Atlantica Online Leveling Guide


Atlantica Online Leveling Guide (Level 1-95) by Uber

This leveling guide is based on my own experiences. Its different from player to player but for me, this is what I like and I tend to usually farm in a party. The general idea is to follow where the quests bring you. It recommended to party as much as you can because you get more experience and use up less stamina points. Partying is always better than soloing because experience is divided to all your mercenaries so that when you?re ready for the next area, your mercenaries are too. Questing will provide you with most of your experience until level 95 at which point you will actually need to grind.


Basic Tips:
-Carry HP and MP food, it will help you train faster with less down time
-Upgrade your skills you will need it
-Upgrade mercenaries as soon as possible, they get a good boost to all their stats
-Party and fight together whenever you can
-Use experience books on low level mercenaries rather than high level ones so they get more exp when partying
-You get a 1% towards your next level twice each day from Free League.
-You get a 1% towards your next level at 95+ and up to three times each day from quests that aren?t daily (in blue text in quest log)


Benefits to Partying:
-Less stamina consumption
-50% per additional experience per person in the same battle
-Experience is divided to all participating characters based on level
-Bonus experience and experience books are awarded at the end of each fight


Facts about Stamina:
-At 0 stamina, drops are reduced by half and exp is reduced to a third
-Stamina resets daily at 6:00 AM PST, 9 AM EST
-Players level 1-49 gain 100 stamina each reset at a max of 120
-Players level 50+ gain 50 stamina each reset at a max of 60
-1 Free League win gives 3 stamina, 1 loss gives 1 stamina
-2 member party gets 1 stamina every 2 battles
-3 member party gets 2 stamina every 3 battles


Level 1-2 (Tutorial Area):

Just follow the quests. The mobs don?t give experience or money. The give a few items and teach the basics of the game. There are two types of mobs here and this is the only place to obtain their mob info in the game.

Level 2-10 (Forest of Spirits):
Follow the quest chain given to you by the NPCs. They almost all involve mobs inside the Forest of Spirits. You will need to fight a few extra fights to reach level 10 before they let you fight the boss. Don?t grind on the Unicorns they have a single powerful attack that can be very painful. If you need the extra experience fight either the Deer outside the forest of the Trees inside the forest. You must complete the quest chain here if you want to level past 20.

Boss: Hellish Fairy
The Fairy spams an area skill. By this point you should have a Shaman. Try to spam 2 Vortex Scrolls to quickly clear out the mobs so you can focus on the boss. If you are an axe main, you can also freeze it otherwise try to stun it.

Level 11-16 (Ruins of Yellow River):
You must finish Greetings by Sima Qian in order to get past level 20. Make sure you finish that quest first even if you despise questing. The Headless Warriors, Soldiers, and Punishers are a nice place to grind. They have decent drops. The moment you hit level 15, try to buy some Sea King Equipment Box or just Ocean, Deep Sea or Red Soul Equipment for your team. It helps to make a lot of the boss battles easier. If you have the money, you can buy high upgrade versions of the equipment and use them for many levels to come. A +3 will last you until level 35. For me, Spirit Equipment isn?t worth it. Just sell the boxes and buy better equipment with it. The archers are a bad place to train because they can hit your units in the back as well.

Boss: Margo?s Evil Archer
Margo?s Evil Archer is the mid boss of the Ruins of Yellow River. You can party with other players against it. Its a giant sized version of the other archers in the area. Its fairly strong and attacks 2 to 3 times regularly. If you?re a ranged or staff main, this could kill you in 1 turn. Again, use 2 Vortex scrolls to clear out the minions first.

Boss: Xiyu Shaman
The Xiyu Shaman is the boss of the Ruins of Yellow River. Its easier than Margo?s Evil Archer because it wastes turns healing the minions. Try to get off Vortex scrolls early on to clear the minions so you can focus on the boss. As long as you can deal damage to it regularly it won?t attack you directly.

