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Defense guide for all levels! by ZeXuan

If you?ve read my attacking guide here, you may (or may not) have noticed the little one-liner at the end saying that I would come up with a defensive one. Well here it is, for all levels, (1-44) It?s usable, so go ahead and enjoy your new base! (After reading this of course)

Beginner defense

Well, nothing much is expected of you just yet. This portion is geared up to level 25 or so.

Things you should have:

  • Out of starter protection
  • Level 4 TH
  • 5 of each standard tower
  • 1 of each special tower
  • All other possible buildings, (maybe except a few, like Academy etc)
  • Maximum blocks, at least half stone.
  • Towers should be at least level 3-4

Tips and tricks to take note of:

  • Wall should not be at diagonals, monster walk through those.
  • Towers should be clustered as close as possible, without being too close as to encourage early catapult users.
  • Booby traps should protect towers and silos. Why towers? Lower levels seem to give up attacking earlier and monsters aren?t so strong.
  • Blocks should encircle gatherers as well, they are precious during this stage.
  • All other buildings should be outside
  • Make entrances where firepower is strongest so that monsters WILL get destroyed quickly, confusing your attacker and probably making him/her look for easier targets.

That?s about all you should do for basics. Now we move on to the trickier stuff.

Intermediate defense
If you?ve used ALL the basic tips, I have one thing to tell you: You?re screwed. This is geared to level 25-33 or so, when everyone starts to worry about base design, and when everyone is comfortable with attacking.

Here, things get a little different.

You should have a level 5-6 TH by now, and all the possible towers and resource buildings.
Squeeze everything as much as possible, booby trapping silos and TH, not wasting any on towers. Well, maybe a few on entrances, but maximum 2. Take out as much stuff from within your walls, so that your firepower will be as concentrated as possible.

Try experimenting with designs until you find the best for yourself. Be creative! Don?t just copy blindly from the forums. You should have some of the following in your base design:

Concentrated firepower
Trapped silos
Anti Eye-Ra blocks
Wormzer bait
A NECOH (make a chain of buildings surrounding your base by using other, not-so-important buildings)

It?s up to you how you want to build your base. You can have an extremely good mazing design, but with almost zero traps around your silos, or you could have superb concentrated firepower, but no mazing at all. It?s up to you: To build a plain, hard to defeat base, or to create an almost unlootable base. Your choice.

Now, the higher levels.

Expert defense

This is geared towards level 34-44.

You should have a level 7 TH and almost everything else fully leveled up, or they should be close to fully leveled up. Now, you can solely focus on good base design. Everything that is needed to be said has been said in Intermediate defense, but because it?s all pretty basic stuff, I?m going to make a list of tips and tricks for pathing and other useful stuff.

This is constantly changed, but with the introduction of the NEPOH, I think I have almost fully understood the pathing rules thus far.

Monsters will take the shortest route to a target. Even if it means smashing 5 gold blocks rather than walking 20 block spaces away. Use this to your advantage.

Monsters consistently target and re-target the closest 3 buildings, to see if the route they take brings them to a closer target than the one they chose before.

Monsters WILL path, if within the next few blocks a thinner wall is present.

A one-block wall can path monsters, if it is less than 10 blocks long. Use this to wear out putty rage.

Monsters walk over rubble to reach a target, if it is shorter than walking on space without. Try using a design that does not require them to walk over rubble, so that traps will be effective.

Eye-Ras target the closest block, even if it looks like it is 10 blocks away from what LOOKS to be the closest.

Here is the greatest pathing secret I?ve EVER uncovered.

Ready for it?

You sure?

Well here it is!

Wormzers surface to the RIGHT of a building!

Now you can stop wormzers by adding a booby trap to wormzer bait! (Dang, I sound like one of those cheesy commercials)


Monsters will branch if 2 targets are at equal distance from each other. Normally, this is great. Your towers have more time to destroy 2 small mobs, rather than try to wreck one huge mob. However, it?s bad if your attacker uses 10m putty. BECAUSE 10M PUTTY MAKES MONSTERS INVINCIBLE FOR 40 SECONDS! So therefore, 2 mobs of 23 PX under 10m putty actually makes them more effective!

Branching is common in bases. Even if the people using it don?t know that they are. It?s useful in some cases, not in others, so use what amount of branching is suitable for your base. Example of a NEPOH design (no longer functioning)

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