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Aura Kingdom Ravager Crit/Def Build Guide


Aura Kingdom Ravager Crit/Def Build Guide?by hala18

Just i want to tell you i look around in Ravager?s skills, Envoys and Passives and i using this
build now on my 52 Ravager/Duelist! I can say you my crit chance is 50% and my crit dmg about
45k-50k/without crit dmg up Envoy Path passive/! I think its not so bad?

So let me start with my?Envoy Path?/later on i will take a screen from mine/:

This is my Envoy Path on Lvl 53?

Let me talk about it.
So why i choose this way of path? I can tell you pick HP/Def/Crit then the last is Dmg/CritDmg!
The HP way passive gives 5% Def as Crit chance.
If you lvling just put first on hp?>def?>crit?>dmg.
You will have enough crit chance from stats so you dont need so much dmg for lvling all your 2nd hit will crit.

Ok now 2nd one is stats for lvling:?

Attack Stats?
For lvling just go on Crit.
Defensive stats?
Just pick Def on low lvls you will gain more suvive ability from Def as HP.


Attack Stats?
Still go on Crit until you get 100% chance then go Dmg.
Defensive Stats?
You dont need Def anymore you will get enough Def from your armor. Just go on full HP.

Thank you for the critism: rexzshadow, robertsup, Desparae learned a lot from you guys!
Btw i was a rager with you so sorry for that had a bad day! :/

Second Class!?
Why we choose Duelist??
Because we will have more DEF down skill, +75% Crit chance up /until next crit/, heal (28sec cd/a bit long/)
Good for non-stop farming and a bit life saver in pvp and eva buff what isn?t so good but eva.
I can say from duelist second class is good for pvp/pve DMGing.
From dual daggers you get eva and crit! So after all its good for us.

Why we choose Grenadier??
So what you benefit from that second class?!
We can deal more area of effect dmg and can start to kite from distance.
The last skill you will get on Lvl 53 ll be a crit buff, one more stun and an immobilization skill!
But what i can realy say you will be an op aoe dmger! From the wep you will get more HP as crit and def.
Good stat but i dont recommend this class as second class!
Because you have enough aoe nukers on low cd. (but its just my choice)

Why we choose Sorcerer??
Its simple? Long range attacks/dots/, lot of CCs, and a bit support i need to say more?!
Let me explain. Dot attacks just put them up from range then go melee you cant lose!
CCs?! Sleep, and a immobilization. No one will escape!
A bit support for Ravager its a lot support, Devour Soul is a life leach skill but a bit long cd on it!
Blood Seal is a good debuff which heal you whenever you hit your debuffed target.
From the weapon you ll get more Eva as HP and def so its a bit useless for our build.
My choice isn?t that one class but it is a good choice who want to play like a half god!

Why we choose Gunslinger??
I cant say so much from this class. You will have a long range slow /what u already have and can use while moving/
Dmg traps with shield and immobilize/decrease heal -75% effect.
I cant say more usefull skills from Gunslinger as a Ravager sub.
Maybe the SPD buff but for Ravager isn?t so needed.
From weapon you get Crit and EVA so you can cap your Crit more easily.
If i wrote it bad tell me more about that class and i can update it.

More second classes comeing Soon!

Tell me if you like it or not!


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