Battle Dawn Galaxies How to Survive an Era


Battle Dawn Galaxies How to Survive an Era by vellond

Here it is my very own Strategic Game-Play in playing many worlds at the same time and win tokens as well icon_e_biggrin-4510191icon_e_biggrin-4510191icon_e_biggrin-4510191

I?ll Categorized this in different Tick Speed and Time Management icon_e_biggrin-4510191

First Off ?4tick/hour? which is clearly Earth 5 Solo world
-In this world u can?t have any alliance member but urself its Solo World so it should be common sense that u?ll be playing alone, but that?s not entirely true.
There are a lot of players that plays in Packs which means even though they are not in same alliance they still play as one.

So how does this works; its simple u play through Friendly Relation with another player and u communicate through messages or sum social networking site for a faster communication. That is one way for you to survive the era. It won?t require u to be online at most times due to the defense that ur friendlies provide, but u?re still required to go online 4 times a day icon_e_biggrin-4510191icon_e_biggrin-4510191icon_e_biggrin-4510191

Second Off ?3tick/hour?
-In this Tick speed it goes in different worlds so lets discuss it one by one

Solo World ? The ?3tick/hour? solo world is quite same strategy like in ?4tick/hour? but there is a slight difference. Its the Map, Earth World Maps are vast and large but Mars worlds Map are small and mostly land which means colonies are closer to each other. Now to survive this world u are required to not just be friendly to ur pack but also to other packs to gain control of one area and u are also required to be online for more ticks.

5 man Team ? The 3tick/hour? 5 man Team is a custom world which changes its team number, which means the number of players to fit in one alliance is smaller than usual. In this world requires more diplomatic relations in order for u to survive. It also requires more activity of all the alliance members to be able to gain control of an area and not being crushed by other alliances. It also requires knowledge on proper army build up.

Regular World ? The ?3tick/hour? Regular World is the usual world that has 12 members in one alliance. In this world the play is quite similar to ?2tick/hour? the only difference are the tick speed and the alliances that comes to play.
When playing in this world requires more friendlies and a wider radar range in order to survive with ur crystals, but sometimes alliances that holds an area but has no crystals and don?t move around survives at the Top10, but its mostly done by alliances that are new to the world and only gathering allies and recognition icon_e_biggrin-4510191icon_e_biggrin-4510191icon_e_biggrin-4510191

Third Off ?2tick/hour?
-In this world veterans and great alliances gather to battle it off and sometimes holds the ?Top 1? for many eras. Its much easier to survive this kinds of world due to many small alliances will appear throughout the era and would provide u shelter and defense also sub alliances. To be able to successfully land in Top100 all u need to do is be friendly with the Top alliances and take on smaller alliances than urs also take note that being allied/friendly with a certain Top Alliance might also drive u to participate in their war. If u?re the leader of this small alliance u are required to be online for 8 times a day that?s not online and offline at the same tick mateys, but online for at least 2 ticks. icon_e_biggrin-4510191icon_e_biggrin-4510191icon_e_biggrin-4510191

I don?t play 1tick/hour worlds so no guide on that icon_razz-5821411

Now Lets move on to How to Win Tokens I?ll categorize it into 2 parts.

Solo Worlds ? in Solo Worlds mostly the Winners are Top 1-30 players. Here are the ways to win some tokens.

1.) Boost Tokens and gather ur friendlies for defense and control of the area
by doing this u are required to be online for 12 ? 16 hours of conquering
others over and over, but keep in mind that Metal Mines and Oil Wells are
what gives you resources and conquers gives u workers and few tax.
The Army build-up is essential to pull this off. u must pick one unit type
for u to have less casualties during battles, ur armour units must not be
below 15 full squads. NO Damage units and build a lot of range units.
2.) Find an isolated place to settle ur colony at first you will be conquered
but make sure ur colony is near a metal mine and an oil well. Skip
Tutorial and Take off ur protection and use the resources to build:
LvL 4 Farm, LvL 3 Metal , LvL 3 Oil , LvL 1 Energy on tick 60 Build:
LvL 5 Farm, LvL 5 Metal , LvL 5 Oil , LvL 2 Covert ops to train a Spy.
Barracks and Train 10 Infantry to attack the nearby resource ops.
At Tick 100 build all structures except for LvL 4 Tower and Tank Factory
Start Recruiting only Vehicles Range and Armour only. If u have more
power than ur conquerer attack him if u don?t just rebel and shield on
Keep building units and only attack those who are near u and don?t move
out of ur area. eventually at the end of the era u will have 150+ power
that is about 40 full squads and u?ll eventually land on the Top 30.
The Good part on doing this u can be online for twice a day only, it don?t
require a lot of time cuz u?re not moving and laying low without a single
boost u will win 500 tokens icon_e_biggrin-4510191icon_e_biggrin-4510191.

Team Worlds ? in this worlds that u are part of an alliance is way different than Solo worlds or surviving an era. When ur alliance aims to win the era
u and all of the members are required to be online for way more hours even at dawn or at ur sleep. Boosting is inevitable u are required to boost and attack many colonies and take many metal mines and oil wells a lot of time will be required during wars and sometimes it takes 2-3 days of online activity (u have breaks of course but not long) also u are required to use only one unit type for less casualties. Team Work and Communication in chat is required as well. By doing this does not insure that u will win because u will be battling with the Top Players (expectation of them being offline are no longer countable). Everything will go down on how u?re enemy reacts at ur alliance?s actions which means it goes down on ur team?s strategy. The better alliance or the one with most numbers wins the era.

Examples of Strategy:
1.) Using spies along with ur Armies for a chance to lockdown the enemy
2.) Using Coordinated attacks with ur allies or subs to out number the enemy
3.) Nuke Wars setting up alot of nukes to attack incoming enemy forces
4.) Betrayals ? having someone to betray ur enemy from the inside
5.) Territorial ? by sending spams along with ur armies and not engaging the enemy armies just attacking their ops and lessen their territory could corner ur enemies.(They?ll be wise enough to make a run for it though by relocating)

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