Auditioni EXP and Heart Calculator


Auditioni EXP and Heart Calculator by KogaCola

Hello Audition players

I have for months an small tool from the Redbana Forum, which tells you how many rounds must be played to achieve the next or a later Level, which I will now share with you.

Attention! The program does not come from me and all the credits go to the programmer: ?tgfcoder?!


Small Guide:

-Download the folder (to unpack: WinRAR, 7zip etc. required)
-Then open extracted folder and start the setup.
-Start ?Audition EXP Calculator?
-Enter in the ?Your EXP? YOUR EXP! ? for example 4.550.000 ( with no points:))
-Enter into the field ?Target Level? the level u want to reach.
-Make your picks in the boxes, which apply to you ? for expample: PET +30 EXP

The information below tell you how many rounds you have to play, with the EXP and Mode (Per Round)

Hope it helps you a bit and dont depress you, if you?re Level 30 and u need 9000 rounds with 400 EXP to reach Level 51

Mit freundlichen Gr??en / Friendly Regards ? Koga

EDIT: Here is the download link to the Heart Calculator:


-First you give your heart to (example: 2000)
-The second step is to enter your destination (example: 2400)
-Next, the song length (! Attention! in seconds) ? if you do not know how many seconds the short songs have enter ?-1 ?.
-Voila! You see how many hours you still have to farm.

It calculate with 3 hearts per round. ( So CPL 31 is a way faster! )

To stress again, it?s not my program, the program is a little older now, sent by a friend. Credits to Enigma!

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