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Battle Dawn Dragon and Nuke Guide


Battle Dawn Dragon and Nuke Guide?by loverboy23

A Dragon or Nuke is a very powerful unit that can attack your opponents? bases. A single dragon will kill 10 percent of an opponent?s units and workers, and leave the rest near death. This powerful unit can be countered with a Fire Storm at level 5, though it costs 250 mana to use. Although dragons are strong, they are hard to build ? prepare for an attack while you?re waiting for your dragon to be made.


1. First, make sure yout farm is level 2 and above. The Level 2 farm upgrade costs 400 metal, gold and minerals each, as well as 100 oil, gas and lumber each. Click on the farm and select ?Upgrade? to upgrade the farm.

2. Upgrade the military structures till it is level 5(Basically the Dragon Cave or the Silo).The level 5 Dragon Cave or Silo costs 5,000 minerals, gold and metal each, as well as 2,500 oil, lumber and gas each.

3. Build an outpost away from your main colony(Its up to you). Click the outpost button near the right of the orders menu to place the outpost.

4. Defend and hold the outpost for 24 ticks.

5. Upgrade the Outpost to a dragon lair. Click on the Outpost and select ?Upgrade? to upgrade it. Click on the Dragon Lair again. Select ?Summon Dragon?.It costs 1,000 metal to Summon a Dragon. The dragon will arrive for your use in another 24 ticks.


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