Battle Dawn Galaxies Politics Guide


Battle Dawn Galaxies Politics Guide by Eminence

my friends, as much as building an army is important, so is this..
Anyone who rises to the top will understand that the art and skill in Politics is what keeps the machine running..
It is often overlooked as to how important this skill is.

Your ability to use your knowledge with words will surely serve you well in the times to come.
The understanding of this skill is to identify everything you can about your alliance, its direction, your enemies and your surroundings.

Example being..
Befriending players in a would be enemy alliance, hostile alliance or friendly alliance.

Befriending these types of people will further help you gain the support of others, you never know who in your alliance may know if you dont know them all that well.
They may well indeed come to you with a request to come across or commit acts of espionage on their current alliance.

Making enemies in BD is easy, Making allies is Easy.
Making puppets is by far something you will want to master.

When you can use your influence with allies, friends and enemies to work things into your favour then your on the right path..
Using allies is important especially if you want to know the potential of your friends or enemies.

Most people will disagree with this method of approach but it has worked for me time and time again.
Ive made Solid allies turn against eachother..
created a hightened sense of paranoia between alliances which cause in turn a breakdown in relations..
Its then that you weed out the weak and isolate the strong..
Recruit them as they bare witness to their falling alliance, and turn whats left against their enemies.

Use your forces and savagery to your absolute advantage.
Massive show of force doesnt always scare people i.e. Kane.!!
however. its when allies begin to ignore messages and requests for help is when you need to worry..

Also be sure to make allies appreciated and respected, calling on allies to go to war for you will not go down well without good relations.
work it out together, offer them conquers and riches in areas of your influence.
If you become tired of smaller allies, allow your allies to feed on them..
there are so many things a good leader and or member can do to strengthen his or her alliance

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