Level 16-24 (Sea Palace):
At this point you should be able to obtain a fair number of Sea King Equipment Boxes. Use them to make higher enchant equipment. Try to get everyone to at least +2 sets. The quests give a good amount of experience but make sure to reach level 23 before talking to the NPC near Chongqing because you need to be level 23 to continue the quest there. The enemies in the Sea Palace also have a higher rate of dropping Ashen Crystals. You will need 50 for each of your mercenaries except your main character. Upgrading your mercenaries will be vital to grinding fast. Crab Warriors are nice for training. You can obtain a title for killing lots of them if you activate the quest for it near Athens. Fan Dancers and the Blue Dragons can attack your characters in the back row. If you can handle it they?re much better for training.

Boss: King?s Bodyguard
The King?s Bodyguard is the sub boss to the Sea Palace. You fight it just before the actual boss of the dungeon. Its a powered up version of the Blue Dragons found outside. This is very annoying because the mobs have ranged attacks which can pick off your back row. Vortex scrolls can quickly clear the mobs allowing you to focus on the boss.

Boss: Sea King
The Sea King is the boss of the Sea Palace. It can also use an attack similar to the Vortex scrolls so you need to be careful of it. Clearing the mobs first helps a lot and its possible to stun or freeze the boss to keep it from taking turns.

If you have a party, you should attempt Huike?s quest and obtain Huike?s Letter so you can get a free Monk later. The enemies in the Shadow Trigram also drop Shield of Protection books which are worth quite a bit of money. The problem is you WILL get mobbed so be prepared for it.

At level 20 you get a free 7 day license package. Use this before you reach level 25 otherwise it goes to waste.

Level 24-32 (Angkor Wat):
This will be your first encounter with some tough enemies. If you know how to fight them, they?re easy. The flying Evil Monks can only be hit by projectiles or skills. They also have a powerful poison skill. A Monk?s Holy Guard can cure it but a lot of players will not have one yet. The second set of enemies here are just as powerful. These are the ogres. The White Ogre are weak against skills but strong against physical attacks. If you have Swordsman, 2 level 20 Flame Swords will kill a White Ogre. The only good spot to train here are at the Moss and Sorcerer Golems. The Sorcerer Golems will cast a weak heal on any hurt enemy making them waste their turn. The Moss Golems are the only ones who will seriously attack and they are weak. They can come in large groups if you?re not careful, but if you can hit multiple targets with axes or guns, they will barely attack you.

Boss: Naga Queen
The Naga Queen will be the first boss with other mobs in the room. If you did the Bandit side quest, you have Reinforcement Scrolls you can use against the boss to call the other mobs in the room to your side. Otherwise the mobs have a fairly high damage and can attack the first and second row simultaneously.

Level 32-40 (Insect Nest):
At level 30 there is a side quest to kill the Night Fox. Its good if you are in a party because the mobs tend to come in sets of 2. Its great experience and chances are you will need to grind a bit before you can activate the Insect Nest quest chain. Most of the mobs in the Insect Nest also comes in a group. Keep in mind that flying enemies and the Worker Ants are immune to cannon fire so you have to rely on skills. At this point level 35 equipment starts to drop in the form of Insect Equipment Box. I recommend you upgrade level 25 armor using Enchant Stone [Beg] because level 35 equipment is expensive and Enchant Stone [Int] is even more expensive and not worth investing into at this point. A +4 level 25 set will last you until level 50. Try to get +3 Asura weapons if you can as well. The best spot to train is at the Worker Ants in the beginning. The Tarantulas and Hell Spiders are not bad if you can kill Hell Spiders in 1 turn. If not they will Deadly Shot you into oblivion. You need to stay until level 40 when you can continue to the next dungeon.

Boss: Evil Spider King
The Evil Spider King is much harder than the previous bosses. The mobs and the Evil Spider King can attack multiple targets. There are also other mobs in the room that can reinforce the mobs. You can try to use a Reinforcement scroll to get the mobs to join you, but they tend to join the boss before you can use the scroll.

