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Facebook Backyard Monsters: The Ultimate ATTACK guide!


Attack strategies for specific bases by kodiak

For bases with high CF (concentrated firepower): Includes the BDB, Checkerboard, Horseshoe, Eye of Sauron(basically any base with all the towers inside the walls that don?t use internal mazing)
? Project X with 10M Putty is the key. It?s fast, requires little effort and worth it if they have plump silos. What other use is putty for after upgrading everything anyway?

For the NEPoH:
? Take out 1 corner of the base with as many 100k twig shots as needed to ruin the pathing. Use conventional tactics for the rest to keep things profitable. You can also use other strategies like using wormzer or eye-ra, but the first 1 takes the least effort.

For the Donut:
? The donut has average CF at best. Use crabs & ichis with the 100k putty rage until all towers are cleared for the looting wave.

For the Firewall:
? The firewall is designed to counter the 10M putty rage by wasting the time monsters are enraged traveling from 1 part of the base to another. The weakness though is that this leaves his towers exposed for attack with usually low CF. The base can then be taken out the conventional way with multiple ichi and crab waves until all the towers are cleared. You can then loot depending on what kind of mine layout is left.

For the Quadrant:
? Usually weak to twig missile strikes. Use a combination of multiple towers waves and 100k twig strikes to make the base vulnerable to a looting wave.

For the Sandwich:
? Usually has weak CF. What i usually do is take out all the outside towers first with multiple ichi waves. Then i concentrate on attacking 1 side of the sandwich, this way the crabs & ichis destroy the towers in 1 end and travel the length of the sandwich to reach the towers on the other end. This will take out the booby traps leaving it open for the looting wave.

For the Death-Trap:
? Brains with 10M Putty is the key. Unless they have towers mixed in with the silos for which i would use the Project X with 10M putty. You can also send out mine sweepers 1 by 1, but i?m lazy. hehehe

For the NECoD:
? Just clear out a few buildings with Finks until you have a gap large enough to launch further inside the base.

Note: This makes it all sound easy, but it isn?t. You still have to balance things to make a profit, calculate how much time you are willing to use, if you can do it without giving them 1 hour DP, or what kind of tactic you will use to prevent getting ninja?d. These are just the basics of the attack strategies i use when encountering these specific types of bases.

The Ultimate ATTACK guide! by ZeXuan

Most if not all of you (except the newer forum members) should know me and/or at least recognize me. My RL (Real Life) name is Ze Xuan, same as my forum name. In the past 4 months, I have read and re-read many attacking and defending guides, as well as experimented with these tactics. I have constructed bases, destroyed bases, probably constructed more than anyone except a select few (Jangooon, gilward, APR, Sacco, McLeod etc come to mind). So now, I will write an attacking guide for the rest of the people who care to read.


Attacking may look simple, but it in itself is more complicated than one might think. Its all very easy to select your 10m pebble bomb and nuke half the base, but a lot more difficult to construct an effective and profitable attack.

There are 4 ways of attacking: Nuke, Ninja, Noob and Experienced.

The Nuke way of attacking is simple: 10m pebble bomb, 5m Twig Missile, 23 Project X + 10m putty. The easiest, and most destructive way of attacking.

The Noob way is to randomly send in monsters and hope for the best. Usually used by inexperienced attackers.

The Ninja attack is lurking in the map room, searching for bases that are half destroyed or have the ?Under Attack? sign on it. They then send in a looting waves of pokeys or better to try and ?ninja? the loot from the original attacker. This is the easiest way to gain resources and is also the most inconsiderate way of attacking.

But you didn?t come here to read noob tactics of attacking, did you? No, you came here read on what makes a good offensive.

The best sort of offense is Experienced attacking. Mostly used by seasoned players, this way of attacking has both strategy and profit. I will use my own base to illustrate the way seasoned players should attack.

That?s my base. Okay, from here on, what I?m going to write about attacking will most likely be from one of gilward?s threads.

Firstly, find the general areas that the towers cover.

Generally, that?s where my towers cover. Next, find the weak areas.

Those 4 areas are the weakest in my tower coverage. Therefore, I would strike there. Now, it is up to you to decide which monsters are the best for the job. For me, I would choose 6 Eye-Ras . I would then send the eye-ras at my walls and at least 2 would succeed, blowing a hole in my walls. I would then twig the laser. That would end my first attack.

My second attack would have 12 Project X?s and 19 Crabatrons and 1 Ichi. I would send the Ichi first, followed closely by Crabs, 5 at a time. Then I would send X?s, 3 at a time. This way, the first 4 towers in my defense would have fallen. Then, I would twig the laser previously hit but did not fall. On their way down, these monsters would have been hit by a lot of gun fire, so I suggest that it is where a putty rage should be launched. The arrow in the picture near the goo producer is where I?d have launched my putty shot. Only launch 100k. That should be enough.

So I think the best that the monsters are going to be able to do is destroy a snipe on the outside, then try to get in. Once in, their putty rage would have worn off, and they are in a more dangerous situation. They would be able to destroy about 1-2 cannons, but that?s about it.

My third wave would be a bit dissimilar. I would get a batch of about 20 crabs or so to hit the outlying snipes. At the same time, I would use the twig missile to get the other laser. You can use 100k putty at any point in the attack.

My fourth wave would simply clear the remaining towers and destroy the last laser. I would go in by the previous entrance with 40 crabs and I would pour 100k putty on them. Like the previous one, you can use the putty at any point in the attack.

Now, assuming you did all that in 1 hour, I now have 4-in-1 DP. 1 hour of Damage Protection.

At your leisure, you can build what ever army you want. I would build an army of 40 Finks, then queue up 10 DAVEs. Why? As you can see, my silos and TH are heavily booby trapped, and I have an irritating NEC (Never Ending Chain).

So, you would need your finks to clear away the exterior buildings so your DAVEs can nom on my silos. Ideally, I?d build 9 DAVEs and 12 Bolts.

Now that the 1 hour is over, I?d send in the finks to clear up the buildings. Be careful! Do not destroy more than what you have to. From one housing to the other would be fine. Then end attack. I still should not be in DP.

Now, send in your 9 DAVEs where you broke the NEC. Timing is crucial here. 1 slip and your attack will be wasted. Follow the picture carefully. The DAVEs will go into the base and destroy all the Resources Gatherers and the TH. Now, it will not go into the silo maze just yet. It will go OUT of the base and start attacking the exterior.

There may or may not be time to complete your attack, so here is where you use your putty rage. Give it 100k when it goes out of the base and starts attacking putty squishers. Wait for the DAVEs to destroy all the way up to the last Goo producer, then start flinging bolts, 2 at a time. Fling them where you first flinged the DAVEs Be fast. Your attack will have very little time left, so do it quickly.

They will take out almost 10 booby traps, so that your DAVEs can nom on the Silos. And that?s how to attack, people. If you do not want to completely nuke the base, that?s how to attack effectively. 6 waves. A whopper, but if my silos were full, it would be worth your time, don?t you think?


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