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Backyard Monsters Best Base Defense Designs and Layouts

There have been lots of people requesting for updated designs that included monster bunkers so I have compiled a collection of the best monster bunker base defense designs. Click here to see it!

Checkerboard Designs

Checkerboard Design by Andi Hoxhaj

Sandwich Designs

Straight Mines Sandwich Design by David Rowland

Onion Rings sandwich by Radical



Doughnut Designs

Thick Walled Doughnut Design by Jared

Never Ending Path of Hell(NEPOH) Designs (no longer functioning)

Original NEPOH Design by Antoine Tremblay

NEPOH Before and After Patching

Another NEPOH Design by vor_nikki

Other Designs

Pathing Design by Bill Schmidt


Maze Design by JinchuuRiki


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