Atlantica Online Useful Information for Everyone


Atlantica Online Useful Information and Tips for Everyone by Kelnari

1) When in a party, can use arrow keys to move the camera to see all mobs.

2) Basic Monster Info = 5% dmg increase, Location= 10%, Item= 20% and extra item drops.

3) You can train crafts when > skill level 11. At 11, can teach 1-11, 21 for 1-21, then 51 for the next tier. (Actions> Share Info)

4) Always Party = More exp and crafting books, stamina refund every 2 or 3 battles based on party size.

5) Mentors get points to buy items for apprentice level ups and 200k when they reach level 30. Many mentors gift the gold back.

6) Higher Mdef on target = more HP healed, food for thought when setting formations.

7) You can steer around mobs while auto-moving to avoid fights. (hold both mouse buttons to steer)

8) Towns have different tax rates for services- try to use towns w/ 1% such as Rome.

9) Many of the mercs you choose in the beginning stages of the game will get replaced by more powerful ones later- read up and plan around your end-game formation. This should influence your choice of hero since you can?t change without a $20 cash item.

10) Banks only store gold, Storage (in Rome) is for items. You can teleport there at level 20 w/ will%.

11) You have a mailbox: Community>Mailbox. Click receive to delete mail. There may be free stuff from GM?s there!

12) No need to spam in peer chat when you need training in crafts. Community> Artisan is a fantastic search tool!

13) Eat food in between battles to restore hp/mp. Less down-time = more exp!

14) Community> Block : You can add goldspammers here. (/ignore feature) Also Actions>Block on whisper tab.

15) Auto run (numlock key, btw) doesn?t work in Full-Screen mode when you tab out.

16) Monks are awesome, you NEED one. Don?t max Protect or SoP early levels, will drain your mana to 0 FAST!

17) Save exp books for leveling new mercs- as they all start at level 1, regardless of your level- lol!

18) The Market has a search tab under it!

19) Autocraft can be leveled up with action items. 20 workload extra per tick with each consumed autocraft: beg/int/adv.

20) Books can be exhanged via NPC Goncourt to make money, and exp books can be traded up.

21) Giving gifts to beginners gives exp to all your mercs.

22) It takes 1 minute for 10% will recharge, will costs for sharing info/crafts and tele go down as you level higher.

23) Event items like crystals and tusks are worth more than that random spammer is paying.

24) NPC Livingstone near Bhucarest will give you the location of any NPC in game for 1k gold, click auto-move!

25) Items for sale on market drop in price every 24 hours.

26) Need extra storage? Create an alt and mail items back and forth!

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