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Baking Life has just released the ability to upgrade your ovens! This means that you can individually upgrade your ovens to give them better functionality, such as instant preparation and auto-cleaning. Here is the official guide to upgrading your ovens, and if you have any questions you can read through this post and ask questions if you?re still unclear.How to Upgrade Your Ovens

There are two ways to begin upgrading your ovens. The first is by going into ?Edit Mode? and clicking on one of your ovens, then clicking ?Upgrade?.

The second way is by clicking the icon at the top of your game that looks like this:

If you click that icon you will see a screen like this that requires you to select which oven you want to upgrade:

Once you have selected the oven you wish to upgrade, you will see the main oven upgrading screen. This screen starts out with only the ?Super Oven? available for building. You need to click ?Start Building? in order to either buy or ask for parts to finish that level of upgrade.

Once you start the Super Oven, you will see that you need to collect 4 of each of the parts: Canister Parts, Tubing, Fancy Fuel, and Regulators. You need to ask friends for these items, or you can purchase the upgrade for Facebook Credits.

When you click on ?Ask Friends? you will see a selection screen that shows a list of your friends. You can send as many requests as you have available for that day. Keep in mind that this number is not controlled by Baking Life, it is controlled by Facebook. The number may change from day to day.

Send the requests to your friends, and if they accept and help you out, they?ll get one too. Requests now go to your Games Dashboard, which you can always access by clicking ?Games? in the top right corner of Facebook while you?re playing, or on the left side of your screen by your bookmarks when you?re on your home news feed page.

What are the upgradeable oven ranks?

Each oven has three ranks of upgrades available, and you will have to upgrade each oven individually.

Super Oven ? Skips all the preparation steps and starts baking in only one click
Fancy Oven ? Bake in one click and recipes bake 5% faster and burn 5% slower.
Super Fancy Oven ? Bake in one click, recipes bake 10% faster and burn 10% slower, auto-cleans after baking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that we get often, and our responses. Have a question you don?t see here? Reply to this thread!

What if I want to upgrade all my ovens to level 1 first before upgrading to level 2?
To do this, open up whatever oven is currently upgrading and click on ?Cancel? underneath the oven image. You will get a confirmation asking you if you?re sure you want to cancel, but it will tell you that you?ll keep all your materials for the next oven upgrade. After you cancel that upgrade, you can then click on any oven to begin the upgrade process with level 1.

What happens to my extra materials I get?

These extra materials are saved so that you can use them on another oven! You can never have too many.

What happens if I store my ovens?

If you store an upgraded oven, or an oven that is in the progress of being updated, it should save your progress on that oven. When you bring the oven back out, it will be in whatever upgrade stage it was when you stored it.

What if I want to redecorate with new ovens? What happens to my upgrades?

When you switch to new ovens, you will have to start from the beginning and upgrade them again. Upgrading an oven is a process that is attached to each individual oven, so you should make your decision carefully before you begin upgrading one of your ovens.

I changed my mind and now want to upgrade a different oven, how do I do that?

If you are not yet complete with that upgrade rank, you can always click ?Cancel? and then upgrade another oven. However, if you have completed a rank, there is no way to move your upgrade to another oven. We do not offer refunds for accidental oven upgrades, so be careful about which oven you are upgrading!


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