Level 40-48 (Mohenjodaro Graveyard):
Mohenjodaro is a very annoying place but its also the location of some of the easiest enemies if you know how to fight them. The Harpy in the first part are annoying because they fly and have Mana Burn and Self Destruct. They are not worth training on for anything. The Rakshasa mobs on the second part are a good place to train. They have a powerful attack, but low HP. The blue ones are weak against skills and strong against normal attacks. The rest are just weak against everything. The third floor is also easy to train as well. The red Yama mobs heal the other ones and only the blue and red with gold ones attack. They are also very weak so its possible to kill them fast.

Boss: Naraka
Naraka comes with some high damage low HP mobs. Nothing that Vortex scrolls can?t handle. He has a high tendency to spam area skills which makes it difficult to fight him. If you have a Monk, you can Holy Guard your weaker mercenaries to protect them from the area skill. If you don?t have Holy Guard, its much harder to beat him because his area skill is very powerful.

If you reach level 44, you can attempt the Beast Trainer quest and enter the Shadow Dungeon. Do not even try the Shadow Dungeon alone you need a party to survive. Enemies on the second and third sections of the dungeon drop Giant Crystals which you may need for your Beast Trainer or Exorcist. The Ravana mobs on the second section of the Shadow Dungeon are a nice place to farm until you are level 48.

Level 48-54 (Bran Castle):
The bats are annoying and aren?t worth training at. Starting at Bran Castle there are more than one quest chain. You will also get a huge increase in gold reward per fight as well. One is the main story quest, and the other is a side story that parallels the main quest so you can do both at once. The side story offers good rewards on the side in addition to money and experience. The side story gives you 300 Iron Doll summons for your Beast Trainer. Quests at this point also start providing stamina per quest. Starting from Bran Castle, you will also encounter mini boss mobs on occasion that have a high drop rate for boxes but have a large amount of HP and a decent attack power. They also tend to be about 10 levels higher than the recommended level of the dungeon. The first good training spot is at the Hell Hounds and Cerberus near the entrance to the second floor. The mobs here have low damage and low HP. The second spot is in the Bran Castle Jail. The Iron Doll Magicians and Iron Doll Warriors have low damage and good drops. The Magicians are weak against physical while the Warriors are weak against skills. Take out the Magicians first because they can use Beast Summon. The Shadow Jail is a fairly good place to train too. If you have a group of 3 the final section before the boss is good. Alloy Dolls follow the same set up as the Iron Dolls. If you?re in a group of 2 the second floor is the best because those guys are weak but the drop rate is noticeably lower. If you did not need to grind before, chances are this will be the first time you need to grind before you can fight the boss or go to the next dungeon.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Admirer of Shiva
Admirer of Shiva is a mini boss that randomly spawns with mobs in the dungeon. It tends to use a poison that deals light damage while draining the AP of your mercenaries. The skill affects a cross shape so it greatly reduces your ability to fight. If your mercenaries have high defense, you can Holy Guard them to protect them from the skill but the mini boss will use powerful regular attacks. Admirer of Shiva seems to be stronger against skills so its recommended to use normal attacks against it.

Boss: Elizabeth
Elizabeth comes with a large number of Iron Doll Magicians which makes spamming scrolls fairly useless. The Iron Dolls in front are melee type which are weak to spells. After taking them out you need to take out the magicians so they don?t spam the area skill on you. Once you get Elizabeth alone its easier but Elizabeth too can summon mobs.

Boss: Dracula Dracula is the first truly difficult boss. First off, he is flying so you need skills or range and magic mercenaries to attack him. The mobs around him can also heal and ressurect so its important to loot them as you kill them. Once Dracula gets down to about half HP, he gets a lot more difficult and starts using Deadly Strike. Holy Guard is fairly useful in prventing this.

