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The Kozu Tribe: A Farming Guide by Mark Ho

Tired of getting mercilessly attacked day after day, forcing you into damage protection? Sick of getting ninja-ed every other time you attack your target? Need resources to upgrade that town hall or those blocks?

If your answer is ?Yes? to any of the above questions, then consider this solution. The Kozu Tribe.

Yes, that irritating wild monster tribe which just loves to attack you every now and then. But why attack them? Several reasons.

  • They give ~4m+ per resource except goo, which is ~2m+. That?s ~14m+ of resources right there every time you level their base. (without destroying their Town Hall)
  • They don?t go into damage protection. (Suckers)
  • They cannot be ninja-ed. (Yessss.)
  • They ?repair? their base instantly, every half a day or so. (Not sure on the exact timings.)
  • They have 6 Silos. (While we?re stuck with 5. Or 4.)
  • Their base is ridiculously easy to attack. (Poor AOE Presence = Pokey Bomb)

So how do you go about getting all the above benefits? There are several things you should note before you should start psyching yourself up.

  • The Kozu Tribe?s Town Hall should be level 6.
  • To get them to level 6, destroy their Town Hall a few times. However, I noted that although their Town Hall was level 6, I still did not get much loot per silo. Therefore, destroy their Town Hall as many times until:
  • A Silo should give ~600-700k of twigs, pebbles, and putty, as well as ~400k goo.
  • Their base looks like the picture below.
  • At this point, do NOT destroy their Town Hall, or they will be permanently removed from your maproom, meaning you can say goodbye to your practically free resources.

A Brief Overview
The picture below is the Kozu Tribe?s base when they?re ready to be farmed multiple times. I have taken the liberty of inserting an AVERAGE number of resources obtained from each resource gatherer, as well as separate their base into several bite-sized chunks to work with.

Note: A link to a bigger picture ? http://img593.imageshack.us/f/kozucolours.jpg/

Priorities and You

From the above picture, you should be able to note a thing or two. There are 4 areas which contain the 6 silos. Obviously, these areas should be our main targets. The list of areas to attack in descending order of priority is below. This list is simply a guideline ? feel free to do something else.

Looked through the areas? Satisfied? Lets begin farming then.


This is the easiest of the silos to get. A lone sniper and a few booby traps stand in your way. Simply send in a small pokey bomb. Careful of the booby traps, though.


Another easy silo to grab. Send in a pokey bomb closer to the tesla than the cannon. The pokeys will chew through the wooden wall, deal with the tesla and then walk over to the silo.

2 silos in this area. The bad news, however, is that there?s a high chance your pokeys will go ?splat? on the booby trap in front of the sniper after finishing off the silo to the right. Solution? Split your pokeys into 2-4 smaller groups. After some of your pokeys grab the silo, they should march right over to the sniper and blow the booby trap up. Send in your other waves. 1-2 full waves of pokeys may be required if you aren?t used to it.


Another two silos in this area. The good news is that there aren?t many booby traps in this area. Except for 2 near the first sniper. The bad news? There are two cannon up top which will decimate your pokeys with ease. However, the problem is easily solved. Use the catapult on the cannon in the middle of the two silos. 10k twig and pebble it multiple times till it goes down. You can do this while you?re replenishing your monsters. Caution. Make sure you do not hit the silo more than a few times. It will be destroyed and you can say goodbye to 1/6 of your potential resources.

The second cannon higher up is not really too much of a problem for your pokeys, unless they attempt to walk over from the first silo to the second silo, putting them in range long enough to get wiped. Simply send the pokeys from the right side after you have cleared the yellow zone.

Congratulations, you have wiped the Kozu Tribe?s silos. Feeling good? You should be. At this point, you can do one of two things.

  • Wait until the Kozu repair their silos.

If you choose to wait, then good for you. However, users who continue get a few hundred k extra of each resource. The choice is yours.


You decided to continue? Good for you. A group of level 10 housings with ~200k resources in each await. However, a tesla (useless) and a laser (deadly) stand in your way. The easiest and most time efficient way to do this is to 10 twig and pebble the laser multiple times before sending in a pokey bomb. The resources are now yours.


Pokey bomb. Yawn. Careful of the booby traps though.

Send in pokeys from the top to take down the harvesters and the tesla. Follow this up by pokeys from the left, a little further down, since the pokeys will get slaughtered by the cannon (the one we ignored in the green area).


Unless you take a sick satisfaction in blowing monsters up into puddles of red goo, avoid this area. It has 4 booby traps and no profit whatsoever.


No, just no.

(Note: 10k catapults can be replaced with 100k ones, depending how impatient you are and how much profit you wish to make)

And that concludes my guide to farming the Kozu Tribe. Enjoy.

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