Facebook Batheo Comprehensive Guide

Batheo Comprehensive Guide by LuciferePart 1: The HeroesAll heroes are good (with a few exceptions) some are better than others but the reality of...

Facebook Batheo Levy Event Quiz Answers and Tips

Batheo Levy Events Quiz Answers and Tips by EvenlyThe South Village Villain? Have the authority arrest him. Loyalty +5? Rescue with your crew. Loyalty...

Facebook Batheo Equipment Guide

Facebook Batheo Equipment List Name Type Level Hit Shield Map/Faction NPC Attribute Added Price Drop OddsPigskin ArmorArmor019Trial of PerseusHarpy6HighSpear of MammothWeapon428Map Rewards8Copper ArmorArmor1233Trojan WarMenelaus6LowEndless...

Facebook Batheo Campaign Recruitable Heroes List

Facebook Batheo Campaign Recruitable Heroes ListInstanceHeroTroop TypeTroop DescriptionValorSpiritElementBattle MagicBattle Magic DescriptionDefense of Athens & Beasts in the WildernessAdrastusRush Cavalry716531All-round AmbuscadeHeraclesPezhetairoi777848Strike In ColumnChironPyromancer332893ArtemisDancer432987AsclepiusHealing Priest6830103Labyrinth of...

Batheo Prestige Level Effects

Batheo Prestige Level Title and Effects?Gamer TitlePrestigeDaily Salary 1ZeusianAthenianPoseidonianRemarksCitizen (M1)1002000obtain 4 heroesHastati (M2)5004000LacedaemonMedeaLeucotheaTriarii (M3)10005000Equites (M4)20007000Optio (M5)40007500have 2 coloniesTesserarius (M6)60008000EurotasCassandraThoosaKapetan (M7)90008500Commander (M8)120009000Centurion (M9)150009500obtain 5 heroesHetaireiarches...

Batheo Prestige Heroes Full List

Zeusian Gamer Title Prestige Needed Hero Troop Type Troop Description Hero Attributes (Valor, Spirit, Element) Battle Magic Battle Magic DescriptionHastati (M2)500LacedaemonGriffin RiderWarriors that ride...

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