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Aura Kingdom Duelist Starter Guide?by fenix2087


Sup All! I decided to make this guide as a tool for helping new players gain the basic understanding for this class and also encourage veteran players to put more info and tips into it! (give and take)
Hopefully this guide will serve its purpose and gains more helpful and better infos later on

The Class

Duelist ? your typical assassin/rogue class!(wanna be Kirito!). Has great mobility/evasive skills and an expert on single target dps

? User Friendly class! easy to use and good looking too! dem dual blades!
? Has the best DoT skill in the game (in terms of PVE dps ? this is the reason why Boss loves you very much XD)
? Has a low cooldown life leech skill/self heal (very usefull in PVE and PVP)- though the skill should not miss for it to work
? Has one of the best passive Abilities in terms of PVP (sadly though 1 of the passive is not currently working)

? Long Skill Animations (ang grenadier/gunslinger can do their skills 1sec faster than you with same DMG)
? Low HP class and Squishy (especially if your full Eva Build? can easily die on Boss AoE on Hard modes)
? Very limited Utility skills (first time for a rogue/sin class that dont have Stun/sleep/slow skill)
? Very Popular class causing Blades to be overpriced! cmon! (you see many of your kind running around too? dem Kiritos!)


Slash Cut?? Low CD skill that reduces target?s defense (you can add a DoT effect or 10% crit rate on this from your ultimate skill passive)?1.5sec-2sec skill animation and can move while doin the skill

Cross Slash?? Low CD skill that has 12sec DoT that stacks up to 5 times (this is your best dps skill especially on bosses! keep 5 stacks on em!? you can extend DoT duration by 3sec with ultimate? though 12sec is enough? use other ones)?2sec-2.5sec skill animation and can move while doin skill

Note: first 2 skill is already good enough to spam alternatively for skill rotation (lazy button mashing)? though there are better rotations the utilizes the +75% crit dmg of snowflower?

Sunrise Snowflower?? does decent dmg? but what makes this skill so amazing is the +75% crit dmg buff it gives for the next skill that do critical or til 60sec buff runs out + skill animation is very fast!?0.8sec-1sec skill animation and can move while doin the skill

Purple Lightning?? your self buff skill which only last for 20sec giving you 20% mspeed and +crit? when this is active your Whirling Dance will have slow effect and your Deadly Wink will have a DoT

Whirling Dance?? very good charging skill (especially in pvp)

Deadly Wink?? your highest normal dmging skill (with larger aoe) only disadvantage on this skill is it has?1.5sec-2sec skill animation and you cant move on that duration?(very dangerous when you use it while BoSS is casting its AoE skill? so use wisely)

Shadow Balisong?? one of the very usefull skill for duelist in pvp/pve (has same aoe range with Deadly Wink and can heal you based on the number of targets you hitted on it)?2sec-2.5sec skill animation and can move while doin the skill

Shadow Brand?? your pt buff skill which gives +EVA?(uses shadowcraft badge? can be bought at grocers for 1.2g each)

Stats Allocation

Attack Stat:
DMG = 0.35% each point
SPEED = 0.30% each point
CRIT = 0.25% each point

Defensive Stat:
HP = 0.58% each point
DEF = 0.20% each point
EVA = 0.25% each point

Stat Maximum Cap
Defense Damage Reduction 75%
Other Damage Reduction 75% ? you get this from card enhance/pvp gears/skills/envoy
Critical Hit Chance 100%
Critical Hit Damage 300%
Hit Rate (Accuracy) 75%
Evasion 95%
Reflect 95%
Speed 50%

Note: stat building is abit complex in this game? since your stat build will greatly rely on how you fully customize your toon (considering what sub class you get and the stats you prioritize on stones/envoy path/gears)? so ill just give the Builds ive tried so far and give a lil input/comment on it

Pure CRIT/EVA stat build
? very high crit rate and evade! can reach up to 50% crit and 80% evade with standard gears/envoy path
? most common build that works pretty well in PVP and PVE
? Very low HP if you dont compensate it with your gears (easily die on Hard modes if you dont avoid the big red aoes)
? prioritize +crit dmg gears/envoy skill to further boost your awesome crits (default crit multiplier is x1.49 and max crit multiplier is x3)
? very hard to hit in PVP (1v1 same lvl)? higher lvl than you can easily ignore some of your EVA stat though

Pure DMG/EVA stat build
? very low HP same as above
? Lower Crit rate but with High Constant Damage
? Your DMG stat greatly Scales later in the game (especially with +10-20 lvl50 Weapons)
? Can Prioritize other Stats suchs as Acc%/HP%/Crit% on gears without worrying much of lowering your consistent dmg (unlike crit build who relie much on +Crit multiplier)

Pure DMG or Crit/HP Build
? same as the 2 previous builds? only difference is the considerable amount of HP your will have which will give your More Survivability on Boss AoE skills
? in PVP?though you have higher HP? you are now prone to HiTs!

