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Facebook Baking Life FAQ and Tips


Hype is a rating of how well-loved your bakery is. The higher your Hype is, the more customers you will see. Hype goes up when people are served quickly, and will drop if a customer leaves the bakery angry.Your hype will only change (either go up or down) while the game is running in your Web Browser with your bakery open. If your Hype has dropped recently due to you running out of food, for instance, but the reason it dropped has been fixed, it may take a few hours of the game running for your Hype to increase back to where it was. But because Hype doesn?t move while the game isn?t open, your Hype will not drop even if you run out of food while you?re away.

Your bakery layout also affects your hype. If you re-decorate and notice your Hype drop, it may be worth taking a step back and looking at why this may be happening. Make sure that your registers, tables, and coffee machine aren?t blocked and that your cashiers don?t have too far to walk to access the display cases with the new layout.

You can oftentimes discover the cause of the hype dropping by paying attention to where customers leave from when they are angry. Try moving that location closer to the display cases and the door. If you are high enough level, try buying another register to be able to serve more customers quickly.

See this thread for more information about the icons that appear above customer?s heads that may help you gain insight into why people may be leaving angry.

Temp Workers

Many people still seem confused or misunderstand the purpose of Temp Workers. They will ONLY appear because you are making your Bakery more productive, either by expanding in size or adding services such as Registers, Tables & the Coffee Machine.

You need staff to operate these additions & the Temps provide the means to do so. By clicking on them & sending a job offer request to one or more of your friends, you provide employment for the first one to respond, which in turn reduces your costs via wages, increases your productivity & also provides a bonus for your friend in the form of Tips. This is why it?s so important to convert them as soon as possible.

Bakeries require Cashiers, Baristas, Waiters & Cleaners (Sweepers) to function so as each Temp is converted they will take on a role as required, with other staff sometimes getting a promotion along the way. EG ? Bill is a Sweeper, you finish building your Decaf upgrade & get another Temp. Betty accepts the job & becomes a Sweeper with Bill getting promoted to act as a Barista. It really doesn?t matter which job your friends do as the bonus to them is exactly the same.

As each friend can only accept one job, you will obviously need sufficient friends/neighbours who actively play to fill the positions, & as they?re also required for other additions such as Appliances it shouldn?t be a major issue. If however you are finding it hard to recruit, you will need to acquire more via any of the Add-Me threads, support groups or friend suggestions.

Other than Temps, Sweepers are the most maligned for being idle, but as they are also responsible for cleaning Tables there must be enough custom to provide them with work. Idle staff, regardless of their role, are more of a symptom rather than the cause, which needs to be identified & addressed accordingly.

I?ve said often this is a game of management. You need to manage your goods, your layout & your staff. Temps show that you are building your business & you need to manage them as you would any other employee. Without them, you would be stuck on level 1 & going nowhere?. You can?t lose ?em so use ?em?.

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