Atlantica Online Jackpot Guide


Atlantica Online Jackpot Guide by evantide1

What is the Jackpot System?

  • Jackpot license, which can be purchased at fixed price from market, will activate the Jackpot System.
  • While under the affect of this license, all your loot items will be accumulated into an item obtain window. In this window, you can press two buttons: Collect all or Jackpot challenge.
  • Collect all -> you just obtain your items into your inventory
  • Jackpot Challenge -> you can select an item. After you have selected an item, if you click on the ?Jackpot Challenge? button, you can acquire the item that you have selected as a bonus.
  • Depending on values of sacrifice items, you can obtain extra amounts of the selected item.
  • If you don?t have enough inventory space, the items will be mailed to you.
  • Maximum number of obtaining items is 99,999 even if the value of the sacrifice is greater.
  • Maximum number of items in Jackpot menu is 12 and maximum amount per item is 10,000. If you go over the maximum amount, item will go into your inventory.
  • Quest items and few other items will go into inventory not in Jackpot window.

How to Start:

Go to Town>Market and type in Jackpot. Buy the license and use it with your main character. You can now use JP for the next 24 hours.

Jackpot License [BEG] = 30,000
Jackpot License [INT] = 300,000
Jackpot License [ADV] = 1,800,000
Jackpot License [PRE] = 3,600,000

Beginning Steps:

Essentially, you must first experiment. Grind on a mob and JP every item they drop. After writing down the amounts for each item, go and check the market prices for all the items. Then stock up your JPs. Grind a long time and store up the items.

Like say I want Big Slabs of Lumber. I?ll stock up loot like crazy and wait. The item amount generated seems to depend on 2 factors. The amount of the item I?m trying to JP for and the amount and quality of the other items in JP. If there are equip boxes, you?ll gain much more than if there were only other items.

Those are the basics to making money with JP.

Items that you can not Jackpot:

  • Mercury
  • Hades? Crystal
  • Secret Material Chest
  • Bonus Monster drops, i.e. Old Treasure Chest
  • Keys
  • Quest Items
  • Dragon God?s Wishstone
  • Red and Blue Enchant and Crystal Boxes
  • 7 Day Merc. License
  • Independent/Guild/Nation Dungeon reward boxes
  • Special boss drops, i.e. Three Headed Dragon Ring, Hydra?s Poisonous Gland, Fallen Power Ring, etc?

Some in-depth info:

Every item also seems to have a pre-determined value. When that item is JPed, it uses the value. The lower the value, the less it contributes when you JP, but, if it?s value is low, you?ll also gain many of that item if you JP. High value items have high numbers, so they help generate a lot of items, but they also need a lot of sacrifice items to make. The predetermined values do not correlate to market prices in any way.

There is also a random multiplier in game. All jackpots will give the same amount of items, if you ahve the exact same materials, but there is a random multiplier that will either decrease your over-all value or significantly increase it. This multiplier ranges from 10% to 200%. In other words, you can gain only 1/10 of the items you should be getting or 2 times the amount you?re supposed to get.

The basic thing to avoid is trying to get equip boxes with JP. You?ll usually lose out. If you want to gamble for equips, it?s best to fight at least 10 times and JP it all at once rather than JPing it one by one.

An almost Universal truth for the JP system is that if the item is bad to JP, then it is good for sacrifice.

Jackpot box hunt for lvl 90+:
The orginal version is Yukachan?s from AOP. I have edited and added revisions to improve upon it with the help of others.

The Ideal Jackpot Menu:

1. Item of choice to JP
2. Divine
3. Freezing
4. Conqure
5. Volcano
6. Shogun
7. Osiris
8. Pyramid
9. Babylon
10~12. High Materials (Nix Feather, Hero?s blood, etc)

Lower Tier boxes can be replaced with better craft materials, but that?s up to your discreation.

First, make sure you turn off the auto-search bot by going to Game>Character>Effects>Disable effect.

Let?s say you are looking to farm torn pages. You will be using single loot only, so do not use ?All Search? or click ?X? while doing this.

1) You?d open Ind 101.
2) Get a Torn page in the first three slots.
3) Unless there are only boxes, jackpot the pages and continue until you get a Torn page or Torn Page+Boxes only in the first 3 slots.
4) Leave the Ind Dungeon.
or, as a way to get started on boxes,
5) You can go kill the Ind Dungeon boss because most of them drop either Boxes or items that won?t go into the JP menu

So at this point you got 1 slot used for torn page.

Now, the next thing to get are the lower tier boxes. Conqueror or higher is left untill the end because the bosses you?ll hunt for them drop boxes at 100% rate. The lower tier boxes are also hunted first because no monster will drop them 100% of the time. You?ll need room for error, so that?s why you go after them first.

Each of the monsters listed will drop the desired box at either a High or Very High rate. If you get too much junk before you get the box you want, it?s better to cut and run to get the Conqueror or higher boxes rather than farm out the rest of the lower ones.