-Bosses beyond this point are immune to stun and freeze and have massive area effect damage skills. Keep this in mind.

Level 50 (Abyss of Taj Mahal):
The Abyss of Taj Mahal is similar to the set up of a Shadow Dungeon yet it isn?t really one. The point of it is to obtain your level 50 main character only ring. The problem is you need 30 multi hued crystal shards which can set you back 4 million gold. Its good, but probably too expensive for most players at this level unless you have been winning PvP consistently for a while. The mobs here aren?t as great as Bran Castle either but if you?re doing the quest in a party, at least you?ll conserve a bit of stamina and get the level 50 main character ring. The mobs here are fairly easy. If you do the quests, here you also need to make 10 friends.

Boss: ??? (can?t remember name)
The boss here is similar to the Anubis type enemies you will encounter later on. She uses a powerful lightning attack that acts similarly to what archers do. She is also the first boss immune to freeze and stun. Its important to focus on clearing the mobs before actually fighting the boss.

Level 54-59 (Cretan Labyrinth):
You can enter this place at level 52, but the main quest chain begins at 54. Before entering Cretan Labyrinth, make sure you have a Monk with Holy Guard. You will need it to protect your guys from Freezing Axe. The Lionmen Sorcerer use it. Chief Lionmen are weak to skills and strong against normal. The side quest here is a good one. It gives you 3 rock shards that can turn into different types of Enchant and Enhance Stones. The first floor is a terrible place to grind because the mobs here have poison. The second floor on the other hand is probably the best place to train here. The Lionmen have a chance of dropping Still Beating Hearts which you can sell nicely. If you PvP a lot, you can trade your Battle Points for Warrior?s Signs and ask people to craft you Blood Knight equipment which isn?t a bad idea. The mini boss here is a large Wolf King. He can attack multiple targets so be on your toes when you fight him. The Minotaur on the last floor aren?t bad for farming, but they have high damage and low HP. If you can take them out fast then its no big deal, but if you can?t then its going to hurt.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Wolf King Paheros
Wolf King Paheros attacks like a spear and has a high combo rate. His damage is fairly high, but he doesn?t really have any special skills. It seems to be weaker against skills.

Boss: Minotaur King
The Minotaur King is a boss with very high attack. The minions can easily be taken out with Vortex scrolls but make sure you take them out and not leave them at low HP otherwise they can self destruct and deal major damage to your team. The boss has low defense and its HP isn?t that high. Its area skill is very powerful and can kill your Viking and weaker mercenaries in 1 hit if they aren?t at full HP. It is possible to focus fire on the boss to kill it, but it is not recommended that you do so because the other mobs combined with the boss? area skill can wipe out your team in 1 turn.

At some point around this dungeon, you can side track to Devil?s Forest to attempt to recruit an exorcist. Some enemies there are immune to RANGED weaponry. But this doesn?t not mean you can?t skill them. For example, Deadly Shot will work regardless. Do not farm there. If you?re there for the quest, do the quest and get out. There?s nothing to farm and nothing other than the Exorcist quest worth doing. Its just a painful experience and chances are you wouldn?t want to reset to farm either.

