Awesomenauts Lonestar Dynamite Guide

Awesomenauts Lonestar Dynamite Guide by SonicBOOMGood evening awesomenauts! I?m going to explain the build for Lonestar i?m using, its doing good for me so...

Awesomenauts Leon Guide

Awesomenauts Leon Guide by rkscroyjrHey there guys. I don?t know if any of this is useful but I hope someone thinks it is. Before...

Awesomenauts Voltar Guide

Awesomenauts Voltar Guide by BrutalityBackground: Voltar the Omniscient is shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it he was a researcher at a once star-encapsulating power...

Awesomenauts Leon Ganker Backdoor Build Guide

Awesomenauts Leon Ganker Backdoor Build Guide?by LosingStreakA quick guide to Leon built as an early-game ganker and then transitioning into a pusher / backdoor...

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