Atlantica Online Trade Post Guide


Atlantica Online Trade Post Guide by Trinhypie

? Table of Contents ?
a. Intro
b. General Overview
c. Process
d. Trade Post Products
e. Extra Info


Hehe, Hello there. Welcome to my Trading Post Guide!
We all know that sometimes, it?s difficult to make some gold in Atlantica.
However, thanks to the Trading Post, players above level 96 can make at least 5-10 mil a day.
Sounds great, doesn?t it? There?s no catch, all you need to do is do some research and spare about 10 minutes of your time!
So read on heros, it?s time to make some gold. ;D


What exactly is the Trading Post? It?s a function in the towns of Atlantica where you buy products and re-sell them for a higher price!
However, it does take a bit of starting gold, but I can guarantee that you will end up with more once your done.
Remember, though, your main character must be level 96 to utilize this function!
Now, let?s begin.


Step 1. Make sure you are level 96.
Why? There is a special item you will need to start trading, and it requires a minimum level of 96 to use.

Step 2. Go to any town of your choosing and open Bank.
I recommend that you have at least 10 mil to take out to hold with you. (This means available to use right then and there.)

Step 3. Open the Market and go to buy. Seach for a Trade Permission.
Sold for a fixed price of 1 mil. This is absolutely necessary!

Step 4. Use the Trade Permission and Open Trading Post.

This is the window that will now pop up.


You have 100 trades for 20 hours. Meaning you can make 50 buys and 50 sell backs for a total of 100 trades to the Trading post.
The products are listed in the window as well.

The first 2-3 products are the products made in that city, meaning that is where they will be cheapest to buy.
The rest of the products is what you will be selling to that city.

Now this is where you make money. The general idea here is to buy low sell high. Products bought in their home town are cheaper than being bought at another other town.
So buy where the item was originated and sell to a different town.

Simple, right?

BUT, before you make ANY trades, be sure to do your research!
Visit towns and check the prices of the items you are going to buy and sell.
Always aim for the ones with the best difference, meaning, towns/items that will give you more profit.

How will you know how much an item is being bought for?
Generally, the item will be bought for 90% of the selling price of that town.
So for example, Product A is being sold at this town for 1mil.
They will buy that product for 900k.

A tip: Those items that are ?low? in stock, will be paid more for. So buy items that are in abundance, and sell to towns who have a shortage. (From my experience, Less than 5000 is shortage, Greater than 5800-6000 is abundance).


Now you may be asking.. How in the world will I know where to sell the items to?
Luckily for you, I?ve compiled a nice list of the products, where they originated from and where they can be sold to.

Click here for that list ?
voila now you know where to check the prices for the products you decide to sell!

Note: Values are estimates, those that are marked 2 mil range from 1.7mil ? 2mil. Those stated at 1.5mil are between 1.3-1.7; 1mil is ranged between 700k-1.3mil; and 500k is ranged 300k-700k.

Sorted by value then each column is alphabetically ordered.

Misc. Info

Trade Post can only be done once every 20 hours.
Meaning once you activate the Trade Permission, you need to wait 20 hours before doing another 100 trades.

You ONLY have 100 trades. If you buy too many items you?ll need to wait until the next day to sell the left over items.

Depending on items, generally, those items worth more (1.5+ range) will turn in more profit.
However, always research your items and find the maximum profit.
Many players may trade around so many 2 mil products that the 1.5mil products will give you more gold.

NEVER take out more than 20-30mil. The tax of putting that money back into the bank will take a large toll on your profits.

Don?t engage any mobs while holding your money. Especially ones that might kill you! Losing money is never fun. :'(


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