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Official Guide to Recipe Mastery by zzpTami

Guide to Baking Life Recipe Mastery

Baking Life has introduced Recipe Mastery, which rewards you for baking particular recipes multiple times! You not only get bonus XP for mastering multiple ranks of a recipe, but you also get a Mastery Score that you can compare with your friends. Here?s how it works!

How to Earn Mastery

When you bake a recipe, you?ll notice a little indicator in the Recipe Book below your recipe that indicates which rank you are on. These look like little chef hats, and they all start out empty before you have baked anything. Each time you serve a recipe, you?ll see that your chef hat indicators are filling up. You do not get mastery for starting to bake a good, you have to actually finish and serve that recipe in order to get points.

When you hover over the mastery indicator chef hats, you will see a tooltip that tells you how close you are to your next mastery rank. For rank 1, you get 1% additional XP. For rank 2, you get +2% XP, and for rank 3 you get +3% XP each time you serve this recipe.

There is a new indicator that shows just how many Mastery ranks you have achieved. This new Mastery Meter is located by your hype and style meters on the right side of your bakery. Right now, this is only a number to show off to your friends and doesn?t not provide any benefits. We are talking about ways to make this more useful in the future, such as prizes for getting higher mastery points.

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