Battle Dawn Galaxies Basic Strategy: Getting a Good Start


Battle Dawn Galaxies Basic Strategy: Getting a Good Start by Arhk

Well I figure the best place to start is with what most of the vets don?t want you to know. When you start out location is key make your colony in a populated area North East in or relative to the US its always a good place
to base
I usually get a start on this peninsula

N:5486 E:13797

since the Area is always crowded this is a prime location to get conquers & being closer to Europe doesn?t hurt since there are prime little islands you?ll probably want to relocate to
N:3036 E:19330

& N:1359 E:23421

remote islands like these protect you big time since for one no one wants to expend the resources think of the fact that being based in Europe even at the closest point is probably 20ticks (remember attacks cost more by the distance) & if they have the island bricked (filled with colonies & no OP?s the best defense with islands) they have to make round trips to attack everyone on the island (not practical at all). The best defense is being on a remote island filled with all colonies no OP?s not even any space left for them (lest invaders find mind to build an OP on your island refuge).
But lets make the connection between you being all the way based over near North East US & those remote islands. If you start here there?s a bunch of conquers I don?t know why but the most inexperienced people decide to base in the US. How to get these conquers you say? Well the only way to not get conquered is conquer everyone else before they conquer you (yes these are crude tactics but for the beginning ticks they work quite well) now you?re gonna have to be brave for this one you know that nice shield (protection) they offer you..? Get rid of it
click this
yes this ->
(the cancel protection button shows as soon as the in game tutorial is done)
& take the resources (probably more than what you?d get in production while under protection anyways) now here?s the error many make you don?t worry about structures that give you more resources think of those as completely secondary or should I say third because even farm advancements should take more priority (they help increase population then increasing income so it works out) the first priority should be military power getting military advancements before anyone else can is a priority think of it like this the

Indians (Native Americans)

had bows & arrows but the Americans had guns

it?s the same situation if you have the damage upgrade & vehicles (vehicles construction is in the category with barracks) before anyone else around you (the damage upgrade construction comes in the category where the beam weapons shop is). If you get some conquers early on a strong alliance will get impressed & will be more than happy to take you don?t just go with the highest ranked alliance this early in the game those guys usually end up getting conquered big time go with an alliance on one of those remote islands if possible.
1. Relocate don?t colonize rather than colonize on a remote island, because you built in a populated area your colony is a true empire. On the other hand on the island it?s havoc for the early times many amateurs try to pick & island & grab hold of it for their ill planned intents of glory i.e several small alliances are likely to form on these small islands & people usually try cutting down eachother because of the lack unity more than likely if you?re new you?ll get caught in the crossfire plus it tactically doesn?t make sense it?s hard to get conquers on these islands for the same reason it so safe because of how remote the location all the plans for acquiring conquers (if not already conquering island mates or defending yourself from them) you?d need lots of oil & this results in the worst thing ever you?ll have to sit there & get up resources while the rest (who probably followed through with my guide) rank up & take conquers it?s not easy starting a campaign especially when your colony is just starting out. Also a big problem is it?s hard to discern which of these small blooming alliances are going to be successful in taking control of the island. Colonizing on the island will lead to your confusion & leave you with little or no conquers (or maybe worse) things get better for the island survivors later which is why if you?ve been in based near the spot noted in America you?ll look well really powerful when you?re ready to relocate to the island alliance of choice.

2. Always make a colony early on in an era or you?re near guaranteed to be conquered.
This is the general gist of beginning strategy. It?s key stuff to know AKA Basic Strategy

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