Pure Crit/Def Build
? popular build for the richer players! coz with +10-20 armor set you can get up to 60-65% dmg reduction or can even reach 75% Def Cap later on
? eva is still good can reach up to 30-60% depending on your gear set
? dmg output same with EVA builds and more survivability on PVE (boss fights) like the HP build one

EnVoy Path

1.?Weak Point Analysis?= lvl1(0.8%crit) lvl2(1.6%crit) lvl3(3.2%crit) ??you may skip lvl 1 to save 1 envoy points? 0.8%crit is not that worth it

2.?Batte Tactics?= lvl1(1%dmg) lvl2(2%dmg) lvl3(4%dmg)

3.?Duelist Mastery?= lvl1(2%dmg) lvl2(4%dmg) lvl3(6%dmg) ??only affects main weapon dmg (click ?more details? on your status screen window to see its effect)

4.?DUelist Training?= lvl1(1%crit) lvl2(2%crit) lvl3(3%crit) ??only affects main weapon crit rate (click ?more details? on your status screen window to see its effect)

5.?Duelist Studies?= lvl1(5%critdmg) lvl2(10%critdmg) lvl3(15%critdmg) ??you may skip lvl1 to save point

6.?Attack Swiftness?= lvl1(1%speed/cd) lvl2(2%speed/cd)

7.?Bob and Weave?= lvl1(0.8%eva) lvl2(1.6%eva) lvl3(3.2%eva) ??you may skip lvl1 to save point

8.?Muscle Up?= lvl2(2%HP) lvl3(4%HP)

9.?Thick Skin?= lvl1 (1%def) lvl2(2%def)

10.?Fleet Footed?= 5% mspeed ??optional! 5% is not that much?

11.?Determination?= 15% crit dmg reduction ??optional! you may get this to get frenzy later on? pvp purposes

12.?Greediness?= loot drop increase

13.?Quick Study?= Exp Increase ??only monster kills? exp from quest no bonus

14.?Frenzy?= 25% to do additional dmg over time ??very nice +dps in PVE and PVP

15.?Bat Fang?= 3% dmg done will be absorb as HP ??very nice for PVE/Lvling? youll never need pots again! paired with Dancing Balisong

16.?Born of Desperation?= +30%eva when your HP reach 40% and below (8sec duration) ??nice for PVP

17.?Dream State?= this skill suppose to give you +75% dmg reduction for 6sec when a players/mob cast an Immobilize skill on you (as description) ??best envoy for PVP? not working atm

Envoy Path Example
lvl 50 Mainstream Envoy Path Build?. you can customize it as you like (this is a mix of PVE/PVP? you can sacrifice 2 points to get Frenzy? or get it later at lvl 54

Ultimate Skill Slots/Passives

will be updated soon

Secondary Class

(im personally a Duelist/Grenader) so ill just give out some good infos/points on other subclass (im pointing out mainly on the Utility skills that will greatly help the Duelist)

Note: Subclass skills has 3x longer cooldowns than the main classes and sorc/bard/wiz has no combo skill

Bard?= well you get healing skillzzzzzz?. BARDS OP! (main)

Sorcs?= has DoT skill + 4sec Immobilize skill + Party HP regen Buff + nightmare totem (6sec sleep)

Wiz?= has 3sec stun + has the best AoE in game (Meteor! but it has long cooldown as a sub class) + 4sec slow skill + self HP regen Buff)

Ravager?= has 3sec Leap Stun + more AoE axe skills + whirlwind

Guardian?= has shield bash stun 2sec? + mirrror shield (reflect) + aggro aoe skills + shield buff (lower dmg)?

Grenader?= has ranged 2sec stun + 4sec immobilize + healing totem + a useless machine gun ^^

Dual Pistols?= has 4sec slow skill + immobilizing Trap

Note: your stronger atk skills will surely come from Duelist skills coz of your Secret Stones + Main Weapon + Envoy Path! so in choosing your subclass, you will greatly base your decision on how their Utility Skills greatly help/improve your PLAYSTYLE!

hope this guide helped ya in some way!
inputs/comments/suggestion is very welcome!
lets help each other my fellow Duelist!


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