Facebook Baking Life How to Trick Cashiers

Trick your cashiers into selling nothing but lemon meringue money-makin? pies by Whazza WhaMy friend Bill showed me this AWESOME trick for maximizing profits...

Facebook Baking Life Tips for an Efficient Bakery

So these are just some things I?ve discovered along the way. Some of these have already been posted, but maybe we can make one...

Facebook Baking Life Dishes Full Information Guide

Baking Life Dishes Full Information Guide by DavidRECIPE STATS ? BASICMENU DATAMENU DATAMENU DATAMENU DATA?MENU DATAMENU DATAXPXPXPXPMASTERY XPMASTERY XP?MASTERY XPDISHTIMECOSTSVNGSCPSSELLPROFITPREPSRVTTLP/HRL1L2L3LVLGIFTALMOND CROISSANTS24:00550790431602610151932088.67+2+4+61*BAKED DOUGHNUTS08:00375460313801005638014317.88+1+2+34BAKLAVA22:0071512053361529006334040318.32+4+7+119*BANANA NUT BREAD00:452508054001509213040+1+2+325BEAR...

Facebook Baking Life FAQ and Tips

Hype is a rating of how well-loved your bakery is. The higher your Hype is, the more customers you will see. Hype goes up...

Facebook Baking Life Ovens Guide

Baking Life has just released the ability to upgrade your ovens! This means that you can individually upgrade your ovens to give them better...

Facebook Baking Life Recipe Mastery Guide

Official Guide to Recipe Mastery by zzpTamiGuide to Baking Life Recipe MasteryBaking Life has introduced Recipe Mastery, which rewards you for baking particular recipes...

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