Level 59-67 (Hanging Gardens of Babylon):
For the first time in a while, you will encounter some easy enemies with one or two exceptions. Almost any enemies here are good for farming with the exception of the Keysha enemies. I personally recommend the Slave mobs. They?re relatively weak but still give decent experience and drops. Most of the enemies here are fairly weak and worth training on. The first miniboss here is the Iron Doll Reaper and it only appears in the entrance area. It attacks like an axe would so that means your entire row could be dead in a few hits so keep that in mind. The second one here is like a giant Lionman. They tend to drop a Secret Material Chest. Something that lets you pick from either Growth Vials or Mandragora. A lot of people are willing to pay high for Mandragora, but Growth Vials are much more useful to you in the long run. The Prophet quest does not begin until level 70 so in order to obtain it you will need to revisit here later. The boss here (Tiamat) is fairly tough as well. I recommend you get Osiris gear or Judgment scrolls before coming back for a serious fight with it. It can attack an entire column and has a powerful area skill as well.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Iron Doll Reaper
The Iron Doll Reaper attacks a row of your mercenaries. Its damage is fairly high but it seems to be weak against skills. It seems to only appear in the entrance to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Lion King ____ (I forget the full name)
Its a super sized version of the Lionman you fought in Cretan Labyrinth. Its very similar to the Iron Doll Reaper in nearly every way except it seems to be stronger against magic and weaker against standard attacks. This mini boss seems to replace the Iron Doll Reaper in the rest of the areas where the mini boss can appear.

Boss: Humbaba
Humbaba is another boss just before the final boss. Its very similar to Taraka in terms of behavior. Its fatal weakness is that its guarded by Keyshas which are flying mobs. If you party up with another player and just focus fire on Humbaba, its possible to kill it in 2-3 turns and suffering very little damage.

Boss: Tiamat
The boss of the Hanging Gardens is Tiamat. It is by far the strongest boss. It attacks like a gunner and deals heavy damage to a column and might stun them as well. It also has a powerful area attack. The best thing you can do is use Vortex scrolls to take out the mobs and then Holy Guard your main and your healer so they don?t suffer the full damage dealt by the area skill. This will allow them to survive longer and your healer can focus on healing your mercenaries between area skills.

At level 63 you can do the Princess quest. Its fairly simple and very easy compared to the Exorcist one. A group of 2 will do nicely and the enemies have low HP and high damage. The Crazy Minotaurs are a nice place to train and farm. If you plan to get an Inventor, you must do the Princess quest and level her up to 50 first.

Level 67-75 (Valley of Kings):
If you have not partied up to this point, you will start having trouble. Enemies here are aggressive sometimes and mob very frequently. The Mummies on the first floor are very troublesome. The Mummy Magician use a super powerful poison that will kill fairly quickly. The best mobs to grind on are the Anubis on the second floor. The magic types have a high damage if they use the skill, but they can be Mana Sealed and die quickly. The Sphinx on the third floor have Marble weak against skills and the other weak against physical. You can deal with that but its more annoying than just dealing with the Anubis types. There are multiple mini bosses in the Valley of Kings. The first floor has a large dog but I don?t remember the name. It only hits 1 target but deals insane damage. The second floor and on has the Silent Cannoneer. If you skill it it will die fast but regular attacks are just as good. It hits 5 targets but is very weak. Both have a good chance of dropping Osiris boxes that you should stock up on if you can. Your goal should be to make +3 Osiris gear for all your mercenaries. They continue to drop in the next dungeon, but the enemies there are more annoying. The boss here is King Khufu. The difference between the previous boss (Tiamat) and King Khufu is how they attack. King Khufu attacks a row instead of a column and is a bit stronger. Other than that not much else is different. If it is too difficult, go to the next dungeon the Sunken Machine Shrine to train and return after.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Hell?s Watchdog
The mini boss here on the 1st floor is a powered up version of the fire breathing Fire Hounds back from Bran Castle. Its damage is fairly high and has a high combo rate.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Silent Cannoneer
On the 2nd and 3rd floors, the Silent Cannoneer replaced the Hell?s Watchdog. It has lower damage but it can deal splash damage which makes it possible for it to stun your mercenaries fairly easily. Fortunately, it doesn?t have much defense which makes it possible to bring it down quickly.

Boss: King Khufu
King Khufu is the boss of the Valley of Kings. He?s fairly strong compared to what you?ve faced before. He deals high damage to an entire row of characters and has a powerful area skill. The area skill can take off have the life of all your mercenaries if you?re not decently equipped. Its recommended that you get your mercenaries decent level 70 equipment (preferably Osiris).

