Atlantica Online Money Making Tips and Tricks


Atlantica Online Money Making Tips and Tricks by daku

1. Skirmish , use ranged merc formation (if you can have them) for fast kill; money come in form of mats and enchant stones // preferable Sakura Skirmish
2. TBS, duo for 76 and trio for 101 // do it at least once or twice each week so you dont go insane if no player can accompany you .. still it?s an option
3. Trading Post , do it daily for easy 8M per day // you need to be level 93 to do it tho
4. Dispatcher and Historia is still easy money even if the reward are just so so // focuss on the highest level you can do for both of them to save time and gain more money with less hassle
5. After (or gaining) level 102, do pirate daily for the exp and money + WB (Wanted Board) // problem .. need party for some of the quest if might is lower then 750K

Old School Way by Shouteha

1) Reset Necro level 80 ring quest and sell the ring for 20-35m. Party or need to be able to solo and fast kill.
2) Reset Taj Mahal level 50 ring quest and sell ring for 5-10m.
3) Buy like 300 modern books box. Open them and go trade with NPC Goncourt. Get Ancient book box and sell them or open and sell the rank III book. Average about 15-20 ancient box. Average income depends on books you get. 1 ? 100m. If you get rare book, some cost for 10-35m.
4) Frozen Adlivun Skirmish grinding and JP.
5) Ind 98, 101, 105 + Goonzu and Jackpot some item. Typically crystal and sell it. 100 freezing boxes will net you about 1b worth of jp crystal. 50 for like 400-500m.
6) TBS 101 duo instead of trio.
7) AFK FL/CL to get coins and sell them.
8) Level up. You make more money.

POINTS, use them wisely. by GUARDCRUSH

1) Collection points, 3,500: instead of getting a nix?s box, exchange for divine and dismantle all equips, use elements to buy books of mastery and sell those at 12M+ chances are you make more gold than it costs to buy a nix equip, or not. More often than not it is not worth it to dismantle the equips but since you?re using collection points, who cares 😀
2) Referral points, 3,000: I found i had 3450 referral points and one of the items was the marionette required for action crafts.. i was going to exchange for 6 of those (500 pts each) then i saw health check 7 day licence! (1,000 pts each). I sold 3 of those for 50M each netting a total of 150M which is worth more than 6 marionettes. Moral of the story: go for items that are worth more
3) Crafting.. I recently crafted a +1 DG AXE using blood and sweat 80M wl will sell for more than the mats costed but I?m keeping it since I successfully finished 120 upgrade.
4) Buying babylon boxes for 5) Goncourt once in a while

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