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Battle Dawn How to Earn Score


Battle Dawn How to Earn Score?by klutzy

1: go on bd for at least 1 tick to get 20-30 score points.
2: Dont hurry units wait for them to build u get 10 points.
3: Take outposts to add 10 to ur score.
4: Boost, buy resources with blue or red tokens gets u 10-20 points.
5: Conquer colonys if u conquer someone u get 10-20 points.
6: Destroying units adds 10 score.

deduct points:

1: If you get conquered you lose about 100-150 if ur score.
2: Losing units takes 10 from ur score.
3:Hurrying units, gets rid of workers but if u hurry to many 10 will come off your score.
4: If you lose a outpost or resource op, 10 will come off ur score.
5: If u try attacking something and lose 10-20 points will be deducted.
6: Being inactive, it makes u lose points, be sure to check daily on ur colony


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