there, just waste of time killing them.
Before mini boss is recommended to set 1-2 traps because lots of mobs will rushing to you and few extra turns are very welcome here.
From where the mini boss stand you can easily destroy the second summon gate which is very welcome, saving up for your at least 2-3 groups of mobs from bothering you.
And proceeding a bit forward your catapult also can destroy the second mystic stone right before u reach that place ?
But from here we failed to complete this mission due to running out of time.
We reached the boss but don?t defeated till times end up.

Few more tips are very welcome in order to complete this mission.

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