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Trick your cashiers into selling nothing but lemon meringue money-makin? pies by Whazza Wha

My friend Bill showed me this AWESOME trick for maximizing profits in your bakery.

So, you know you can keep your hype higher and eliminate angry faces on your customers by blocking your food from your waitresses and cashiers, making them use their ?auto-serve? (or teleportation) powers.

BUT?. if you keep the display case for lemon meringue pies behind the counter for the cashiers, and allow them access to only those pies, they will sell nothin? but pies. All day long. They still have to walk back and forth between the display case and the registers, but it?s a short trip and the customers have JUST enough patience if everything else is set well to wait for it. Plus, then you sell decaf from your traveling baristas like it?s going out of style. I average 29 coins a sale at each and every register.

Tips: You MUST block off access to the pie behind the register (meaning: block off your registers and trap the cashiers inside) from your waitresses, otherwise they?ll try to sell nothing but pie, too, and my customers aren?t patient enough to wait for the waitresses to go a-wandering all the time. Just the cashiers. You also should try to haunt the Games feed to find extra servings of the pie (or use a Bonus Checker) and have a bunch of friends to keep your lemon meringue display stocked. (Pumpkin pie is also excellent to use if you run out of lemon meringue?. it?s 12 coins a serving. And if you?ve got other stuff in your cases, your cashiers will just sell whatever?s available and switch to auto serve if you run out.)

Here?s a picture to show how it works. Note, I have my registers all contained with decor so the waitresses can?t get in. I have a bunch of displays back there (I have others throughout my bakery, but they?re completely blocked off so they?re auto-serve only), but only the lemon meringue pie is accessible to the cashiers. I?m kind of a freak about aesthetics, so it?s hard to see that the lemon meringue pies are open.


Close up ? Especially with the holiday decor, it?s hard to see, but if you look closely you can see there are stanchions (red velvet ropes) in front of all the displays except the pies. I removed that one velvet rope.

Close up:


Odds are good you?re going to have to play with your decor a lot to make sure just the right things are blocked off. The waitresses are sneaky and find ways to get in there if you have any way for them to get in, and you want to make sure you?re not blocking something vital. Your hype will tell you if something needs tweaking ? if it starts going down, you need to move something around.

Have fun! (Again, credit goes to my buddy Bill, who has his bakery arranged a little differently? this is just my variation on tricking those cashiers.)

EDIT: Ha! I just noted I had one register turned the wrong way! It took taking a close-up pic for me to see it! It didn?t affect my hype, but that cashier must not have been selling annnnything. Fixed now. I told you odds were good that something would be off when you moved things around and you?d have to fix it later.

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