Battle Dawn Galaxies Leadership Guide


Battle Dawn Galaxies Leadership Guide by Kenny

People debate on who makes the best leader. Some people say, it?s the person who has the most units and power. Some people say, it?s the person who can inspire his/her members. I have always disagreed. A good leader is simple. A good leader is a smart leader.

Part I

You?re ready to be a leader? You sure? You?ve always dreamt of that orange flag but.. what does it really mean? It means that you now are the Head of the alliance. You control everything that goes on politically militarily and socially. When you pull a bad move, everyone will look on that as the alliance?s fault. You are to blame for everything an alliance does bad. Harsh huh? Not really. Let?s look at it this way. As leader, you now can mark alliances red and green. This means a lot. You are in control over who you ally, and who you war. But it?s up to you on how you share this. If you lead as a dictator, a lot may end up disagreeing with you. It?s always good to talk to your alliance about what is gonna happen. That way, if they have any ideas or, disagree with you? they can do it before you make the choice. Your choices mean a lot. As leader, you represent your alliance on the forums. Let?s look at it this way.. People see you in-game and forum. If you act up on the forum and are a total jerk, they will link forum and game in their minds. Psychologically, they believe you are a jerk no matter what. So as a leader it is your duty to act level-headed and calm on the forums, and when talking to people. If not, you will fail. A lot of things to consider as being leader eh? I?m sure you?ll get the hang of things. It may take a couple of tries. Now. On to Part II.

Part II

If you?re reading this now, you are either really bored or like listening to my insane ramblings. Good. So now, you understand that you are the MAN. But let?s improve the way people look at you. Communication. When you?re a leader, talk. Talk a lot. Get your members and allies on MSN or AIM or Skype or some Instant Messenger. Why? You want to know them right? You don?t want to end up with someone who didn?t understand what you were going to do, and you end up getting conquered because of it. No, that?s never good. So talk with your members and allies. Maybe even your enemies. I always loved the quote: ? War is not about who?s right or wrong, only who?s LEFT. ? This is completely true. Don?t mask yourself thinking one person is right or one person is wrong. They?re both right. But that never stops wars. And come on, it?s BD. You?re supposed to BATTLE Wink Wink. Anyways, get people to like you. It?s always a good thing. A leader with good charisma is someone that people will follow. Welp, on to Part III.

Part III

Me love you long time if you read to here. Politics. The art of mudslinging. Smiley You?re always right. But wait, I said up there no one is right. Huh.. When you have an enemy, you must make your enemy look hated. Why? Because now they can?t really get many people to agree with them when you?re sitting here blabbing about how they multi and cheat. Hey, maybe they do. But most of the time.. naaah. We like to make it that way. People don?t like cheaters unless they?re the ones cheating. So if you can make people agree your enemy is doing something way wrong, then they?re not gonna band with your enemy. Simple logic. But that?s only one side. You have to make yourself look good. The way of doing this is to make your enemy seem less believable, and shoot down their chances of making you look bad. Don?t make it where it?s ? Well you?re this. ? ? Well you?re that. ? ? Well, you?re worse. ? ? No you are. ? Nothing gets done. Make your point so convincing, they can?t refute it. Politics, is a double edged sword. You can kill with it, and you can get too killed with it. There?s actually a point to where.. you?ve gone too far in politics and need to shut up. Usually this is when your alliance members go. ? Oh God.. here he goes posting again T_T ? Yeah, don?t take it too far. Which brings us to Part IV

Part IV

O.o Could this be getting close to the end of our 5 part leader guide? T_T NUU! Now that you know, that you must act good, communicate often, and use politics when needed.. You need to learn how to manage your members. Different groups have different problems. But as leader, they will turn to you with their problems. You have ultimate judgment in this part. You need to get your alliance members to know each other and not fight with one another. Never. Fight. Internal fights go external VERY quick. Don?t allow yourself to have internal issues. Solve it. Solve it as best you can. Find the best solution that works for everyone. You must act quickly when problems are arising. Don?t let it happen. I know it?s easy to say and hard to do. This part makes or breaks a leader. All what I said above can be learned. Easily. Solving problems and disputes, is almost the only talent you really need to have. If you?ve ever worked on a project in school, you realize internal issues happen a lot. There will be a dispute on who takes what home and who brings what to school. The same thing happens in an alliance. And let?s face it, some of your members are just immature children at points. To the point you want to kill- I mean solve the issue quickly?

Part V

OMG! THIS HAS BEEN EPIC GUYSTH! Organization. You need to start your alliance before the Era begins. Choose your members, make sure your location isn?t shared by any major alliances you know of, and make conquer routes. Place out maps for people. They need to know what to do right when they make their colony. Set them up. I don?t care if you use 12 members all in 1 position. 4 members in 3 positions. Or whatever. But you must give them a plan. A leader has a plan for everything. Or can make one quickly on the spot. This takes a LOT of patience and time. You can?t be lazy as a leader. Never. Ever. Be. Lazy. Don?t be a Razzle. icon_e_smile-1658647. Go and make sure everyone knows exactly what they?re doing. If not, disputes will occur. If not, disputes will occur. If not, disputes will occur. One more time. If not, DISPUTES WILL OCCUR. Yeah yeah, I know things come up and plans change. But even a basic plan shows SOME type of organization that people will be happy about.

Well, I hope this helped.If you want me to discuss a topic in leading.. ( Whether it be, strategy, who should I war? and stuff. ) I can add in parts. Ok? icon_e_smile-1658647

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