Battle Dawn Galaxies Staying Unconquered Guide


Battle Dawn Galaxies Staying Unconquered Guide by skwrel

Are you tired of being a slave in Battledawn? Are you sick of not being able to do anything because your conqueror has you down? Well, this guide will be for you. Those seeking to get unconquered your answers have arrived. Many vets don?t want you to know the true way of getting out of there grasp. Hey once you learn how to get out, trust me, you will know why.

Anyway, I?ll take you through step by step the many ways you can get unconquered. I will start by going from the least effective way to the most effective way of getting unconquered and staying that way, providing your situation and circumstance. I have numbered and colour coded the options before you. Red being least effective to blue being highly effective.

The Building

Before I begin, I must suggest a little bit of building advise as this is essential to most of the options I will list. There are other guides that go more in depth, and this will be very general and basic to getting unconquered.

The best advise is to continue to build, build, and build. Make sure you have most of your structures completed (Most certainly the resources structures and military structures like met mine, oil refinery, farm, workshops, and factories)

One really special structure you will want is the shield generator. You can charge it up 3 ticks for 50 Energy, up to a total of 12 ticks. When a person attacks you it delays any squads (except nukes) from hitting your colony depending on the amount you charge it for. Conquerors hate it the most when you charge it for 12, as there units will have to be in flight for a maximum time of 18 ticks (including the time to fly in and back out if they are successful). Within this time your shield is up, you can do a couple things like build more units, or relocate away.

Units wise, try to build units that will counter your conqueror in the best way. If he has inf usually concussive tanks are best(debatable), has vechs use beam inf, tanks use explosive vechs. Knowing what your conquer has for units is half the battle. Make sure to build with a mix of armor and range units; inf (10 armor/20 range), vech (5 armor/10 range), and tank (3 armor/7 range).

1.) Your Conqueror Getting Conquered

In times, it is possible for your very own conqueror to be conquered himself. When that happens, all of his conquers will be released. This may sound like a good thing, but usually it won?t last for long. The alliance or person who conquered him will be taking all the territory that was lost. Not to mention, this form of getting unconquered is based on luck and what is going on in the server you are playing and should not be relied on.

It is possible with enough building and enough luck if you catch him off guard, you can attack his colony and conquer him, which will release yourself and all others. This is very difficult to do, but if done right you could set yourself free. Be forewarned you may have caught him now, but he might be back to conquer you, especially if you took his crystals. Not to mention, all the others who may want to take those crystals from you.

2.) Relocate to Other side of Map


When conquered there is an option to relocate away to any place on the map. In order to relocate you must place a outpost anywhere you wish for your next colony position to be. You must have control of the outpost for 24 ticks, so if placed in an unguarded or heavily populated area, your post could be taken.

Depending on the distance of the relocation, will determine how much the relocation will cost. All relocations will cost you a base of 50 Energy, no matter what, and the amount of oil used is depended on how far the relocation is. The max amount of oil charged is 10K.

With 24 tick control of your post, you click on the outpost and click the button depicted above. A prompt will appear with the cost of the move (hopefully you know you have enough or the relocation will not work) and click yes, a second prompt will appear for you to reconfirm the transaction, once complete the resources will be ducted from your pool and the game will refresh to your new location. Remember one completed resources will not be given back. You will start your rebellion automatically hopefully away from your conqueror and be released. Remember you cannot collect resources while in rebellion mode.

To relocate again, you must wait for full control over your colony for 72 ticks and have another outpost with 24 tick control and enough resources to complete another transaction, so make sure you pick the right position the first time.

Also, just because you relocated away from your original conqueror doesn?t mean there isn?t another waiting for you, it is wise to move units, build units or already have built units in the area (by using a Training Base) and protect yourself after your rebellion has ended.

