Batheo Prestige Heroes Full List

Zeusian Gamer Title Prestige Needed Hero Troop Type Troop Description Hero Attributes (Valor, Spirit, Element) Battle Magic Battle Magic DescriptionHastati (M2)500LacedaemonGriffin RiderWarriors that ride griffins can do great damage.37/92/59Soul-taking ArrowsSingle-targeted, great Spirit Damage.Tesserarius (M6)6000EurotasThunderstorm MageAdvanced Thunderbolt Mages.54/33/93Hetaireiarches (M10)20000IasionBlueflame CarroballlstaColossal Carrobalhstae that throw blueflame bolts (which burn in the deep73/68/63Protostates (M11)25000DardanusFire SowerDisciples of Prometheus, high mobility and damage.52/19/79All-round AmbuscadeThe magic attack can put the frontal enemy into chaos.Tetarchos (M12)30000PersesGolden ArcherDivine archers that are sent to fairies as guards.65/66/26Strike In UneAttack enemies transversely.Lieutenant (M13)38000TantalosSoul HunterThe archers can dram enemies? souls at a certain rate.43/33/86Nocturnal BlitzkriegThe magic attack can turn enemies? Morale to 0.Kleisourarchia M14)43000ElectraPhantom PhalanxArmored defensive infantry from Hell. expert at Critical Strike.57/78/41Pandora?s CurseAll-out attack and put enemies into chaos at certain odds.Phrourarch (M15)50000MaiaSnowguard Archerin front of the archers, there is a shield formed from snow.79/69/80All-out OnslaughtAll-out OnslaughtAprimus Pilus (M16)60000ArceLightning CavalryCovered by lightning magic, the cavalry never sleeos and thus is very fast.52/89/30Morale AbsorptionThe magic attack can steal enemies? Morale.Harmost (M18)80000PhaethonFurious PyromancerAdvanced Pyromancers.62/33/86Lochagos(M19)90000ZagreusCyclops? Armored ChariotArmored chariots made by Cyclops.77/59/52Legatus (M20)100000MelinoeFireball BallistaTrebuchets that throw fireballs.78/79/80Hipparchos (M22)130000HebeBuglerBugler infantry that can increase troop morale and lower enemy?s morale.63/31/94Epihipparch (M23)150000ProteusFurious HydromancerAdvanced Hydromancers.72/26/95Magister Eguitum (M24)170000AglaiaGolden CavalryDivine Cavalry with comprehensive skills.65/92/37Armored Charge AttackSpirit Damage plus Valor Damage.Colonel (M25)190000EuphrosyneSea GiantGiants in deep sea. experts at Block.68/97/35Strike in ColumnAttack enemies longitudinally.Ypolochagos(M26)210000ThaliaFlaming CavalryShrouded in fire armors, riding evil hounds, the cavalry is highly mobile and offpn^ive75/83/42Mutiny OutbreakThe magic attack can cause mutinies within enemies.Tagmatarchis (M27)240000IrisSnowfield warriorScandinavian warriors with high Mobility.77/92/32Sneak RaidAttack the enemies from the rear and thus put them into chaos.Primus Pilus (M28)260000TaygeteBig-Pincers ScorpionDeep sea scorpions with huge pincers, high mobility.83/68/53Phantom AttackAttack one more time (at certain odds).Chiliarch(M30)310000HeliusSunstorm MageSunstorm Mages? attacks can put enemies into chaos.63/62/88Equestrian (M31)340000PriapusRocky GiantGranite-built giants, good at defense.68/108/33Total DefenseSuccessive-attack, can cause additional valor Damage. Once started, the unit stays in Defense Position unless its morale is lowered.Tribute (M32)370000EurusPhantom Scythe Soldierinfantry with scythes given by Hades can subdue any kind of cavalry.85/95/37Stnke in ColumnAttack enemies longitudinally.General (M33)420000BoreasMeteorite MageMeteorite Mages can summon meteorites to mount a Group Attack.79/45/107Ypostratigos(M34)440000ZephyrusMammoth RiderGiants that ride mammoths are good at defense.84/93/68Sally OutburstThe magic attack can be mounted in successic*Curulian Aediles (M35)450000NotusWhite Dragon RiderHeavily-armed warriors who nde white dragons have ntgn Defense.88/101/61Morale SuppressionAttack enemies that have Morale and lower the* Voraie.Praetorian Prefect (M36)460000OrionHammer PhalanxWith hammer in hands, the infantry can cause great damage.75/108/33Crash and BurnA wish to perish together causes great Spirit Damage.Marshal (M37)470000OphionCyclone MageAir elemental mages, experts at Group Attack which breaks the enemies94/34/118Regimen Morum (M38)480000PanBurning Golden BullDescendants of Zeus (who fathered them in a form of a Golden bull) can cause104/49/98Judicium Moribus (M39)490000HeraShadow CavalryHidden in the shadow of sea, the cavalry waits for a chance to Raid.104/98/65Sacred StardustThe less the soldiers, the stronger the Spirit Damage.Maistor (M40)500000ZeusGod?s Golden GuardGuards only obey deity clans.120/70/98Zeus? BlessingMorale of all units are filled up; Saint Hit is ready.

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