Its worth doing the Prophet and Oracle quest if you haven?t. The Oracle?s Healing is much better for normal training but the Shaman?s Noble Sacrifice is much better for PvP purposes. The Oracle quest is quite difficult with 2 extremely tough bosses at the end. Even with a group of 3, you fight a single boss and his group but the boss can wipe out 1 mercenary a turn (or more) if you aren?t properly equipped or prepared for it.

Level 75-80 (Sunken Machine Shrine):
The Sunken Machine Shrine has a nice set of quests. They are fairly simple and straightforward. The only difficult part is with the Machine Beasts. The blue ones can attack all targets for a good amount of damage and a large group of them can be lethal. The best place to farm here is on the second section. The Machine Fighter type mobs are weak and easy. The only thing to watch out for is that they self destruct. The first floor has Crystal Guards that attack like spears so your middle row will take heavy damage. If your middle row is tough, they aren?t bad. The third floor has Machine Arachne. They attack like archers and that is undesirable. They?re still weak, but the Machine Fighter types on the second floor are the best overall. They also go down with 1 Judgment Scroll at level 80 and it is very possible to scroll until level 90 there if you wish to do so. The mini boss here is primarily the giant mummy. Compared to the other ones, it is weaker and not as much trouble. The boss here is the Machine Goddess and it is unlike anything you have faced before. If Tiamat got powered up several times over, you would have the Machine Goddess. I recommend you obtain level 80 stuff in the Shogun Castle of Death before returning to face her. Either that or get all your mercenaries the level 80 upgrade. It is possible to skip this dungeon entirely altogether.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Cursed Mummy
The Cursed Mummy is a giant row attacking mummy. Its not different from the other ones and its noticeably weaker as well. The only problem is that it tends to come with Crystal Guards which wreaks havoc on both your first and second rows.

Boss: Machine Goddess
The Machine Goddess is much more difficult than the previous bosses. It can attack an entire column like a gunner and has a powerful area skill as well. If you want to play it safe I recommend you keep Resurrection scrolls on hand. If you don?t have decent level 70 upgraded gear some mercenaries might go down in 1 attack.

Level 80-90 (Shogun Castle of Death):
This will be by far the most grinding you will need to do. There is a 10 level gap between this dungeon and the next and the dungeon here will only get you to about 86 so you will need to grind heavily to get to the next dungeon. There are 2 sets of mobs on each floor. You will need to be careful because 1 group is much more powerful and is meant for the Cannoneer quest so they act like shadow dungeon enemies would. The Ashigaru mobs on the first floor are fairly easy but you need to watch out because they are Spearmen and Gunners. That means if a battle lasts for more than 2 turns, expect to be stunned. Otherwise they?re easy. The second floor has Ninjas. They are trouble and use a powerful poison. Avoid them if possible. The third floor have the various Dancer and Samurai mobs. The Dancers are weak and easy. There are 3 types of dancers but they?re all easy. Its nice to farm them since they have good drops for crafters. The Samurai mobs are a bit stronger but just as easy. The Samurai spam Dark Seed and the Kagemusha can spam Hex of Darkness. If you?re not careful you can get Hell Fire used against you. Otherwise they?re easy. Chances are you?ll be farming here until you can get to the next dungeon.

You will need to farm the Kagemusha type for the Black Keep Key. Without it you cannot face the boss of this dungeon. Nobunaga Oda is a very tough boss. He attacks all targets in a column and his attacks are powerful. His area skill is also one of the strongest. Its recommended that you don?t face him without either scrolls or a fully upgraded and equipped level 80 team.

Boss: Samidare
Samidare is actually a boss for a side quest you can party against. He?s just a powered up version of the Kagemusha and overall not that difficult.

Boss: Nobunaga Oda
Nobunaga is strong. He attacks a column of targets and has a very powerful area skill. If your mercenaries don?t have the level 80 upgrade, its recommended you get it before facing him. A battle against Nobunaga is more like a test of endurance. He has a good amount of HP. Clearing the mobs first will make the fight easier, but Nobunaga himself is the most difficult part.

