Battle Dawn Galaxies Relocating Guide


Battle Dawn Galaxies Relocating Guide by Dominator

Today I?m going to explain everything you need to know about relocate in BattleDawn.
Ok.Let?s start!

1?-Build an Outpost in the place you want to be.
2?-You will have to wait till the control ticks of the outpost reaches 24 ticks.
3?-After it, upgrade your outpost into a Settlement.
4?-After the upgrade is completed press in it and you will see a new option called Relocate,press on it.
5?-It will apear a dialog box,press Yes/Ok.
6?-Finally!We?re done!Now your colony will be in the place of your outpost and with some black smoke.

After Relocating your colony will look like this:

After Upgrading your outpost into one Settlement it will look like this:

-When you relocate you?re doing rebelion at the same time so everyone will try to catch you, ask for help I?m sure your teammates will help you.
-Since you?re relocating/rebelling your resources will be 0, so prepare?
-Your rank will descrese a bit but soon when your resources come back they will too.
-To upgrade your outpost into a Settlement you need to have atleast farm lvl3.
-You are only able to relocate when your contro ticks reaches 72 ticks.

If you have any more questions or things to put in this guide just reply, thanks!


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