Monsters to Hunt for Each Lower Tier Box:

5. Volcano ? Salamander @ Salamander?s Nest (Solo)

6. Shogun ? Dark Crystal Safeguard @ Bloody Moat (Mini-boss), Executor Tianus @ Bloody Moat and Garden of Withered Flowers(Mini-boss)

7. Osiris ? Slave General @ Red Machine Shrine (Mini-boss), Hell?s Watchdog @ Valley of the Kings 1B (Mini-boss), Silent Cannoneer @ Valley of the Kings 2B (Mini-boss), Cursed Mummy @ Red Machine Shrine (Mini-boss)

8. Pyramid ? The Ind dungeons will likely provide this. I ahven?t be able to find any mobs that drop this at High rate, so if there are any, please message me about them.

9. Babylon ? Stigmatized Queen @ Stigmatized Palace of Dreams in Snake Shrine Guild Dungeon (Mini-boss), Iron Doll Reaper @ Great Plaza at Hanging Gardens (Mini-boss), Lion King Komareo @Eastern Region at Hanging Gardens (Mini-boss)

So there?s a lot of lee-way in what boxes to get. You have around 3 empty spaces that you can fill w/ junk if you manage to get each one of these boxes. The most important thing to remeber is to keep the last three slots open to get Conqueror, Divine, and Freezing.

2. Divine ? many 115+ boss drop these 100%, the weakest one is Tlaltecuhtli King @ Tlaltecuhtli King?s Throne (Solo) lvl 106 req

3 & 4. Freezing & Conq ? Sedna @ Heart Of Adlivun (Solo), she drops only 2 of these boxes, keep farming her until you get both in. Alternatively, Machine Gun Brooks # Secret Office (Solo) also drops the same 2 boxes, but he also has a chance to drop Enchant [Pre] boxes. If you go after Brooks, make sure to have 4 spaces clear instead of 3.

Now have fun farming for even more boxes for sacrifice items.

Some Good Items to Jackpot:
This list will not be 100% accurate because it is largely server dependent. If you have any good jackpots, please post them and I will add them to this list and give credit to you for your contribution.

Ind 90 Water Dragon Scale
Ind 94 Insect Shell
Ind 98 Dust of Death
Ind 101 Torn Page
Ind 105 Poisonous Fang (Very server dependent)
Growth Vial [ADV]
Giant Crystal
Redemption Crystal
Phoenix Crystal
Dragon Crystal
Good Places to Jackpot:
Arranged in no particular order.

Ind Dungeon 90: Forbidden Abyss
Ind Dungeon 94: Arachne?s Nest
Ind Dungeon 98: Hypogeum of Death
Ind Dungeon 101: Sealed Tower of Darkness
Ind Dungeon 105: Lerna?s Labyrinth
Goonzu World
Valley of Oblivion
Alcatraz Prison
Gold Dragon Cave


1. Do the items in the Jackpot menu stay after the License runs out?
-Yes, the items stay in the menu and will remain there until you Jackpot them. No new items will be added to the menu. You can purchase a new license to allow more items to enter the menu.

2. Do upgrade Crystals Jackpot well?
-Yes, Giant Crystals and the like Jackpot well. 4 Volcano Valley Box and 1 Conqueror Box typically give 150 Giant Crystals.

Tips and Tricks:


  1. Items from treasure Chests are Jackpottable, i.e. Growth Vial [III], Gilgamesh?s Sword Shard, and Still-Beating Heart from Ornate Treasure Maps can be put in the Jackpot menu.
  2. Store up items. If you JP immediately after a fight, you?ll make significantly less than storing up items before JPing.
  3. If you?re a high level, then Goonzu World and the ID dungeons will give you many boxes for your Jackpot menu.
  4. Jackpot Menu manipulation Trick
    1. Party up and set loot to leader.
    2. Look up all possible drops that can go into the JP system for the area you?re hunting at.
    3. Fill up the party leader?s inventory.
    4. Make sure the items in the inventory are the loots you don?t want from the area you?re hunting in.
      ?Example: I?m hunting silk, but the mob I?m hunting also drops leather. The mob only drops those 2 items. The party leader fills up his inventory completely, but makes sure he puts leather in one inventory slot and makes sure he has no silk in there. Now, whenever we party fight and loot, he?ll get every other item, but I?ll get all the silk.
    5. Go hunt for your items.
  5. Basically, an easy, but time consuming, method to make sure you fill the JP with only the items YOU want. Also annoying because you must actually find out what items and mobs are in one specific area and must correctly pack the Leader?s inventory with all the drops you do not want and pack his inventory to FULL. I?ve done this to get Dragon Crystal in first slot for JP and fill up the other slot with boxes and other valuables from Goonzu World, all while filtering out the crappy stuff.


From AOP:
Muwing Admin for helping me format.
Yukachan for letting me use her Box hunt guide as a basis for my version of it.
Coriolis for reminding me to add stuff.
Armenius for reminding me about Mercury.

From Atlantica Online Forums and in-game:
DemonSkye for making the Jackpot rate and the unjackpottable list.
Harri for finding the patch notes that I used to explain Jackpot.
JeremyR for telling me that Treasure chest items can go into the Jackpot menu.
chocomog4000 and nOOblet for telling me about Hades? Crystal.
Harri for finding more mobs to get easy boxes from.
woodfly2 for telling me about more bosses to get boxes from.
Bluesi and Atomic for giving me an alternate method for better Jackpotting.

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