The problem here is there is a big gap between this dungeon and the next. One of the things you can do is the Inventor quest if you have a level 50 Princess or do the Cannoneer quest. The Cannoneer quest has mobs with very high attack but low HP. If you can deal with this then the quest is fairly easy. The Inventor quest has a nice place to farm in the last section of the Hidden Machine Shrine. Some of the enemies are immune to freeze here. There?s also several side quests but either way you will need to end up grinding up to the next dungeon. The first main character only weapon also appears through the quests here, the Cursed Sword Muramasa.

Level 90-95 (Lost Volcano Valley):
After the previous few levels of mindless grinding, you end up at the Lost Volcano Valley. There are numerous side quests here and the next set of main character only weapons start appearing. The enemies here start mobbing more often and start using more area skills. One of the raptors use a poison and AP drain damage. Lots of enemies spam different area skills. The best place to train here, has to be with the Flame and Fire Spirits. They are weak but give decent experience. You might have trouble if your front line is composed of axe users since they spam skills. Their drops aren?t that great but they?re very easy to train on. The first miniboss you encounter here is the Broken Beast Machine. Its a powered up version of that evil spamming mob from the Sunken Machine Shrine. The second miniboss is the Yoruichi which is one of the Dancer type mobs from the Shogun Castle of Death. This one uses high damage to a single target but other than that its fairly easy. There are several bosses in the Lost Volcano Valley and they require keys, but you get the keys through quests and you can get more through farming. They?re fairly easy compared to the previous bosses you have fought.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Broken Beast Engine
It looks like a powered up version of the Beast Machines from the Sunken Machine Shrine but it only has the gunner attack. It doesn?t have the strong area skill like the Psychic ones. Its fairly weak compared to previous ones as well.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Kakemaru
This one is a powered up version of the Shadow Ninja from Shogun Castle of Death. It has a decent attack, but its focused so damage isn?t as bad. Overall it has low HP which makes it fairly easy to kill.

Dungeon Mini Boss: Yoruichi
Yoruichi is a powered up version of the Cheering Dancer except it only attacks. It only has a single target attack as well. Although it has a decent defense and HP, its attack isn?t all that powerful so you just need to out last it.

Boss: Raheth

Boss: Salamander

At level 90 you can also start doing the daily Goonzu quest. All you need to do is go to Moscow and kill 50 Blazing Lizards nearby then turn in a Brush. Doing this 3 times will grant you access to the Goonzu dungeon for 2 hours. The Goonzu quests are difficult but the drops in the dungeon is great. The dungeon itself is only open on weekends but you can collect the passes any time. All of the rare craft mats (Still-Beating Heart, Warrior Sign, Crazy Lord?s Seal, etc.) can drop from mobs inside the dungeon. It is very difficult for anyone with mercs below 100 to survive here even if they are in a team.

At level 90, you can also start doing the first Individual Dungeon. Individual Dungeons are instance dungeons generated for a party. They have a cooldown timer like all other instance dungeons. There is a bit over 40 mobs including 1 boss. You are only allowed to use 6 people in your team instead of 9. The mobs give about 3 times the exp of other mobs of the same level and have a good drop rate of equipment boxes. There are basically 2 split paths with mobs on them eventually converging on the boss. The mobs have very high damage though. In general you can expect something like about 800k exp to all your mercs if you fight together although someone will have to split up and solo if you want to be able to clear it in time. Clearing the dungeon will also reward you with a box that will allow you to pick from 1 of several powerful weapons. These weapons only have a level requirement of 90 as well and are stronger than Conqueror +1 weapons. The boss also has a low chance of dropping the said boxes. Each dungeon also has a special drop that you can collect and trade in for one of the possible items from the box you obtain for clearing the dungeon of your choice.

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