3.) Use the Rebel Button


After 72 ticks have passed since you have been conquered by a player, you have the option of using the rebel button. The rebel button is located by clicking on your colony and pressing the button as depicted above. I will warn you, in doing this you will not produce resources for 24 ticks until you are successful, or your conqueror quells you. Although to a new player, they instantly do this, so they think they can continue to play the game. You can do this but, your success is very slim as your conqueror will return to try and stop your rebellion. Your conqueror does this by re-attacking your colony. If he wins the fight, your rebellion will be ended and you must wait another 72 ticks in order to preform another.

From here and all the rest of the options below, much of the building process comes in as mentioned above. To truly use the most out of the rebellion button, you need to build a minimum of 10 full squads. The more squads you have, the higher your odds of rebelling successfully. A conqueror doesn?t want to waste his time, units, and resources trying to kill a lot of units for only a little bit of taxation from one conquer. I will warn you though, if he has a shot at reconquering you (say if you moved your units off base) usually they will come back for the kill. More or less you made yourself vulnerable, and he took advantage of it. You will learn this later as you begin to learn the strategies of Battledawn.

4.)Diplomacy/Action with Conqueror

With a good army and good score, your conqueror will be very deterred from stopping an rebellion. It is possible, however, to msg your conqueror and ask him to release you. Although it is rare, it can be done, if asked nicely your conqueror may let you go peacefully, so he doesn?t have to deal with you. They may also suggest a partnership or an agreement with you so you two don?t have further confrontation.

There will be some conquerors out there who will not let you go on there own terms, you must earn it. Many things can be done to help ?persuade? your conqueror.

  • One is to take there outposts constantly. Pretty much be a really big pain for them and there alliance. I will warn you, you must be careful in doing so, as if you are not active and paying attention. They could defend against you and kill your units. Rendering you being weaker once again, causing the building units process to start over.
  • Second is to kill his units or alliance units, this could anger him and cause more attacks on you, but could also result in him letting you go. The choice is risky, but for sure, you conqueror will not underestimate you.
  • A third, is to build nukes and use spies and to launch them at any key posts with units, or his colony. This option, I would not recommend often as nukes can be ioned, units can be moved, he can relocate, and silos can be taken and used against you. The spies, however, are a bit easier and more effective than the nuke due to its undetectibility. You must watch out for other spies and spy protection on posts and colonies. You will never see them, but they do exists if your spy fails. A spy and nuke can greatly help your units in battle with your conqueror. One hit with either nuke or spy followed by units, can help kill a big army with very little effort. A few squads can do a lot of damage if this occurs.

With all this happening, it is also possible that your conqueror may force relocate your colony to a new position. He can do this as long as he has you conquered for 24 ticks and a post controlled for 24 ticks. Essentially he is relocating you away, where you will be less of a problem. He may relocate you near one of his Training bases to keep you under control or ship you somewhere far away where you will never bother him again. By doing so, he must release you. Once done, you are free (for the time being) and the outpost is given to you. This is usually the route for most conquerors take to rid of a pesky conquers.

5.) Joining an Alliance (Sub or Ally)

If good enough, your conqueror may also let you join his alliance, sub alliance or a good ally. If done, most conquerors let you go and is the most safest route a player can take. It is also the most effective way of being unconquered and staying unconquered. Getting into a good alliance requires hard work and determination with the cooperation with your team. Follow orders, be respectful, and most importantly be active. Activity is one of the most important things in the game. People and higher leaders notice this can can get you promoted to a main alliance.

As a disclaimer, I will say sub alliances are frowned upon by the community, but they do occur anyway. It is your choice to join a sub, but remember, they are a sub. You will never have a shot at wining unless you find a main alliance or your sub breaks away and becomes its own identity. Also as being in a sub, you may have to take orders from the main. Anything that the main does ultimately effects the sub. If they enter war with another alliance, in many cases, the sub is also subjected into the war whether not they participate.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and hope you take these skills with you on the battlefield. I also hope one day I will play with you or against you.



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